Dental Assistant Makes $55,000

Dental_AssistantDental Assistant Melissa DeMarco wanted more income than the $50,000 per year she was pulling in from her job. Her family had flipped a few houses in their lifetime and she had always been interested in real estate. After finding Freedom Mentor, she immediately applied to the Apprentice Program and after extensive interviews, was accepted. Once in the program, she followed the instructions exactly and within a month, had her first deal under contract for $140,000. Melissa was in constant contact with the coaching team throughout her experience because everything was so new to her. Once listed on the MLS, her deal generated multiple offers, including an all cash offer from a very interested buyer for $200,000 (who wasn't represented by an agent). Using the company's money, she purchased the property for $140,000 and then a few weeks later, sold that same property for $200,000 to the new buyer. She used none of her own cash and didn't have to use her credit to borrow any money. And this, her first deal, made a grand total of $55,000. Here is Melissa's reaction once the deal closed:

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  1. Helen Kirk says

    Great job!

  2. Jimmy Huen says

    Way to go Melissa!!!

  3. Awesome videos, I’m learning a lot. Thank you for providing such wealth of knowledge.

  4. valerio pettenuzzo says

    THANK YOU.40 yr. Old school landlord?? The times have changed, or have they Slow learner? Great presentations.

  5. tim McCabe says

    When? Where did this deal take place? Was it recent? If so, pretty awesome for the state the country.

  6. Lisa Wascher says

    wanted to share this with my son by email, but there’s not a place to do that. I’ll tell him to watch. Wish I had someone like you when I was younger. Never too late to start though!

  7. Anthony Dunn says

    That’s great Miss Melissa!

  8. Abrahim Kamara says

    Hello Phil
    How are you doing today. I’m abrahim nice I’m back and I’m more motivated to become one of your students this year. Thanks abrahim

  9. How do you join freedommentor?

  10. Paul Bilodeau says

    Great first flip!! Keep going…………

  11. ann deb quinn says

    I will be getting back in touch as I mentioned I would. I need to try to get restarted some of the money that was taken from me. I need to do what you did, Way to go!

  12. William Nancolas says

    Way to go Melissa, i can’t until my success comes!

  13. Melissa;

    That’s so aewsome! I’ve wanted to do that for so long.
    Keep it up, girl. You’ll go far!

  14. Brian Hester says

    Congratulations, Melissa! Best wishes for further and future success!

  15. William Hurst says

    Congratulations Melissa. Very happy for you. Keep up the good work. God bless.

  16. Alvin Howard says

    I am anxious to start as one of Phil’s students. I only have one question, Melissa was fortunate enough to ask all the “right questions.” What are the “right questions” to which, I’m sure I will get all the “right answers.”

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      They start with phrases like, “How can I get this done?” rather than “Why do these troubles always happen to me?” The right questions are empowering questions that steer your brain to think possibilities rather than open loop questions that lead your brain to think how something can’t be done.

  17. Charles Rose Jr. says

    Way to go!! I’m so happy for you and will enjoy the day when it is my turn!

  18. Melissa Gates says

    I would love to learn the real estate business. I am determine to be financial stable . I want to be my own boss but still learn.

  19. Martinia Johnson says

    I an very interested in the program.

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