Is Wholesaling Real Estate Illegal?

Is wholesaling real estate illegal? Discover the ins and outs of the legality of real estate wholesaling as well as some recent anti-wholesaling laws impacting creative real estate investors in certain states. While this video does not provide legal advice and you are strongly encouraged to seek the counsel of an attorney on such matters, this training is so authoritative that you are encouraged to send to your attorney. If you were to get yourself into some hot water with your state's real … [Read more...]

Opportunity Zone Investing Simplified

Opportunity Zone Investing has enormous tax advantages but unfortunately, too few real estate investors are capitalizing on this incredible incentive! Why? It's been around for more than 2 years. What's the hold up? One major reason is so few actually understand how it works or how they can apply it to their personal investment plans. The following will simplify Opportunity Zone Investing for you so that you can begin getting this gigantic tax break for yourself. And I am purposely NOT going to … [Read more...]

Predicting Final Sales Price

Determining what a house is going to sell for when you put it on the market for sale is one of the most important skills an investor must master in order to succeed with flipping houses. Unfortunately, most house flippers rely simply on appraisals or feedback from listing agents and ignore several other very important factors that must be considered. You're about to discover a formula for predicting final sales prices developed over nearly 20 years and 1,000s of deals. When you apply this … [Read more...]

Magic Bullet to More Deals

There is a magic bullet to more real estate deals! It's incredibly simple, absolutely free, insanely powerful and perhaps most shockingly, so few real estate professionals do it! And there has never been a better time to apply this magic bullet than, right now, in the midst of COVID, where real estate is booming and inventory levels are at all times lows. Are you ready for it?   Follow Up Is the Magic Bullet   Studies have shown that 48% of real estate professionals make one … [Read more...]

5 Principles of Handling Real Estate Conflict

What do you do when a buyer, a seller or a real estate agent is angry with you and threatening to sue you? How do you handle real estate conflict? Unfortunately, its nearly impossible to completely avoid conflict altogether. The more deals you do, the higher probability of disputes, even if of no fault of your own. Therefore, you need a formula for handling problems and that's what you're about to learn. The following 5 principles will teach you how to resolve conflict quickly and as … [Read more...]

3 Surprising COVID-19 Impacts on Flipping Houses

The coronavirus has created some dramatic surprises in just about every aspect of our lives, including in the world of flipping houses. In this video, you'll discover 3 surprising COVID-19 impacts on flipping houses. While certain aspects of how this pandemic would change real estate were previously discussed in this training, CoronaVirus Impacts on Real Estate Investing, the following shares with you 3 surprises that only those in the trenches, flipping houses every day, could discover. And … [Read more...]

CARES Act Benefits for Real Estate Investors

Discover the benefits real estate investors can get from the CARES Act, which is a United States federal government $2 Trillion stimulus bill passed in late March 2020 and then updated on April 24, 2020. From forgivable loans to retirement funds access, this legislation is unprecedented and every eligible real estate professional should take full advantage of all the programs available to them. Here's a run down of what you need to know about the CARES Act if you are currently investing in real … [Read more...]

Economic Freedom vs Financial Freedom

Do you have economic freedom? If not, it's time you took control of your financial destiny! What many don't know is that economic liberty is very different than financial independence. Economic freedom is something you can have long before you ever achieve financial freedom. Especially during these current times, if you don't already have it, you need economic freedom! This video explain how to get it and why it's so critical to you achieving financial freedom too.   What is economic … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Investing in Uncertain Times

How do the most successful real estate investors operate during times of extreme uncertainty? What do they do differently than the majority? In this video, you'll discover 5 powerful tips for investing in uncertain times. As the CoronaVirus continues it's destruction, everyone has been affected in one way or another. There is tremendous fear and uncertainty right now. This video clarifies how the top real estate investors are approaching the situation and how you can too.   In this … [Read more...]

CoronaVirus Impact on Real Estate Investing

The CoronaVirus is spreading rapidly and just about every industry is feeling the impacts. What is COVID-19 doing to real estate investing? Discover not only what it is doing now, but also how it may affect real estate investing in the near future. Whether you are investing in real estate now or plan to be soon, watch this video now! Also, due to the rapidly changing landscape of this pandemic, here's an additional update on how it's impacting real estate too: 5 Tips for Investing in Uncertain … [Read more...]

3 Flaws of BRRRR

Discover the 3 flaws of the BRRRR Strategy. BRRRR is an acronym which stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance and Repeat. And while the technique itself is not inherently flawed (it has been applied for hundreds of years in real estate investing), the coining of the acronym BRRRR to describe that process has created some unintended consequences. In this video, you'll learn these 3 destructive flaws and how you can avoid them.     3 Flaws of the BRRRR Strategy   Flaw … [Read more...]

5 Golden Rules of Decision Making

Your decisions will make or break you. The decisions you make literally determine your destiny. Therefore, it's absolutely critical you apply a methodology to making decisions wisely. In this training, you'll discover my 5 Golden Rules of Decision Making so that you too can be a great decision maker.   5 Golden Rules of Decision Making   Rule #1: No Decision is the Worst Decision No decision means that you are avoiding a decision and being negligent. You’re being … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why You Need a Business

Every hard working American needs to have their own small business. You're about to discover 3 powerful reasons why this is true. And it doesn't even matter if the business makes any money or if you work hard at it or not at all! What you'll find is that the key is simply having one. While I would argue that real estate investing is the best small business in America, you're not even restricted by that, either. Here are the 3 reasons why you absolutely need to have a business:   Reason … [Read more...]

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Property Associations

This the ultimate guide to buying a property in an Association, also referred to as a "homeowner’s association", a "condo association" or simply an “HOA”. Follow these instructions BEFORE you purchase a condo, townhome or single family home in an Association. Unfortunately, this is not a quick and easy experience to complete. But if you don’t do it, you could fall into a very serious real estate trap that is extremely expensive to get away from. So take the time to do it! The reality is that … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Get Quick Cash for Good Deals

You're about to discover 4 ways to round up some quick cash for your next good deal. Whatever the opportunity, whether a real estate deal or a new business, these 4 money sources can be extremely helpful for you. These are the very same techniques that my Apprentices use which allow them to do more deals, especially creative financing ones. You can probably employ 1 or more of these ideas right away to shore up some fast money. But make sure you use them for profit making opportunities as … [Read more...]

How Real Estate Investors Can Help After Natural Disasters

Real estate investors are uniquely qualified to serve in the community after natural disasters.  Whether it be hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes and everything in between. There are so many helpful things everyone can do to assist those in need. However, in this post you will discover how you as a real estate investor can help provide immediate and lasting assistance for those that have been affected. The chances are most of us either know someone or have been affected personally by … [Read more...]

7 Traits of Highly Successful House Flippers

There's a whole lot more to the house flipping business than meets the eye, and then making money on top of all that is more challenging than you would ever expect. The reality is the vast majority of people who do their first house flip barely make a buck, some even lose money. In fact a lot of people that are trying to house flip on either a part time or full time basis are struggling right now. However, there is a small minority of investors that are making an absolute fortune right now … [Read more...]

Where Should Investors Hang Their Real Estate License?

Where should investors hang their real estate license? Or to put it differently, which broker should you associate your real estate license with? When you first get real estate licensed, typically you're more of a real estate agent or associate. You haven't reached the level of broker yet. This means you must associate or hang your license with a broker to begin practicing real estate.     Hang Your License With a 100% Commission Real Estate Broker With a 100% Commission Real … [Read more...]

How to Find Great Contractors

Dealing with a bad contractor can be one of the most frustrating parts of real estate investing. However, they aren't all bad and finding a great contractor can make all the difference in the world. I'm going to share with you how to find great contractors, as well as how to work with them in a way that benefits you both. There's so much more to hiring a great contractor than simply finding one. If You Want the Best, You Need to be the Best The first step to finding a good contractor is being … [Read more...]

7 Qualities of Great Real Estate Investors

What 7 qualities separate the great real estate investors from just the good ones? Having mentored and coached thousands of real estate investors over the past two decades; I’ve had the privilege of working with those who have become the greatest real estate investors in their respective markets. And while they are all very unique people in different markets with different backgrounds, the great ones all shared 7 qualities in common. And the exciting news is that you don’t have to be born with … [Read more...]

7 Things to Inspect when Buying a House that Inspectors & Agents Don’t

You are about to discover 7 things that you MUST inspect before you buy a house and you are the one that has to do this because most inspectors and agents don't! Furthermore, these 7 verification steps can make or break your decision to buy a house, whether you are purchasing to live in the house or to invest in long term. That's why this is mandatory for anyone buying a home to watch or read. This wisdom was gathered from decades in this business and thousands of deals of experience. You may … [Read more...]

Flipping Houses in Rural Areas

Is there money to be made flipping houses in rural areas? You dang right! This video will break down the opportunities and the pitfalls of investing in rural areas. Too often, real estate investors overlook deals far from a major metropolitan area and when they do, they are leaving a fortune on the table! Make no mistake, house flippers are making a ton of money in rural areas right now. There's Money to Made Flipping Houses in Rural Areas I'm going to share with you the opportunities and … [Read more...]

Biggest LIE in Real Estate

Discover the biggest LIE in real estate! It's absolutely crucial that you are aware of this massive lie because it's the foundation of making good real estate decisions. And being ignorant of it is even worse because it can cost you, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars or more! For many people, this is quite a shock to them because they have been taught something quite different their entire life. But as you'll soon see, the truth on this matter is not talked about because the powers … [Read more...]

Will iBuyers End House Flipping?

Will iBuyers end house flipping for small real estate investors? They have many traditional real estate investors terrified! Companies such as OpenDoor, OfferPad, Zillow Offers, RedfinNow and Knock are being referred to as "iBuyers" and even large brokerages such as Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker now have an iBuyer branch. These iBuyers are buying houses for quick cash, renovating and then reselling; just like traditional house flippers have been doing for decades. However, they are doing … [Read more...]

7 Advanced Vacation Rental Investing Tips

You're about to discover 7 very powerful, advanced vacation rental investing tips. The setting for this video is from a new vacation rental investment one of my Apprentice Program Graduates, Bryce & Julianne, just recently purchased, up in the mountains. Recall that a few years back, I provided the training 5 Steps to Short Term Vacation Rental Investing and those lessons are just as applicable to today as they were when I put that together in 2016. These new 7 advanced tips will simply add … [Read more...]

Scary Real Estate Scam

There is a new, frightening scam rocking the real estate world right now that you need to know about. Some victims have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars from it. It involves sophisticated cyber criminals using email phishing technology to steal from unsuspecting victims at the time of closing. The great news is that the way to stop this from ever happening to you is so simple. When you hear the solution, you will be dumbfounded by how easy it is. Watch this quick video to learn what this … [Read more...]

Automating House Flipping

Discover how automating your house flipping business can make you more money with less of your own time and effort. Too many real estate investors are chained to their business of flipping houses and never experience true freedom. Meanwhile, most of the tasks required to flip houses can be automated and this video is going to show you how. If you look at my personal life, I not only have an enormous mentoring and coaching operation, but I also flip my own houses and own a large portfolio of … [Read more...]

Most Important Personal Finance Principle

Discover the single most important personal finance principle. Perhaps you think it might be to live below your means. Although that is certainly important to a healthy personal financial life, it's not the most important. It's not to get out of debt either. In fact, I have trainings on why debt can be good! It's also not to pay yourself first or even to own your own business, although those two are both quite important too. Nor is it to invest in real estate even though you may have thought … [Read more...]

Best Time to Get Started Investing in Real Estate

When is the absolute best time to get started in real estate investing? Some people, especially those that think they really understand economics, choose to start when they think it is the perfect time in the marketplace. Oftentimes, those are the very same people that sit on the sidelines while the doers of the world are busy closing deals and making money with real estate investing. Others dive right in, head first, and don't give any intelligent thought to what they are doing. Obviously, … [Read more...]

Flipping vs Renting Houses

Which investment strategy is better, flipping or renting houses? It's a common question in the minds of so many real estate investors. While a simple way to respond would be to say, "it depends." What you're about to discover are all angles of this question so that you can develop your own conclusion, based on your personal situation and your short as well as long term goals, what is better for you. And as always, this is the real world truth of the matter, incorporating many details that you … [Read more...]

7 Rules of Home Buying

Attention all prospective home buyers! The following are 7 incredibly powerful rules on buying a house. While most of my trainings focus on investing in real estate, this one is geared towards those who are looking to buy a home to live in. And these are not the typical tips or advice you would read about because these insights come from literally thousands of home purchases that I have personally observed over the years. This real world wisdom will help you make a much more informed and much … [Read more...]

Epic Home Staging Tip for House Flippers

You're about to discover a simple home staging technique that professional house flippers have recently been applying to sell their rehabbed properties faster and for more money. It's so good that once you hear it, you'll be thinking, "Why haven't I been doing this already?" But home stagers will NOT be happy that I shared this inner secret with you. It saves you thousands over the cost of a traditional home staging service.   This helpful tip on home staging, will benefit both house … [Read more...]

Why Pay Off Student Loans Early?

If you have student loans and you want to pay them off early, my question to you is ... why? Why pay off student loans early? In most cases, it doesn't make good financial sense to take present day cash to pay off long amortization schedule, low, fixed rate money, whereby the interest is tax deductible (for most people). Instead, it's better to take the money you were going to use to pay the student loan off early and invest it in high return on investment endeavors like real estate investing. … [Read more...]

The Future of Real Estate Investing

Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Discover how blockchain technology, crowdfunding platforms, big data and artificial intelligence will impact the future of real estate investing, in 2019 and beyond. As with all new technology, there will be casualties, but you don't have to be one of them. Don't be left behind as these industry disruptors infiltrate real estate. Instead, you're about to learn how to use them to propel you to greater levels of financial … [Read more...]

Government Shutdown Affect on Real Estate

How exactly does a government shutdown affect real estate? So long as it doesn't drag on too long, the main and immediate impact is the slow down or temporary postponement of the origination of some mortgages and other real estate loans. And that can be very significant since most real estate closings involve a buyer obtaining a loan. If the loan doesn't fund, the deal doesn't close and that's usually bad news for all the parties involved. The following provides you with very specific details on … [Read more...]

Greatest Real Estate Tool Ever (PropStream)

Introducing the greatest real estate tool ever invented for investors and agents, PropStream. It's the most comprehensive data aggregator combining every bit of commercial available residential, United States, real estate information into one, easy to use online software system. It also has a SkipTracing feature so you can literally email and voicemail blast any lists you want. It's rehab calculator is the best in the industry. And it does so much more. Plus, you can get a free 7 day trial to … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Earn Steady Income in Real Estate

Discover the 3 ways to earn STEADY income in real estate. As you may know, real estate is a business of big paydays...and long pay delays. Many investors and agents struggle to create consistent cashflow in their real estate operations and therefore, are more stressed than they should be. You're about to learn how to generate steady income in real estate so that you can have more freedom, more relaxation and more fun in real estate!   3 Ways to Earn Steady Income in Real … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Buying Land

With all the competition for single family homes and the lack of available inventory, some real estate investors are moving to land as their next investing frontier. Meanwhile, some homeowners are looking to get away from the crammed subdivisions and buy some acreage in the country. Whether for investing purposes or for personal reasons, if you are considering buying land, you'll need to be equipped with the wisdom shared in this training to ensure you don't make a big mistake. While buying land … [Read more...]

7 Things to Never Say to a Contractor

You're about to discover 7 things that you should NEVER say to a contractor; or said another way; here are 7 common ways that contractors can screw you. Whether a big or small job, hiring a contractor is serious business and you must adhere to the following guidelines in this video or else you stand a good chance of being taken advantage of. You'll learn real world wisdom on hiring and dealing with contractors as well as get free access to a contractor agreement which can help you avoid some of … [Read more...]

4 Books that can Drastically Improve Your Financial Life

Discover 4 powerful books that can drastically improve your financial life. They are not currently on the New York Times bestsellers list. In fact, you may not have ever heard of some of them. But the wisdom, the signal, the truth that is in these literary treasures can have an immediate and lasting impact on your economic world. I still refer back to these 4 books, some as long as 10 or more years later, because they are that good. May these books bless your financial life as much as they have … [Read more...]

The Best Loan for Real Estate Investors

You're about to discover the best loan for real estate investors; very low down payment requirements (and in some cases, no money down), the lender provides the money for renovations, ultra low interest rates, 30 year fixed amortization and it applies to long term rentals, flips and primary residences. It is a conventional mortgage so not everyone will qualify for it BUT even if you aren't loan-friendly at this time in your personal financial life, you still want to watch this video because if … [Read more...]

3 Huge Wholesaling Myths Debunked

You're about to see 3 huge wholesaling myths get completely debunked. You've probably never heard of some of what you're about to watch in this video because this wisdom comes from the real world of doing hundreds and hundreds of wholesale deals. So if you're a real estate investor who is interested in wholesaling houses, you NEED to watch this video: Free Course on Finding Deals (The Hard, Manual Way)  What is Wholesaling?   If you are not 100% certain what wholesaling is, … [Read more...]

Profit is GOOD! (and Why That Matters to You)

Although virtually everyone who has an interest in real estate investing would say that earning a profit is a good thing, surprisingly, their actions often show the exact opposite. This subject permeates the entire real estate universe because our profits are front and center in every transaction. Rarely, is the money you are earn in a real estate deal hidden from view. So you either embrace the economic worldview that earning a profit is a good thing, or you don't. And actions speak louder than … [Read more...]

Best Materials for House Flips

You're about to discover the best materials for house flips. To illustrate this subject, you'll get an inside look at one of my recent deals. Not only will you learn what paint, flooring and other renovation materials I recommend (as well as where I buy them from), you'll also get numbers on costs too. Whether you are interested in doing your first house flip or are a seasoned professional, you'll learn more on how to save money and still create a beautiful look while maintaining high quality. … [Read more...]

3 Factors to Better Understand Your Local Real Estate Market

Discover 3 simple factors that can help you better understand your local real estate market. You'll not only get a clearer picture of what is going on right now, but you will also be able to reasonably forecast what is going to happen in the next 1-3 years with your local housing market. So whether you are a real estate investor deciding on your next investment move, a real estate agent who wants to better educate your clients or are simply a renter trying to decide if now is a good time to jump … [Read more...]

Are You a Consumer or an Investor?

You're about to have a moment of self discovery, where you find out who you really are. And this understanding could have major implications on your financial destiny and whether or not you become rich. Two simple questions will help you find out if you are a consumer or an investor. And its not about where you are today, but it's really about where you are going. Consumers eventually go broke (or close to it) while Investors eventually thrive financially. Have the courage to find out which one … [Read more...]

Are House Flippers First Time HomeBuyers Last Hope?

Are real estate investors  that flip houses the last hope for First Time Homebuyers who want to buy quality, affordable housing? In this important message, you'll discover why the inventory levels of starter homes are at all time lows and who can help save the day (and profit tremendously as a result too)!   House Flipping   House flippers are real estate investors that purchase houses in order to fix them up and resell.  These people might be the last hope for anyone looking … [Read more...]

Now is the Best Time to Flip Houses in the Past 40 Years

I've never seen anything quite like this in my lifetime. The conditions for flipping houses is more perfect than I could have ever imagined was even possible. Several factors, combined together, have created the ultimate perfect storm and best time to flip houses and the following video proves it. So if ever you had any interest in the business of flipping houses, to quote the famous treasure salver, Mel Fisher, "Today is the day!"   It is currently the best time in the past 40 years … [Read more...]

Crash Course on Closing Costs

Here's your crash course on closing costs, whether you are the buyer or the seller in a real estate transaction. You're about to discover just exactly what the various closing costs are, how you may be able to save money on some of them as well as how to individually calculate each one. Also, referenced in this training is a Free Closing Cost Calculator that you can use over and over again to quickly and easily calculate the closing costs for your particular situation. This video is jammed … [Read more...]

Top 3 Reasons Why People Quit Real Estate

Have you ever wondered why anyone would ever quit an activity as lucrative as real estate investing? You're about to discover the top 3 reasons why people quit real estate and how you can avoid such a financially destructive fate. Statistically there are more millionaires created with real estate than any other investment vehicle. Real estate investing is, by far, the most tried and true way to financial freedom. But in order to experience the fruits of real estate, you must preserve through … [Read more...]