Largest Homeless Outreach Event in US History

What do you do when you see a homeless person? Do you turn the other way? What if they ask you for money? Do you give them money? Do you want to give them money but are concerned they won't spend it on life necessities? Are you skeptic if they really are homeless to begin with? Do you tell them, "Go get a job"? Although some may be jaded, most people want to help those that are less fortunate. But when it comes to the homeless, many struggle with providing a solution they feel is sustainable so … [Read more...]

New Law Has Real Estate Industry Panicking

New law scheduled to take effect August 1, 2015 has the real estate industry panicking. TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) "Know Before You Owe" law was designed to give borrowers a better understanding of what they were getting themselves into prior to signing mortgage loan documents at closing. The first half of TRID involved combining the Truth-in-Lending (TIL) with the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) into one integrated statement that borrowers could review within 3 days of applying for a … [Read more...]

Want Money for Real Estate?

Want money for real estate? A common concern many people express is the problem of finding the money for investing in real estate. But is money really what is holding most people back? In other words, if they had an extra $500,000 in the bank, would that solve the majority of their real estate investing challenges? As you'll discover, there are bigger issues to deal with prior to money being a problem. There are several very important details that need to be buttoned up before worrying about … [Read more...]

Building a Great Real Estate Team

Real estate is a team sport and to reach your full potential as an investor, you must build a team of great people. Working with the right agents, mortgage originators, attorneys, contractors and many others are essential to making a fortune in this business. Sadly, many beginner and experienced investors alike, surround themselves with mediocre, or even worse, lousy team players. A team full of mediocre players is destructive and produces poor results. Do yourself a big favor and surround … [Read more...]

Is a Real Estate Mentor Right for You?

  Is a real estate mentor right for you? You're about to discover when it makes sense to have a real estate investing mentor and when it doesn't. In this training, you'll learn that there are 3 types of investors, as there are typically 3 types of fisherman. Set on a boat in the tropics, fishing with a guide I paid $700 for, will make for a terrific analogy to explain real estate investing in general as well as which of the 3 investor types should get a real estate mentor. Enjoy the … [Read more...]

Advice to Graduates on How to Get Rich

  It's that time of year when so many of us sit through boring graduation ceremonies where academics give career advice to hung over listeners that care more about making a lot of money rather than compiling academic accolades. The following video is my advice to graduates on how to get rich. This applies to high school, college and even masters level graduates so feel free to pass this advice along to anyone you know who is graduating this year. I wish someone gave me this advice on my … [Read more...]

Robert Kiyosaki’s Real Life Rich Dad

  Would you like to know the real life identity of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad? Kiyosaki kept it a closely guarded secret since the book Rich Dad Poor Dad was first published in 1997. Now, 20 years later, that book has become the best selling personal finance book of all time and its main character, Rich Dad, has emerged as the most influential financial adviser in history, changing the way millions of people look at the subject of money. And yet the author has never fully disclosed the … [Read more...]

Are House Flipping TV Shows Helpful for Investors to Watch?

  Viewership abounds for house flipping TV shows these days, begging the question for real estate investors whether watching them could be helpful or harmful to their investing endeavors. You're about to discover an inside look at how viewing these flipping houses reality shows can impact investors (as well as those who are interested in investing). You'll find out the pros (if any), the cons, and the things to be very aware of when trying to glean insight on flipping houses from what … [Read more...]

Effective Elevator Speech for Real Estate Investors

  Every real estate investor has an elevator speech, whether they realize it or not. It's the answer to the question, "So what is it that you do?" Have you ever given serious thought to how you communicate what you do? In this training, you're going to discover what has taken our team a tremendous amount of time and testing to determine. It may seem simple and almost trivial, but too often, investors say the wrong thing when first introducing themselves. And you never have a second … [Read more...]

1031 Exchange Tax Free Real Estate Investing

  The 1031 exchange is a technique that allows real estate investors to sell their investment properties and parley the profits into their next acquisition tax free. Well, perhaps it is more accurately described as "tax deferred". There are many rules that you must follow in order for the 1031 exchange to be allowed by the IRS, but when you handle all the details correctly, you can build wealth much faster by avoiding capital gains tax, depreciation recapture, state taxes (in certain … [Read more...]

Choosing a Real Estate Investing Mentor

A real estate investing mentor is the secret to investing success. Every great achiever in history has had mentors. No one is "self made". Behind every extraordinary person are extraordinary mentors. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. But how do you decide on which real estate investing mentor is right for you? Ask yourself these 3 questions when choosing a real estate investing mentor: # 1 - Do You Want to be a Creative or Traditional Real Estate Investor?   If … [Read more...]

Real Estate Market Forecast

  You're about to hear my thoughts on the real estate market forecast and you'll probably be surprised by what I share. You may be expecting me to provide some unique foresight into the future of real estate which will help you make better investing decisions in the future. If that's the case, I may disappoint you. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell the future. In fact, many studies have proven that human beings are remarkably consistent in their confidence of forecasting the future … [Read more...]

How to Get a Great Deal on Your Dream Home

  How would you like to find your dream home AND get a great deal on it too? Whether you are looking to rent or to own, here is your step by step plan. You're about to discover exactly how to find a true diamond in the rough; not only could it be your dream home but it also could be at the price or terms that will fit for you. So you can finally have your cake and eat it too! You may want to share this with friends and family because what is about to be unveiled in extremely valuable. … [Read more...]

FHA Anti Flipping Rule and Fannie Mae 3% Down Loan

  The FHA anti flipping rule is back in effect on January 1, 2015. After a 4 year waiver, FHA has decided not continue to waive this rule another year. How does this affect real estate investors? It means that you must own a property for 90 days prior to being able to sell it to an FHA buyer. Since a significant portion of retail buyers of the homes most investors flip are getting an FHA loan to finance the purchase, this is an important change. But when one door closes, another one … [Read more...]

How Rich People Respond to Financial Loss

  You're about to discover how rich people respond to financial loss and how it is in direct contrast to the way poor people typically respond. Some immediately think, "Yeah, of course rich folks respond differently to financial loss than poor people; the rich have the money to pay for them!" Although that may be true, it's not always the case. Sometimes rich people suffer huge financial losses. One of the things that separates the rich from the poor is how they respond to the inevitable … [Read more...]

Building Your Net Worth using Real Estate

I'm going to share with you is why real estate is such an ideal investment vehicle for building your net worth. We're going to talk about what net worth is, why it's important to you, why real estate is so great in building that and everything in between. Real estate is an ideal investment for building your net worth no matter where you're starting from, where you are right now.   Building Your Net Worth Using Real Estate   What is Net Worth?   Net worth is … [Read more...]

How to Turn a Little into a Lot with Real Estate

  You're about to discover how to turn a little into a lot with real estate. It's the question on many prospective real estate investors' minds. They want to know how to parlay a small amount of money into a whole lot of money through the power of real estate investing. And specially, they want to know how they could do it, in today's market, step by step. In the following two video series, I will walk you A to Z through how you can start with a small amount of money and safely and … [Read more...]

What Every Landlord Should Know About Property Management

  You're about to discover what every landlord should know about property management. Ideally, you're reading this before you have purchased your first rental property because it can save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands over a lifetime, and can remove many of the hassles and headaches that come along with being a landlord. These principles are incredibly simple once you hear them, but all too often, real estate owners either do not know about them or do not adhere to them, … [Read more...]

Investing in Canada Real Estate vs the United States

You're about to discover the differences, the pros and cons, to investing in Canada real estate versus the United States. For the most part, the techniques that my apprentices and I employ work very well in Canada. There are some nuances to be aware of but for the most part, creative real estate investing is alive and well in Canada. Perhaps the best part is that most Canadian investors think that things are so much different in Canada when in actuality, they aren't. This video was created for … [Read more...]

Kiss of Death When Selling a House

  You're about to discover the kiss of death when selling house. Every year, thousands of home sellers fall into this trap and they later regret it. It can (or may have already) cost tens of thousands and if you are a real estate investor that sells several properties in a year, it could cost your hundreds of thousands over a career. This applies to every home seller, the one who does one deal in a lifetime as well as the person who does a thousand sales. It can be avoided very easily … [Read more...]

Home Renovation Tips for Investors

  Discover home renovation tips for investors that will help you save money and make your next rehab deal more profitable. In the following video, you'll learn what types of deals work best for real estate investing. You'll also find out some key things you must do on every deal you renovate that many investors overlook until its too late. Get ready to see before and after shots of a property that I recently renovated and why I did what I did. In addition, you'll be introduced to a … [Read more...]

Take a Well Timed Vacation

Take a well timed vacation. It can be incredibly powerful. Vacations can be surprisingly helpful for several reasons: 1. Energizing: You get to recharge your batteries. 2. Encouraging: It reminds you of one of the reasons why you work so hard. 3. Enlightening: Vacations expand your vision of what is possible. 4. Emotionally Healthy: Enjoying the prosperity you have been blessed with is healthy. 5. Efficiency Accelerator: You are capable of incredible levels of productivity, such … [Read more...]

Should You Own or Rent Your Own Home?

Is it better financially to own or to rent your own home? Most people would assume that its an easier answer and that if you can pull it off, homeownership is the way to go. You're about to discover a very unique perspective on this topic and a very surprising outcome. There are many factors to consider when contemplating becoming a homeowner and most people are unaware of many of the hidden expenses that await owning a home. Meanwhile, renting a home gets a bad rap but in many situations can be … [Read more...]

Investing in the Ghetto

Is there any money to made investing in the ghetto? Although there may not be an exact definition for what constitutes, "the ghetto", you know what it looks like when you're there. These are the parts of town that have very depressed property values, extremely high crime rates and tons of vacant or boarded up homes lining the streets. Is there any real estate investing opportunities in those areas? That's what you're about to discover:     Is Investing in the Ghetto … [Read more...]

Personal Finance Wisdom You’ll Hear No Where Else

  The following personal finance wisdom has been accumulated over many years of reading, studying and then applying what other personal financial experts have advised. Chances are, your interest in real estate investing is the result of wanting to improve your financial picture. That was my original reason for looking into real estate. I wanted to be financially free and so I figured mastering my personal finances was an important skill for attaining that goal. Along the way, I made some … [Read more...]

Giving Away Business Secrets

  Should you give away your business secrets? Many in the real estate investing community think you should. Whether it be at local real estate investor club meetings or through online forums, many investors "network" with fellow investors (aka competitors) and divulge the hard earned lessons they have learned. Should you follow the crowd? This is a very hot topic within real estate investing circles. In this video, you'll discover how this activity has become so pervasive as well as my … [Read more...]

Ignore Real Estate News?

  Real estate news has dominated headlines for years. Certainly when the bubble began to expand, then when it burst and now the trend has continued throughout the recovery. Real Estate investors can easily get caught up in the latest changes in market statistics and forecasts. But how helpful is following all that news? Should you consider ignoring much of the hubbub or is shutting off the constant flow of news a detriment to savvy and informed investors? In this video, you're going to … [Read more...]

7 Ways Real Estate Investors Fail

  You're about to discover the 7 ways real estate investors fail. These are the most common ways that investors fall apart in real estate. They (1) quit too early, (2) run out of money, (3) do bad deals, (4) get into bad partnerships, (5) get sidetracked on "bigger and better" deals, (6) get lucky on the first deal, or (7) just truly have no idea what their doing. Here is a detailed discussion each of those 7 ways real estate investors fail. You can listen to my podcast version (7 Ways … [Read more...]

Estimating Rehab Costs Like a Pro

  Estimating rehab costs like a pro involves looking at real estate with a certain set of lenses. What has taken decades to master, you can learn by simply taking a walk with me through a property. There has been a recent trend to try to shortcut calculating how much it is going to cost to fix up a house by using rehab calculator apps or online software tools. As you're about to see, a simple calculator from the dollar store is all you need. The key is in how you analyze the property. … [Read more...]

Simple Tip to Sell Your House Quick

  You're about to discover an incredibly simple tip that will help you sell your house quick. Shockingly, very few real estate agents and investors use this technique despite how easy it can be to do and how effective it can be to lure buyers to your property over the competition. Instead, many use an old, antiquated approach that yields little to no results. Don't expect something complicated. It's more like enlightened common sense. Here's your simple tip on how to sell you house … [Read more...]

Missing Real Estate Success Ingredient

You're about to discover the missing ingredient to most real estate investors success recipe. It's not a specific investing technique or strategy. Instead, it affects the ability of a real estate entrepreneur to withstand the inevitable obstacles that will most certainly try to keep them from reaching the top of their success summit. In fact, what you're about to learn will be as helpful to your career in real estate as anything you'll learn from me. Here is the missing real estate success … [Read more...]

Dodd Frank Effects on Real Estate Investing

Dodd Frank went into effect January 10, 2014. How will this affect real estate investors? You're about to discover the most important details of this new legislation as it pertains to real estate investing. Certainly this should not be construed as legal advice, that's what attorneys can help you with, but hopefully it will help raise your awareness so that you can dig deeper if need be.     Dodd Frank Effects on Real Estate Investing   What I want to describe for your … [Read more...]

Best Legal Entity for Real Estate Investing

What is the best legal entity for real estate investing? In the following video, you're going to discover what a legal entity is, why understanding legal entities is important for real estate investors, the different types of entities for real estate investing as well as what the best one is for most people. DISCLAIMER: The following is NOT legal advice. Before making any decisions on legal entity structure, consult a qualified attorney as well as as accountant. One big disclaimer: I … [Read more...]

Rudolph the Red Nosed Real Estate Investor

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer can teach real estate investors an important truth about investing. In the classic holiday cartoon, Rudolph is initially concerned about his red nose and he assumes he is the only misfit around. Then he meets an elf who wants to be a dentist and along with a few other unique characters. They set out on a journey that ends with discovering an entire island of misfits. How does that story relate to real estate? The best real estate deals are oftentimes the misfits. … [Read more...]

Tax Lien Investing Pros and Cons

You're about to discover tax lien investing pros and cons from the real world of real estate investing. This isn't a regurgitation of what you could find elsewhere on the web. These lessons come from the school of hard knocks in being in the tax lien investing game. Therefore, you may be surprised by what you learn as it may not line up with traditional wisdom on the subject.     What's a Tax Lien?   In simple terms, it is when a person does not pay their property … [Read more...]

Real Estate Surfing Lessons

What can surfing teach you about real estate investing? More than you may think! You're about to discover the similarities between successfully catching a wave and successfully investing in real estate; from getting started, to positioning, to timing, to selection and even to balance. You'll transition back and forth between the classroom and on the ocean for an educational and entertaining experience. Without further ado, here is your real estate surfing lesson:   Apprentice Program … [Read more...]

Quit Your Job for Real Estate?

  Should you quit your job to be a full time real estate investor? For so many budding creative real estate entrepreneurs, the thought of leaving their J-O-B to commit full time to real estate is a very liberating dream. And it is made all the more tempting every time you have a bad day at work. But when is the best time to make the leap to full time real estate investor? Find out the facts on this very important topic BEFORE you quit your day job!     I get not this … [Read more...]

Investing in Real Estate Close to Home vs Long Distance

  Investing in real estate close to home vs long distance is a common concern for many real estate investors. Should you invest in the areas that have the best performance statistics or simply focus on investing in your own backyard? Oftentimes, news articles rate the top cities or states for appreciation, foreclosure activity, days on market, rental rates compared to average sales price or any other number of market details. It can be tempting to view your own local market as being … [Read more...]

Government Shutdown Effects on Real Estate Investors

  What effects are real estate investors experiencing from the the government shutdown? Those real estate investors who are selling properties to retail buyers, which is typically the case for those investors that buy, fix up and resell, or flip, properties, are the most affected by the shutdown. The government's closed doors is playing havoc with the loan origination process. And when buyers can't get loans, real estate transactions don't close and then real estate investors who are … [Read more...]

What They Don’t Tell You About Wholesaling Houses

Wholesaling houses is the real estate investing strategy of choice for many beginners. For those brand new to the business, it appears to be the best place to get started because it typically requires little or no money and it also appears to contain very little risk. However, all that glitters is not gold. There is a dirty little secret that most beginners are unaware of when it comes to wholesaling. Here is what they don't tell you about wholesaling houses... Definition of Terms Digression: … [Read more...]

5 Home Selling Tips Your Agent Doesn’t Know

You're about to discover 5 home selling tips that your real estate agent doesn't know. If you own a house now or plan to own a home in your life, the wisdom in this brief article could be worth thousands of dollars to you because you're going to learn how to sell a house faster and for more money by simply making sure the listing description of your property is optimized for success. Sadly, most real estate agents are unaware of what you're about to read. Most houses are sold by listing the … [Read more...]

2013: A Perfect Storm for Real Estate Investors

2013 has become the perfect storm for real estate investors. Interest rates are at all time lows. Real estate prices are at 10 year lows. Inventory has decreased. Home prices are on the rise. It's a perfect storm! But you may want to move now, because nobody knows how long these conditions will last. Let’s take a look at some of the conditions that have created this perfect storm. State of the National Real Estate Market   Home affordability is a valid indicator as to whether … [Read more...]

Are You Paying Too Much in Property Taxes?

  You may be paying too much in property taxes. Property taxes are based on an appraisal the tax assessor provides on every piece of real property in its jurisdiction. The higher your tax appraisal is, the more your property taxes will be. Too often, in political circles, the focus is on tax rates. When it comes to property taxes, there are two parts to the equation; tax rate AND tax appraisal. The quieter, less politically disruptive approach to raising property taxes is to raise tax … [Read more...]

WORST Way to Invest in Real Estate

  You're about to discover the WORST Way to invest in real estate. Rather than focus on what to do, you'll going to learn what NOT to do. Oftentimes, bad real estate deals turn into fabulous learning lessons. For example, if you bought properties the traditional way in the mid 2000s, you may have discovered that real property doesn't always go up in value. But even better is when you don't have to go through the heartache and trouble yourself. Instead, by observing the mistakes of … [Read more...]

Goal Setting for Real Estate Investors

  Goal setting for real estate investors is critical for achieving what you hope to accomplish in real estate. Several studies have proven the effectiveness of goal setting. When you have your destination in mind, you're just, flat out, far more likely to actually get there. But are you setting goals correctly? And if you are setting goals, is there anything you're missing that could take you to the next level? What you're about to discover is how real estate investors should set … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Save on Real Estate Investment Taxes

  There are many different ways to save on real estate investment taxes. Rather than bog you down with the minutiae of tax savings tips such as keeping track of gas mileage for every trip to see a property, you're going get the most powerful, most effective 5 ways for real estate investors to reduce their tax liabilities. And sorry, you're not going to be given any creative deductions like writing off cruises to the Caribbean or setting up offshore accounts in tax sheltering countries. … [Read more...]

IRA Real Estate Investing

IRA real estate investing is a great way for people to invest in real estate in their retirement account. Have you ever heard of buying real estate in your IRA or 401K? If not, you're going to be pleasantly surprised to discover that you have more retirement investment choices besides mutual funds and real estate can be a great place to grow your nest egg. If you already have some knowledge of investing in real estate in your IRA, hopefully you're opened minded because you're about to discover … [Read more...]

Chinn Ho – Chinese Rockefeller of Hawaii

  Chinn Ho, dubbed the Chinese Rockefeller of Hawaii by Time magazine, was a self made multi millionaire who became the first Chinese American in Hawaii to break through the all-white Hawaiian business establishment and become a leader in the business and investment leadership of Hawaii. Many believe this Chinese Horatio Alger was the inspiration behind the character Hong Kong Kee in James Michener's epic novel Hawaii.     Chinn Ho was born on February 26, 1904, one of nine … [Read more...]

Hidden Way to Reduce Closing Costs

  Would you like to know a hidden way to reduce closing costs? More specifically, how about a quick tip to save hundreds on one of the largest closing costs on a closing statement? I am referring to title insurance. Nearly every buyer of real estate requires a title insurance policy. As a real estate investor, in some cases, you are buying the property and pay for title insurance as the buyer. In other deals, you are selling the property and the buyer may require you to pay for their title … [Read more...]

Should Real Estate Investors Join the Better Business Bureau?

  Should real estate investors join the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? It depends. Are you a creative or traditional investor? Traditional investors don't need to join the BBB because either they use real estate agents or auctions to source their deals and are usually paying all cash for properties with no creative terms. However, creative real estate investors work directly with sellers to structure unique terms such as subject to financing, owner financing or lease purchase optioning. … [Read more...]