Biggest Mistake with Fix and Flip Houses

Discover the single biggest mistake you can make with fix and flip houses. If you have ever purchased a fixer upper house, remodeled it and then flipped it in hopes of making a profit, you know that there are tons of mistakes you can make! Fixing and flipping houses is literally a treasure trove of pitfalls and everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. But which mistake is the biggest one you could make with fix and flip houses?   Fix and Flip Scenario Imagine a seller has just … [Read more...]

Best Way to Sell a House Fast in Any Market

Discover the best way to sell a house fast in any market using my magical 3 step formula. I have perfected this approach to house selling over two decades. It’s been tested literally thousands of times, in good markets, bad markets, dropping prices, rising prices, inner city, suburbia, rural, you name it. This technique for selling a house will not only put more money in your pocket, but you'll sell your house as fast as it can possibly be sold. This is truly the best way to sell a house fast in … [Read more...]

Flipping Houses in a Downturn

Discover how to successfully flip houses in a real estate downturn. You'll learn the 3 biggest mistakes when house flipping during an economic slow down as well as the 3 best house flip techniques in a market when prices are dropping. The wisdom you'll gain can make and save you a ton of money!   3 Biggest Mistakes in a Downturn   1 - Sit on the Sidelines A sure-fire way to fail is to sit on the sidelines. When you're not in the game, you miss opportunities, and therefore … [Read more...]

Passed the Housing Market Peak

We've officially passed the peak of the real estate housing market cycle. You'll discover 3 changes to make during these times as well as what's going to happen next.   Real Estate Market Cycle   This real estate cycle has been on an upward trend for over 11 years and what a great run it's been! But what happens now that we’ve past the peak? Well, we know how the market behaves from historical data and it typically trends upward with peaks and downturns. Now, just because we … [Read more...]

10 Routes to Real Estate Failure

Discover 10 sure-fire routes to failing miserably in real estate. This style of communication is from Charlie Munger, who gave a graduation speech on how to have a miserable life.   10 Routes to Real Estate Failure   1 -  Victim Mentality One route to real estate failure is to blame circumstances, other people, and other situations for your shortcomings and lack of results. You could blame people closest to you like your family or blame politicians. You can blame the … [Read more...]

7 Goal Setting Mistakes

Discover 7 goal setting mistakes that you might be making. Studies have indisputably proven the efficacy of goal setting. But far too many people don't know how to set goals correctly. This video shares goal setting wisdom to give yourself the best chance of actually achieving your goals.   SMART Goals As we all know, goal setting is fundamental to success in any endeavor in life. And many people learn the basics of goal setting from the acronym SMART, coined by the late Jim Rohn. … [Read more...]

Real Estate Market Update

Our economic world is changing rapidly! Interest rates on home mortgages have skyrocketed. Inflation is raging despite recent interest rate hikes by the Feds. Gas prices are at all time highs. It's taking forever to get materials delivered. The stock market is on a 18% slide and dangerously close to a bear market. Many fear we are headed into a recession. What does all this mean for the real estate market and more specifically, what does this mean for creative real estate investors like you and … [Read more...]

Little Known Shortcut to Real Estate Freedom

Frustrated by how long it’s taking to achieve legitimate financial freedom from real estate? There is a shortcut thanks to a little known provision in the IRS tax code that was slide into the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. And there are 3 key components you'll need to have working together in order to make this shortcut work for you. Learn all the details here:   100% Depreciation This is the biggest shortcut to real estate freedom we've seen in our lifetime. The changes in section … [Read more...]

Succeeding Honestly in a Business of Liars

In a business like real estate, that is seemingly chock full of liars, how can you succeed, honestly and ethically? How do you navigate the dangerous waters of sharks and shady people? In this video, you'll discover a tried and true method for succeeding honestly in a business of liars: A Business of Liars Real estate agent Richard Courtney wrote a book called Buyers Are Liars and Sellers Are Too. He's correct, buyers and sellers lie all the time. However it’s not limited to them, there … [Read more...]

Art of Getting Offers Accepted

Discover how to get more of your offers accepted with my 7 step process as well as learn what NOT to say when presenting offers to sellers. This is a crucial skill that the most successful investors have mastered and it's something you can do too when you follow what I share in this video:   Listed Properties When you are submitting an offer through a real estate agent on a listed property, the typical winning formula looks like this: The higher the price in your offer the … [Read more...]

10 Myths of Real Estate Investing

These are the 10 most common myths of real estate investing and unfortunately, you may still believe some of them!   Myth # 1 - Good Ol Days People look back at real estate investing in the past with such nostalgia, like it was the glory days. If you believe that all the good deals were in the “good old days”, then you’re missing out on all the good deals to be had now. Yes, things are different than they were in the old days, but you know what? I was there then and they weren't … [Read more...]

Truth Behind a GOOD Accountant or Attorney

Have you ever asked someone for a “good accountant” or a “good attorney”? You’re asking the wrong question! This extremely powerful truth behind hiring a good accountant, attorney (or any other professional for that matter) is something you’ve probably never heard before but when you apply it, it can be revolutionary for you. Here it is...     The People You Hire are Only as Good as You Are   The truth behind a good accountant or attorney is they are only as good as you … [Read more...]

Most Productive Rental Properties

Discover the most productive rental properties that you can own. Some of these ideas may surprise you and others you may have never thought of. If you want extraordinary returns you can't do ordinary deals. My hope in sharing this wisdom with you is that you will be inspired to acquire trophy assets of your own because rental property is the greatest investment. I've already compared it to every other major investment vehicle and it out performs them all. But you could make mistakes. … [Read more...]

5 Rules of Rental Property

Follow these 5 rules and owning rental property will be a rich and rewarding experience. Ignore one (or more) of these rules and your rental property dream could become a nightmare.   Real estate ownership is a paradox. From one perspective, rental property is the best investment vehicle that exists. But you may know people and you yourself may have experienced the exact opposite, the nightmare that a rental property can be. What gives? What's the difference? It's these five … [Read more...]

New vs Old School Real Estate Investing

Should you follow old school real estate investing techniques and ignore new school strategies? Or vice versa? Which one is right? How do you separate the signal (truth) from the noise (fiction)? This video provides clear and concise insight on this topic.     Outdated Old School Techniques:   1. Owning Properties Debt-free A classic old school strategy for investors is the goal of owning your properties debt-free. There was a time when owning properties free and … [Read more...]

How to Get Contractors to Finish the Job

Have you ever hired a contractor that didn't finish the job? Here's what you did wrong and what to do next time, to avoid that. This is how to get contractors to finish the job:       Contractor Agreement (Simple One Page Contract)     Contractor Agreement (Complicated, Big Job Contract)   How to Get Contractors to Finish the Job: Begin With the End in Mind   Contractors have more work than they know what to do with. This … [Read more...]

2 Niches for 2022 Real Estate Riches

Discover 2 niches that will bring you real estate riches (as well as what to watch out for) in 2022.   Niches for Riches #1: Creative Real Estate Investing   In creative real estate investing you are connecting directly with the seller and very few people, if not just you, know the property is for sale.  Working directly with sellers requires a lot more skills and we at Freedom Mentor have mastered this over the last two decades. Negotiations, contracts and structuring the … [Read more...]

BIG Lesson from Zillow Offers Failure

What can you learn from the epic iBuying failure by Zillow? Zillow Offers has ended with massive losses. How did they lose so much money in the incredibly profitable business of flipping houses? Find out in this video.   How Could Zillow Fail?   Flipping houses is arguably the most profitable business in American history and Zillow has found a way to lose possibly up to a billion dollars. How do you lose a billion dollars in a business that's this good? What can we learn … [Read more...]

Best Way to Time the Real Estate Market

Discover the best way to time the real estate market (both on a national level and your local level) so that you can benefit from all of the major changes that may occur in the future. This is the very same method we used to win big in mid 2020 when almost every other investor and hard money lender was waiting on the sidelines in fear. This approach gives you confidence in what to do and when to do it:   To illustrate my method for timing the real estate market, let’s look back to … [Read more...]

CDC Eviction Ban is OVER! Now What?

The CDC Eviction Moratorium has officially ended, thanks to not 1, but 2 Supreme Court rulings. On 08/26/2021, in a 6-3 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled the CDC's eviction ban to be unconstitutional and illegal. And while that is great news for landlords, what does that mean for real estate investors? What's next? What should you be doing? Find out in this very timely message.      Action Step #1: Move Fast with Cash for Keys In the comments of the Supreme Court ruling … [Read more...]

Investing in Real Estate vs Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Start-Ups, Gold, etc

I am often asked WHY I only invest in real estate, and not other investment opportunities like cryptocurrency, stocks, start-ups, gold, etc. In this video I provide a detailed investment vehicle comparison along 8 criteria; Downside Risk, Appreciation, Leverage, Liquidity, Control, Cash Flow, Tax Benefits and Inflation Hedge; and ultimately you can make your own conclusion on which investment is the best:   Investment Vehicle Comparison   1 - Downside Risk   Real … [Read more...]

2021 Home Buying Advice

  Here is the best advice you can get on buying a home in 2021...     Wait until 2022. Let me explain why this is my advice. If afterwards you're still bound and determined to buy a house in 2021, I'll provide you a 3-step plan to put yourself in the best possible position to get a home.   Why Wait Until 2022?   Purchasing a home to live in as your primary residence is an incredibly large commitment. Over the years, I've assembled many helpful teachings … [Read more...]

Vacation Rental Investment Makeover

Vacation rental investing is one of the hottest techniques in today's market. You're about to get an inside look at a complete makeover of one of my vacation rental investments. You'll go in the field with me, before and after the remodel, while I reveal tips along the way. This is a MUST watch anyone looking to own a vacation rental: … [Read more...]

Reverse Mortgage Real Estate Investing

Discover what a real estate investor needs to know as well as how to approach a real estate seller that has a reverse mortgage on their home. … [Read more...]

Creative Financing Comparison (Owner Financing vs Subject To vs Contract for Deed vs Lease Option)

Which creative real estate financing technique is best (Owner Financing vs Subject To vs Contract for Deed vs Lease Option)? When should you use each technique? How do they compare to each other? The following is an in-depth comparison between the four main creative financing techniques and after having done thousands of creative financing deals, you'll also learn from all of our real world experience on the application of each: … [Read more...]

5 Myths of Millionaires

Many people have a misguided view of millionaires. In this video, you'll discover the 5 most common myths of millionaires AND why it's so important to your personal financial life to not have a false perception of millionaires.   Do You Believe Any of the 5 Myths Broke People Have About Millionaires? I know I did when I was homeless and living out of my truck. I had plenty of misconceptions about the rich. Why is it so dangerous to have a false perception of a millionaire? Well, … [Read more...]

Mobile Home Flipping Formula

One of the hottest investing techniques in today's market is flipping mobile homes. With historically low housing inventories and home affordability at crisis level, there is huge demand for manufactured housing right now. But there are several major pitfalls that beginners fall into when dealing with mobiles. In the following video, you'll discover my step by step formula for flipping mobile homes for maximum profits and minimal risks.   4 Key Requirements for Flipping Mobile … [Read more...]

Housing is BOOMING! Will it BUST?

The US Housing Market is absolutely BOOMING right now! But are we in a Bubble? Is the boom about to BUST? Are we headed for disaster? Discover why the boom is so intense, what that means to you personally, and what is most likely to happen in the near future.     It’s a Booming Sellers Market! We set a record in our mentorship group this past week. A listing in Georgia had 180 showings! Can you imagine? Cars lined down the road all weekend, just trying to get a glimpse of … [Read more...]

What Every Investor Needs to Know about Loans for Rental Property

Discover the 4 main sources of investor loans for rental property; Conventional, Local Banks / Credit Unions, Non QM Lenders and Portfolio Lenders. In this training, you'll learn which ones to use, when, as well as tips and tricks on how to maximize your experience with each. This is a MUST watch for any real estate investor who owns (or plans to own) residential rental property.     I’ve never been a fan of owning rental property free and clear. Instead, I believe every … [Read more...]

5 Problems of Virtual Wholesaling

Virtual wholesaling has become increasingly popular during the pandemic. But before you dive in, you need to know these 5 major problems! This training will make you a better wholesaler and you'll understand when to apply the technique of Virtual Wholesaling, and when not to:     Speaking out against virtual wholesaling is going against the grain of our industry. However, many of you need to hear this message so you can be more productive and make more money. Your primary focus … [Read more...]

4 Real Estate Niches for 2021 Riches

Discover 4 niches that can bring you real estate riches in 2021. If you do one or more of these techniques, you could have your best year in real estate investing ever. For these 4 strategies, it's truly never been in a better time in history to do them.   Niche #1: Creative Real Estate Investing   How does creative investing differ from traditional investing? It's all centered on how you get to the deal. In creative real estate investing you work directly with the sellers. … [Read more...]

The Renovation Delusion

Many people think that they can strike it rich from buying houses that need major renovation work, transforming those fixer uppers into beautiful homes and then reselling them for a huge profit. They see it on TV, on YouTube and hear stories from friends and family about the fortunes made from rehabbing junkers. But is that business model actually highly profitable? What you're about to discover is that they have the Renovation Delusion! You'll learn what the delusion is and how to correct that … [Read more...]

How to Think Like a Multi-Millionaire

Extensive studies have proven that millionaires think differently, even long before they ever achieve millionaire status. In order for you to become a millionaire, you must first think like one. And taking this concept to a higher level, to become a multi-millionaire, you must first learn to think like one. As a multi-millionaire myself, I can give you first hand wisdom on how to think like one. And furthermore, I come from a unique perspective among multi-millionaires because I started out … [Read more...]

Is Wholesaling Real Estate Illegal?

Is wholesaling real estate illegal? Discover the ins and outs of the legality of real estate wholesaling as well as some recent anti-wholesaling laws impacting creative real estate investors in certain states. While this video does not provide legal advice and you are strongly encouraged to seek the counsel of an attorney on such matters, this training is so authoritative that you are encouraged to send to your attorney. If you were to get yourself into some hot water with your state's real … [Read more...]

Opportunity Zone Investing Simplified

Opportunity Zone Investing has enormous tax advantages but unfortunately, too few real estate investors are capitalizing on this incredible incentive! Why? It's been around for more than 2 years. What's the hold up? One major reason is so few actually understand how it works or how they can apply it to their personal investment plans. The following will simplify Opportunity Zone Investing for you so that you can begin getting this gigantic tax break for yourself. And I am purposely NOT going to … [Read more...]

Predicting Final Sales Price

Determining what a house is going to sell for when you put it on the market for sale is one of the most important skills an investor must master in order to succeed with flipping houses. Unfortunately, most house flippers rely simply on appraisals or feedback from listing agents and ignore several other very important factors that must be considered. You're about to discover a formula for predicting final sales prices developed over nearly 20 years and 1,000s of deals. When you apply this … [Read more...]

Magic Bullet to More Deals

There is a magic bullet to more real estate deals! It's incredibly simple, absolutely free, insanely powerful and perhaps most shockingly, so few real estate professionals do it! And there has never been a better time to apply this magic bullet than, right now, in the midst of COVID, where real estate is booming and inventory levels are at all times lows. Are you ready for it?   Follow Up Is the Magic Bullet   Studies have shown that 48% of real estate professionals make one … [Read more...]

5 Principles of Handling Real Estate Conflict

What do you do when a buyer, a seller or a real estate agent is angry with you and threatening to sue you? How do you handle real estate conflict? Unfortunately, its nearly impossible to completely avoid conflict altogether. The more deals you do, the higher probability of disputes, even if of no fault of your own. Therefore, you need a formula for handling problems and that's what you're about to learn. The following 5 principles will teach you how to resolve conflict quickly and as … [Read more...]

3 Surprising COVID-19 Impacts on Flipping Houses

The coronavirus has created some dramatic surprises in just about every aspect of our lives, including in the world of flipping houses. In this video, you'll discover 3 surprising COVID-19 impacts on flipping houses. While certain aspects of how this pandemic would change real estate were previously discussed in this training, CoronaVirus Impacts on Real Estate Investing, the following shares with you 3 surprises that only those in the trenches, flipping houses every day, could discover. And … [Read more...]

CARES Act Benefits for Real Estate Investors

Discover the benefits real estate investors can get from the CARES Act, which is a United States federal government $2 Trillion stimulus bill passed in late March 2020 and then updated on April 24, 2020. From forgivable loans to retirement funds access, this legislation is unprecedented and every eligible real estate professional should take full advantage of all the programs available to them. Here's a run down of what you need to know about the CARES Act if you are currently investing in real … [Read more...]

Economic Freedom vs Financial Freedom

Do you have economic freedom? If not, it's time you took control of your financial destiny! What many don't know is that economic liberty is very different than financial independence. Economic freedom is something you can have long before you ever achieve financial freedom. Especially during these current times, if you don't already have it, you need economic freedom! This video explain how to get it and why it's so critical to you achieving financial freedom too.   What is economic … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Investing in Uncertain Times

How do the most successful real estate investors operate during times of extreme uncertainty? What do they do differently than the majority? In this video, you'll discover 5 powerful tips for investing in uncertain times. As the CoronaVirus continues it's destruction, everyone has been affected in one way or another. There is tremendous fear and uncertainty right now. This video clarifies how the top real estate investors are approaching the situation and how you can too.   In this … [Read more...]

CoronaVirus Impact on Real Estate Investing

The CoronaVirus is spreading rapidly and just about every industry is feeling the impacts. What is COVID-19 doing to real estate investing? Discover not only what it is doing now, but also how it may affect real estate investing in the near future. Whether you are investing in real estate now or plan to be soon, watch this video now! Also, due to the rapidly changing landscape of this pandemic, here's an additional update on how it's impacting real estate too: 5 Tips for Investing in Uncertain … [Read more...]

3 Flaws of BRRRR

Discover the 3 flaws of the BRRRR Strategy. BRRRR is an acronym which stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance and Repeat. And while the technique itself is not inherently flawed (it has been applied for hundreds of years in real estate investing), the coining of the acronym BRRRR to describe that process has created some unintended consequences. In this video, you'll learn these 3 destructive flaws and how you can avoid them.     3 Flaws of the BRRRR Strategy   Flaw … [Read more...]

5 Golden Rules of Decision Making

Your decisions will make or break you. The decisions you make literally determine your destiny. Therefore, it's absolutely critical you apply a methodology to making decisions wisely. In this training, you'll discover my 5 Golden Rules of Decision Making so that you too can be a great decision maker.   5 Golden Rules of Decision Making   Rule #1: No Decision is the Worst Decision No decision means that you are avoiding a decision and being negligent. You’re being … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why You Need a Business

Every hard working American needs to have their own small business. You're about to discover 3 powerful reasons why this is true. And it doesn't even matter if the business makes any money or if you work hard at it or not at all! What you'll find is that the key is simply having one. While I would argue that real estate investing is the best small business in America, you're not even restricted by that, either. Here are the 3 reasons why you absolutely need to have a business:   Reason … [Read more...]

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Property Associations

This the ultimate guide to buying a property in an Association, also referred to as a "homeowner’s association", a "condo association" or simply an “HOA”. Follow these instructions BEFORE you purchase a condo, townhome or single family home in an Association. Unfortunately, this is not a quick and easy experience to complete. But if you don’t do it, you could fall into a very serious real estate trap that is extremely expensive to get away from. So take the time to do it! The reality is that … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Get Quick Cash for Good Deals

You're about to discover 4 ways to round up some quick cash for your next good deal. Whatever the opportunity, whether a real estate deal or a new business, these 4 money sources can be extremely helpful for you. These are the very same techniques that my Apprentices use which allow them to do more deals, especially creative financing ones. You can probably employ 1 or more of these ideas right away to shore up some fast money. But make sure you use them for profit making opportunities as … [Read more...]

How Real Estate Investors Can Help After Natural Disasters

Real estate investors are uniquely qualified to serve in the community after natural disasters.  Whether it be hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes and everything in between. There are so many helpful things everyone can do to assist those in need. However, in this post you will discover how you as a real estate investor can help provide immediate and lasting assistance for those that have been affected. The chances are most of us either know someone or have been affected personally by … [Read more...]

7 Traits of Highly Successful House Flippers

There's a whole lot more to the house flipping business than meets the eye, and then making money on top of all that is more challenging than you would ever expect. The reality is the vast majority of people who do their first house flip barely make a buck, some even lose money. In fact a lot of people that are trying to house flip on either a part time or full time basis are struggling right now. However, there is a small minority of investors that are making an absolute fortune right now … [Read more...]