Turning Real Estate Lemons in Lemonade

Every real estate investor runs into a lemon of a deal at some point in their career. This will cause some investors to go sour on real estate, but the smart ones turn that real estate lemon into lemonade. The lesson I am going to share, could be worth a fortune over the course of your real estate career. It will show you how to overcome the obstacles that a property with undesirable characteristics can present. Despite your best due diligence, sometimes, when you go to sell or rent a house, … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Supercharge Your Real Estate Results

Most people set goals, make resolutions and dream of a better lives for themselves. Unfortunately, the vast majority will never achieve those aspirations.  There are 3 simple steps that can be implemented to Boost Your Real Estate Results and perhaps propel you to reach your biggest goals. In this training, you'll discover these powerful steps, how to quickly apply them to your lives and instantly begin experiencing greater financial results. But make no mistake, they won't necessarily be … [Read more...]

In Depth Look at Hard Money Loans

You're about to experience an in-depth look at hard money loans; both from the perspective of the borrower and the lender. This training will unveil the most important aspects of hard money, including their role in the overall lending marketplace, how to obtain them, the obvious (and hidden) cost to borrowers as well as the risks from the eyes of hard money lenders. Plus, long time myths about hard money will be completely debunked. For anyone looking to obtain hard money at some point in the … [Read more...]

The Skinny on Real Estate Investment Clubs

You're about to discover the "skinny" on real estate investment clubs. From how they operate, to what to watch out for as well as how to optimize your experience at the club meetings. Plus, you'll learn how to locate the club nearest you. This is information you'll probably hear nowhere else because I come from an unbiased perspective. I don't run my own local club, but I know some who do. I have also seen over a lifetime of experience, the good, the bad and the ugly of real estate investor … [Read more...]

5 Steps of Short Term Vacation Rental Investing

You're about to discover a new twist, thanks to technology, on the age-old concept of short term vacation renting of a house or of a condo. Not just so that you can have a vacation home, like I described in a previous training, "How to Make Your Vacation Home Dreams a Reality". Instead, in this training, I'm going to take this concept to a whole new level and focus on short term vacation rental from an investing standpoint.     Five Steps to Short-Term Vacation Rental … [Read more...]

The Millionaire Misunderstanding

Do you want to be a Millionaire? Most people do. Do you know what that looks like? Most people don't. And is becoming a millionaire really your ultimate financial target? Most people have never asked themselves that question. I call this the Millionaire Misunderstanding. In this training, you'll discover what the millionaire misunderstanding is all about and a simple yet profound way to truly define what a true millionaire is.   What is the Millionaire … [Read more...]

Can Buying Real Estate at the Top of the Market Make Sense?

Looking to buy property but concerned it may be the top of the real estate market cycle? Alleviate the fears of uncertain times by understanding this fundamental truth about real estate. Whether you are buying a house to be your primary residence or looking to invest in a property, learning how to determine the intrinsic value of real estate is absolutely crucial to ensuring you don't end up being on the losing end of buying property. This video shows you how to do that quick and … [Read more...]

Surprise! 4 Famous People Who Made Their Fortune in Real Estate

Discover 4 people who are well known for things other than real estate but because of investments in real estate, they became famous and/or reached their full potential in the pursuits they are best recognized for. You'll learn that without real estate, Arnold Schwarzenegger may never have become the most famous bodybuilder, blockbuster movie star or politician. Without real estate, Cyrus McCormick may not have been able to distribute the enormous number of wheat reapers to small farmers around … [Read more...]

Hidden Success Habit of the Best Real Estate Investors and Agents

Discover a hidden success habit of the best real estate investors and agents, that they employ to beat their competition and produce consistently outstanding results. It runs counter to conventional wisdom and is not something that people naturally do. Instead, you must consciously focus on and practice applying this technique to make it a habit. And once it's a habit, then the results can be astounding. Using an extremely successful college football team as a comparison, you'll find that the … [Read more...]

Beware of Investing in Condos, Townhomes or Single Family Houses in a HOA

Discover the hidden dangers of investing in Condos, Townhomes and Single Family Houses that are in Associations. You'll learn the pitfalls of investing in HOAs (also known as homeowners or condo associations) as well as how to navigate challenges and still profit.  This is important information for anyone considering purchasing a condo, townhome or single family home in an HOA.    Challenges of  Condos A condo might make sense for a developer who is trying to build more units per … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Handling Haters and Negative People

Discover 4 powerful tips for handling haters and negative people in your life. I'll share the meanest comments I have received over the years and then you'll discover how I deal with that kind of venom. Overcoming hatred and negativity is part of everyone's journey to becoming successful in any worthwhile endeavor. If you are not equipped with the tools to deal with hate and negativity, it could completely derail your success train and paralyze your progress. Although this message will … [Read more...]

How to Teach Your Kids to Invest in Real Estate

Discover the best way to pass on a skill that will bless your children for the rest of their lives. Teach your kids to invest in real estate. Not by force, but with good, old fashioned, parenting that draws the next generation in by getting them to want to learn how to be real estate investors. Once kids reach a certain age, they recognize that money has value. By explaining how real estate is a better place to spend their piggy bank savings than at the local Toys-R-Us, kids quickly find out … [Read more...]

Why Free Real Estate Seminars are for Suckers

You're about to discover why attending those free real estate investing seminars that you see advertised are for Suckers. I'll prove why free real estate seminars are a waste of your time and because of the "noisy" information they share, can even be counter-productive to your quest for learning how to be a successful real estate investor. The goal of this message is NOT to bash all those companies out there that advertise and administer free real estate seminars. This lesson has nothing to do … [Read more...]

10 Real Estate Hacks Everyone Should Know

Discover 10 real estate hacks that everyone should know, whether you are a home buyer, home seller, or you have any interest in buying or selling a home in the future. These unique shortcuts have been assembled over a lifetime of experience in just about every major facet of real estate. They are timeless and universal. And you'll only find these incredibly valuable tips here. Share this with friends, family and anyone else you know that will benefit from this information. Here are the 10 real … [Read more...]

10 Apps Every Real Estate Investor Needs

Discover 10 Apps that every real estate investor should have on their mobile device so that they can be more productive and make better investing decisions while on the go and not directly in front of a computer. These are the 10 Apps that I personally have on my iPhone so that if an opportunity arises while I am out and about, I can still get the information I need to be able make the right decision on that deal. Here are those 10 Apps along with an illustration of why they are so … [Read more...]

Secrets to Foreclosure Auctions and Tax Deed Sales

Discover what to do (and what NOT to do) when buying real estate at Foreclosure Auctions and Tax Deed Sales (also known as Tax Foreclosures). I am going to pull back the curtain and give you an inside look at how the pros do it. Although there are many pitfalls, this video shows you how to steer clear of them as well as make wise decisions when bidding. This is a must watch for anyone considering bidding on a property at a foreclosure auction or tax deed sale (tax foreclosure). Secrets … [Read more...]

Should You Pay Off Bank Loans on Investment Property?

Is it financially intelligent to pay off bank loans on investment property or rentals as fast as possible? Is a 15 year or 30 year amortized loan better? Should your goal be to own all your real estate holdings debt free? For that matter, if you could, would it be better to pay cash for long term holds? Far too many real estate investors answer these questions wrong. In this insightful training, you'll discover when it makes sense to pay off bank loans and when it is actually better to … [Read more...]

How to Sell Your House “Rent to Own”

You're about to discover the power of selling your house as a Rent to Own with a basic lesson to help you avoid the pitfalls and even some advanced strategies to maximize your results. The Rent to Own concept is sometimes referred to as a Lease Purchase, a Lease Option or a Lease Purchase Option but they are not all exactly the same. In fact, as you'll learn, combining the lease with the ability to purchase the property into one agreement can have very different legal consequences than … [Read more...]

#1 Reason Why Investors Lose Money

You're about to discover the #1 reason why too many investors lose money on some real estate investing deals and how you can easily avoid this major pitfall. It's not complicated but it requires an understanding of why real estate entrepreneurs fall into this trap as well as how to cultivate the discipline to stay out of it. Learn about margin of safety and how it applies to real estate investing.  And fascinatingly enough, this lesson applies to all investors, not just real estate investors. … [Read more...]

Getting the Back Story on a Vacant House

Have you ever driven past an abandoned property and wanted to get the back story on that vacant house? Who is the owner? Why did they let it go? Could it be a good deal to buy it? Even if you could figure out who owns it, how would you get a hold of the owner? In this training, you're going to discover how to uncover a tremendous amount of information on any house, for free, using public records. You'll learn how to go in depth into the records maintained by the tax collector, property … [Read more...]

Why Your Boss Secretly Wants You to Live Above Your Means

Discover why your boss may secretly want you to live well above your means, even though it may not be in your best financial interest. You have probably never heard this information before.  This is power insight that comes from the real world. I've gotten to know quite a few business owners and bosses over the years and  learned how they operate. When they have a talented employee that is full of potential, they will try to trap the person into a lifestyle of living above their means. In this … [Read more...]

5 Money Saving Tips for Preparing to Sell a House

Discover 5 money saving tips on preparing to sell a house (or rent a property as well). You'll find most of the items at your favorite local home improvement store and the best part is, they are so easy and inexpensive that anyone can do them. None of these are rocket science, but through the school of hard knocks, I have learned that these 5 tips for preparing to sell a house can be incredibly effective. Every real estate flipper, landlord, and even homeowner should know these before they sell … [Read more...]

3 Pranks to Pull on a Real Estate Investor

You're about to discover 3 hilarious pranks to pull on your best real estate investor or agent friend on this April Fools Day. WARNING: Don't watch the following video if you do not have a sense of humor. I've seen a tremendous amount in all my years in this business and these gag ideas have come from the school of hard knocks. As you've already experienced in your own life, the lies you are most likely to believe are the ones you want to believe. So these pranks prey on that unfortunate piece … [Read more...]

True Freedom with Darryl Strawberry and Chris Tucker

Professional baseball legend Darryl Strawberry and famous actor/comedian Chris Tucker had it all in their early twenties. They were household names, had enormous amounts of money and could have whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. But they both discovered that something was still missing in their lives. In this powerful video, you'll discover what filled the void, what gave them True Freedom and thankfully, you don't have to be a celebrity to get it. True … [Read more...]

Golf with Phil to Raise Money for Charity

On Friday, February 26, 2016, at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando Florida, the Orlando Serve Foundation will be hosting a Celebrity Golf Tournament to raise money for the He Got Up Homeless Outreach event which will be held on March 27, 2016 (Easter Sunday). You can learn more about this historic event here, Largest Homeless Outreach Event in US History. Many sports heros will be in attendance, including Lawrence Taylor, Ken Griffey Jr, Darryl Strawberry, Eric Dickerson, Art Monk, Darrell Green, … [Read more...]

Are We in a Real Estate Bubble?

The real estate market has rebounded rapidly in the past 5 years and house prices have reached record highs in some areas. Many home sellers are experiencing multiple offer situations and prices are bidding up above list. Reality TV abounds with house flipping shows. And there's probably a get-rich-quick real estate seminar coming to a hotel near you soon! Students of the real estate collapse of the late 2000s point out that the very same financial derivatives that intensified the last crash are … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Turn a House into a Cash Flowing Machine

Single family homes are not known for enormous cash flowing production but in this training, you'll discover three ways to transform a house into a cash flowing machine. Using some creativity and intelligent marketing, you can turbo charge a single family house into a high performance money maker. You may have heard of one or even all of these techniques, but you may not realize just how powerful they can be to a real estate investor. The following video is longer than usual because this topic … [Read more...]

Perfect Formula for Building Wealth with Real Estate

You're about to discover the perfect formula for building wealth with real estate. It has been around for centuries and even children are exposed to it thanks to the classic board game Monopoly. It all starts with extra cash that can be used for investment. That money is used to purchase high return on investment (ROI) real estate. Then as more money comes in, more high ROI real estate is purchased until a snowball effect occurs and eventually significant wealth is achieved. In the following … [Read more...]

ADHD at 13, Real Estate Investor at 14, Freedom at 18

Several years ago, I posted the incredible true story of, Willow Tufano, a girl from Port Charlotte, FL who purchased her first investment property at age 14, with help from her real estate agent mom. That was 2012. Fast forward to 2016. Yesterday, her mom, Mary Shannon Moore, through a comment on the original article posting on Facebook, shared her side of the story, how it all got started, all the media attention and where Willow is today. Not only will you be inspired, there is also so many … [Read more...]

Is the Pain Worth the Gain?

Although most people want to be more successful, rarely do they answer the fundamental question of whether the pain required to achieve that success is worth the gains they will get. In this video, you'll discover; (1) Why answering the pain-gain question is required before improving your results; (2) The kind of person you must be in order to make it big in real estate; (3) What you must endure in order to experience true success investing in real estate, and; (4) When the pain is worth the … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investing Gone Bad

Discover 21 true stories of real estate investing deals that went terribly wrong and the lessons you can learn from them. The cost of these "deals gone bad" total millions of dollars in losses, years of unproductive activity and incalculable emotional stress. However, you’ll obtain the enormous benefits of the powerful and profitable learning lessons from these 21 mishaps without the costs! You’re about to gather lifelong, extremely valuable real estate investment and house flipping wisdom that … [Read more...]

The Fear of More Money

If you have been trying to improve your financial situation for years and have not made much progress, you probably have the fear of more money. And the scariest part is that most people have no idea that they even have it! I had the fear of more money. Many of the people I have mentored began with this fear. It's extremely common yet few recognize it's power because consciously, just about everyone wants more money. The difference lies in the subconscious mind, where your emotions are … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Vacation Home Dream a Reality

Have you ever dreamed of the day that you could afford your own vacation home? What if I were to tell you that it may be possible for you to make that dream a reality right now? How? By making a property in your favorite destination a vacation rental home investment that brings in more money than it costs! And the best news of all is that this is not a pipe dream. This is very doable. In the following video, you're going to discover 5 powerful rules of thumb when buying a vacation rental home, … [Read more...]

5 Keys to Insurance for Real Estate Investments

Have you structured your insurance correctly for your real estate investments? Insurance is one detail that you do not want to make a mistake on because once you discover you've improperly insured one or all of your real estate holdings, it's usually too late! Did you know that when a major hurricane is closing in on the United States, insurance companies stop issuing new policies? So you can't wait until a storm is about to hit before you get your insurance act together. You're about discover … [Read more...]

New Law Has Silver Lining for Investors

The new law going into effect October 3, 2015, TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure (T.R.I.D.), has the real estate industry panicking because many fear that it could delay closings for a month or more. In fact, the government website that illustrates the timeline of how long a typical T.R.I.D. real estate transaction that is done correctly will take shows over 2 months! See the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Timeline for yourself. What's most alarming to agents, mortgage professionals and title … [Read more...]

Largest Homeless Outreach Event in US History

What do you do when you see a homeless person? Do you turn the other way? What if they ask you for money? Do you give them money? Do you want to give them money but are concerned they won't spend it on life necessities? Are you skeptic if they really are homeless to begin with? Do you tell them, "Go get a job"? Although some may be jaded, most people want to help those that are less fortunate. But when it comes to the homeless, many struggle with providing a solution they feel is sustainable so … [Read more...]

New Law Has Real Estate Industry Panicking

New law scheduled to take effect August 1, 2015 has the real estate industry panicking. TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) "Know Before You Owe" law was designed to give borrowers a better understanding of what they were getting themselves into prior to signing mortgage loan documents at closing. The first half of TRID involved combining the Truth-in-Lending (TIL) with the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) into one integrated statement that borrowers could review within 3 days of applying for a … [Read more...]

Want Money for Real Estate?

Want money for real estate? A common concern many people express is the problem of finding the money for investing in real estate. But is money really what is holding most people back? In other words, if they had an extra $500,000 in the bank, would that solve the majority of their real estate investing challenges? As you'll discover, there are bigger issues to deal with prior to money being a problem. There are several very important details that need to be buttoned up before worrying about … [Read more...]

Building a Great Real Estate Team

Real estate is a team sport and to reach your full potential as an investor, you must build a team of great people. Working with the right agents, mortgage originators, attorneys, contractors and many others are essential to making a fortune in this business. Sadly, many beginner and experienced investors alike, surround themselves with mediocre, or even worse, lousy team players. A team full of mediocre players is destructive and produces poor results. Do yourself a big favor and surround … [Read more...]

Is a Real Estate Mentor Right for You?

  Is a real estate mentor right for you? You're about to discover when it makes sense to have a real estate investing mentor and when it doesn't. In this training, you'll learn that there are 3 types of investors, as there are typically 3 types of fisherman. Set on a boat in the tropics, fishing with a guide I paid $700 for, will make for a terrific analogy to explain real estate investing in general as well as which of the 3 investor types should get a real estate mentor. Enjoy the … [Read more...]

Advice to Graduates on How to Get Rich

  It's that time of year when so many of us sit through boring graduation ceremonies where academics give career advice to hung over listeners that care more about making a lot of money rather than compiling academic accolades. The following video is my advice to graduates on how to get rich. This applies to high school, college and even masters level graduates so feel free to pass this advice along to anyone you know who is graduating this year. I wish someone gave me this advice on my … [Read more...]

Robert Kiyosaki’s Real Life Rich Dad

  Would you like to know the real life identity of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad? Kiyosaki kept it a closely guarded secret since the book Rich Dad Poor Dad was first published in 1997. Now, 20 years later, that book has become the best selling personal finance book of all time and its main character, Rich Dad, has emerged as the most influential financial adviser in history, changing the way millions of people look at the subject of money. And yet the author has never fully disclosed the … [Read more...]

Are House Flipping TV Shows Helpful for Investors to Watch?

  Viewership abounds for house flipping TV shows these days, begging the question for real estate investors whether watching them could be helpful or harmful to their investing endeavors. You're about to discover an inside look at how viewing these flipping houses reality shows can impact investors (as well as those who are interested in investing). You'll find out the pros (if any), the cons, and the things to be very aware of when trying to glean insight on flipping houses from what … [Read more...]

Effective Elevator Speech for Real Estate Investors

  Every real estate investor has an elevator speech, whether they realize it or not. It's the answer to the question, "So what is it that you do?" Have you ever given serious thought to how you communicate what you do? In this training, you're going to discover what has taken our team a tremendous amount of time and testing to determine. It may seem simple and almost trivial, but too often, investors say the wrong thing when first introducing themselves. And you never have a second … [Read more...]

1031 Exchange Tax Free Real Estate Investing

  The 1031 exchange is a technique that allows real estate investors to sell their investment properties and parley the profits into their next acquisition tax free. Well, perhaps it is more accurately described as "tax deferred". There are many rules that you must follow in order for the 1031 exchange to be allowed by the IRS, but when you handle all the details correctly, you can build wealth much faster by avoiding capital gains tax, depreciation recapture, state taxes (in certain … [Read more...]

Choosing a Real Estate Investing Mentor

A real estate investing mentor is the secret to investing success. Every great achiever in history has had mentors. No one is "self made". Behind every extraordinary person are extraordinary mentors. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. But how do you decide on which real estate investing mentor is right for you? Ask yourself these 3 questions when choosing a real estate investing mentor: # 1 - Do You Want to be a Creative or Traditional Real Estate Investor?   If you … [Read more...]

Real Estate Market Forecast

  You're about to hear my thoughts on the real estate market forecast and you'll probably be surprised by what I share. You may be expecting me to provide some unique foresight into the future of real estate which will help you make better investing decisions in the future. If that's the case, I may disappoint you. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell the future. In fact, many studies have proven that human beings are remarkably consistent in their confidence of forecasting the future … [Read more...]

How to Get a Great Deal on Your Dream Home

  How would you like to find your dream home AND get a great deal on it too? Whether you are looking to rent or to own, here is your step by step plan. You're about to discover exactly how to find a true diamond in the rough; not only could it be your dream home but it also could be at the price or terms that will fit for you. So you can finally have your cake and eat it too! You may want to share this with friends and family because what is about to be unveiled in extremely valuable. … [Read more...]

FHA Anti Flipping Rule and Fannie Mae 3% Down Loan

  The FHA anti flipping rule is back in effect on January 1, 2015. After a 4 year waiver, FHA has decided not continue to waive this rule another year. How does this affect real estate investors? It means that you must own a property for 90 days prior to being able to sell it to an FHA buyer. Since a significant portion of retail buyers of the homes most investors flip are getting an FHA loan to finance the purchase, this is an important change. But when one door closes, another one … [Read more...]

How Rich People Respond to Financial Loss

  You're about to discover how rich people respond to financial loss and how it is in direct contrast to the way poor people typically respond. Some immediately think, "Yeah, of course rich folks respond differently to financial loss than poor people; the rich have the money to pay for them!" Although that may be true, it's not always the case. Sometimes rich people suffer huge financial losses. One of the things that separates the rich from the poor is how they respond to the inevitable … [Read more...]