I Made a Half Million Dollars with Freedom Mentor

  Have you ever wondered what it looks like to make a half million dollars with creative real estate investing and flipping houses? We're talking a half million dollars in NET profits, after all expenses; closing costs, commissions, everything. A true-blue half million dollars. You're about to discover the true story of how Joel went from slaving away in a kitchen as a chef and tens of thousands in debt, to where he is today, six figures cash in his bank account, out of debt, having made … [Read more...]

Dental Assistant Makes $55,000

Dental Assistant Melissa DeMarco wanted more income than the $50,000 per year she was pulling in from her job. Her family had flipped a few houses in their lifetime and she had always been interested in real estate. After finding Freedom Mentor, she immediately applied to the Apprentice Program and after extensive interviews, was accepted. Once in the program, she followed the instructions exactly and within a month, had her first deal under contract for $140,000. Melissa was in constant contact … [Read more...]

First Deal Funds Vacation to Fiji

  With a portion of the proceeds from his first deal with the Freedom Mentor apprentice program, Max took a two week vacation; in Fiji the first week and then onto Sydney Australia. While poolside in the South Pacific, he put together this quick video to provide some thoughts from his experiences as well as encouragement and inspiration. There are some pearls of wisdom in this video. Perhaps some of the things he shares will resonate with you? One of the great lessons you gain from Max is … [Read more...]

Michele from Los Angeles, CA

LOS ANGELES, CA – For Michele, the idea of being in an independent real estate investor had never even crossed her mind until recently. She grew up in a middle class family and she always felt like her father obsessed over making more money. So, even as a small child, she was turned off by the prospects of making tons of money and subsequently, embraced her more artistic side. However, after becoming a mother of three (and living in the most expensive city in America), Michele’s stance on money … [Read more...]

Jared from New Orleans, LA

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Deep in the heart of the Bayou is not the place most people think of when they picture where big money is being made in real estate. Jared likes it that way. Because over the past several months, with the guidance of our coaching team, he has quietly amassed a tremendous amount of money from real estate investing. He still can't believe just how much cash his investing endeavors have generated for him and his family. A very humble gentleman, Jared remains a bit in awe of his … [Read more...]

Lisa from Golden, CO

GOLDEN, CO - Former freshwater biologist turned stay-at-home mom, Lisa was looking for a business opportunity that allowed her to be her own boss, set her own hours and paid very well so that she could contribute financially to her family. After much research, she decided real estate was that business for her. But although she had pinpointed the type of business she wanted, she now needed to quickly get up to speed on how to be successful without having to learn all the lessons the hard way. … [Read more...]

Judy from Denver, CO

DENVER, CO – Judy's dream was to be a missionary to the missionaries. In addition to working part time for a church, she also tried several different things to make enough money to achieve her dream. She spent over $80,000 on her real estate education alone, including working with the Trump Institute, and all of which never quite got her over the hump. Deeply in debt, she vowed to give it one more shot. After joining this program, she immediately saw the difference of having a coaching … [Read more...]

Brian from Dallas, TX

DALLAS, TX - Brian wanted to spend more time with his family without sacrificing his income. He had dabbled in real estate and made a few bucks here and there, but nothing near what he had set out to do. The real estate market was changing and his skills were not going to be able to succeed in the new environment so he sought out help. He found numerous dead end roads before he found our group. Instantly he recognized we were different than the rest. Brian knew that if we stood to make … [Read more...]

Michele from Nashville, TN

NASHVILLE, TN - Michele was a licensed real estate agent that saw the massive profit potential of becoming a real estate investor but she was also very skeptic. Like most agents, she was taught in her continuing education classes all of the illegal ways in which unscrupulous investors operated but she know one in her classes ever showed her how to do it the right way. She set about to find a program that she could feel comfortable that they really knew what they were doing and weren't just … [Read more...]

Joe from Chicago, IL

CHICAGO, IL - Joe's family owns and operates a shoe business in the Chicago area. Recently however, business slowed down so Joe set about to find a new business. He stumbled upon real estate and immediately began to immerse himself in it. He searched online, read books, attended seminars and logged onto as many webinars as he could. Before long, quite a bit of time had elapsed and Joe found himself further in financial straights. The shoe business was bumping along and all the efforts he had … [Read more...]

Stefanie from Jacksonville, FL

Stefanie started out waiting tables to make ends meet. After having children, she realized she needed more money so she moved into the construction industry. Running a jack hammer as well as other physical labor activities for several years. Once her kids were all grown up, she saw an opportunity to make a change. She asked her friends and family and the phrase "real estate" kept coming up. So Stefanie started dabbling in real estate. She quickly realized that she needed the help of a … [Read more...]

Dave from San Diego, CA

SAN DIEGO, CA - Giving the gift of financial security to his family was very important to Dave. He went so far as to spend tens of thousands on his real estate education in hopes of learning how to be an independent real estate entrepreneur . But after years of trying and tons of money on courses and trainings, he had only managed to do a few deals which, when added together, didn't even come close to paying back his educational investments. Dave felt he had been burned by some so-called … [Read more...]

Thomas from Seattle, WA

SEATTLE, WA - Over the past few months, Thomas has closed 4 deals earning more than $50,000. This is quite an achievement when you factor in his active duty commitments to the military. Thomas is a perfect example of someone finding a way to succeed despite having many other time commitments. When he first got started, he would be constantly sidetracked by 3 month stints at sea on a submarine. No phone. No email. It was natural for him to get discouraged. He would build some momentum and … [Read more...]

Warnie from Chattanooga, TN

CHATTANOOGA, TN - While some people new to the real estate investing game suffer from analysis paralysis, Warnie is not one of them. In fact, Warnie is the exact opposite. Rather than over thinking each and every step, he preferred to simply do what it was that Freedom Mentor told him to do. And that is why in just the past few months, he has closed 3 deals earning more than $30,000. Here's an interview with Warnie describing his secrets to success: … [Read more...]

TJ from Madison, WI

MADISON, WI - TJ, a full time real estate agent, was searching for a way to invest in real estate without borrowing money to purchase the property, without taking on a money partner, without adding the risk of renovating the property and without using any cash to close the transaction. Plus, TJ wanted to help people. He didn't want to take advantage of people in distress. He searched for a group that specialized in this sort of thing and he stumbled upon us. On his first deal, he did … [Read more...]

Mike from Long Island, NY

LONG ISLAND, NY – For a military man, Mike was accustomed to hard work. He assumed this would automatically translate to financial prosperity in the real estate arena. Unfortunately, he learned that working hard did not equal making money in real estate. Before joining our program, Mike had purchased other programs and had managed to get a few deals going. But his frustration mounted when deal after deal fell apart and he came up empty financially. So Mike joined our program in hopes of … [Read more...]

Philip from San Jose, CA

SAN JOSE, CA - Silicon Valley is well known for its entrepreneurial spirit and for Philip, his dreams were to make his own schedule, be his own boss and become a full time real estate investor. Analytical by nature, Philip reviewed several different programs before choosing to work with us. Self motivated, self disciplined and very determined, Philip hit the ground running and never looked back. In the first year alone, the deals he closed profited more than $100,000 and he has been … [Read more...]

Sameena from Chicago, IL

CHICAGO IL - Working a demanding full time job didn’t allow Sameena much time to supplement her income. But she was determined to eventually remove herself from the rat race while still maintaining her current job and not becoming overwhelmed and overworked with a side business. She decided real estate was the way to go but did not have any experience and did not have a real estate license. She found that real estate investing could be done without a license and she could make really good money … [Read more...]

CJ from Wichita, KS

WICHITA, KS - CJ did not want to remain in Corporate America for her entire working life so she began researching small businesses that she could do from home and make great money. Real estate really excited her so she immediately sought out a mentor to show her the ropes. CJ did not want to re-invent the wheel; she knew that finding the right mentors was the key to her success. Living in Kansas, she was a bit concerned that their wasn't any opportunity in her area. As you can see from the … [Read more...]

Tom from Colorado Springs, CO

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - The United States Air Force relies on Tom for his expertise but when it came to real estate, Tom had to rely on others for guidance and support. In fact, prior to joining our program, he spent 5 years and tens of thousands of dollars on other real estate coaching and mentoring programs that didn't produce any results for him. What made the difference for Tom was that our coaching team not only wanted to help him, but also gained financially when his deals closed so we … [Read more...]

Erick & Kelly from Hartford, CT

HARTFORD, CT - Kelly and Erick's dream was to start and run their own business, make great money and be able to travel. They felt real estate was their ticket. But quickly they discovered that without help and the right team behind you, real estate can be tough. They tried really hard, balancing full time jobs and other commitments with getting their fledgling real estate business going. After a year, they were about to give up but discovered this program and became re-energized and inspired … [Read more...]