Phil Pustejovsky

Phil Pustejovsky is a financially free real estate investor, mentor and coach to many of the most successful real estate professionals in North America, best selling author and has the most popular real estate YouTube channel with more than 23 million views. Having been a part of over 3,000 deals, Pustejovsky has been recognized as one of the leading real estate investing authorities in the world and has been featured in Huffington Post, Inc, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance and Entrepreneur. His mission to provide the most complete, accurate and unbiased real estate investing information, education and training materials, the latest cutting edge tools and strategies and the very best coaching and mentoring services available has changed the lives of thousands.

Here's a Phil Pustejovsky Bio for you...Starting from very humble beginnings, homeless and living out of his truck, Phil rose to top of the real estate investing world by following the guidance of a mentor. The name of his company, "Freedom Mentor," describes the essence of what Phil Pustejovsky is all about. He considers having a mentor to be the secret to success in any endeavor and truly believes that every real estate entrepreneur has the ability to become financially free given the right mentoring relationship. Hence the name Freedom Mentor.



After becoming a very successful real estate investor himself, Phil wanted to duplicate his efforts by sharing with others exactly how to make money in real estate.  In return, his students would then agree to split the profits on their first several deals with him.  This would create mutually aligned interests for both him and the people he mentored.  When his mentee was successful and closed a deal, Phil as the mentor would then be rewarded for a job well done.

Right from the start, this became a magic formula with extraordinary results. Some of the success stories he has created have become the stuff of legend.  People from all walks of life; housewives, military men and women, corporate executives, unemployed, disabled retirees, and so many others, have seen the power of his unique profit sharing formula. Prepare to be inspired after reviewing the success stories of people who have had Phil and his team as their mentor.

Some of Phil Pustejovsky's most successful Apprentices have even gone on to become coaches and mentors in their own right. Phil built a team of coaches and mentors that he personally trained and groomed who are among the finest real estate minds anywhere. This has allowed him to mentor a larger group of people to financial freedom.  And as always, his team's interests are also aligned with the mentees. Freedom Mentor was created to help guide others to financial freedom through the power of real estate. Today it is recognized as the greatest real estate investing mentoring organization in history.

Phil Pustejovsky has also arranged a collection of his best video trainings into a course that can help you get started with real estate investing, called Creative Real Estate Investing & Flipping Houses Free Course. It's the best free course you'll ever take on real estate investing.


  1. Jimmy Aragon says

    Hello Phil
    Please let me know what is involved when forming a real estate investing team?

  2. Benny. Banerji says

    I have done number of real estate investment courses, please give give me clear direction for plan of action. Particularly real estate business thru online. I like to do the work splitting profit.

  3. Md Sobur Ali says

    Any demo free book


    Hello how can I sign up?

  5. John Simon - Landlord says

    Such amazing and useful content! Appreciate you for sharing! Look forward to more.

  6. Johnny R Dinwiddie Sr says

    Thank you for the free books and video course. They are very useful and have given me numerous ideas for potential plans of action. I look forward to continuing this learning opportunity. Thank you again.

  7. Luis Espinal says

    Thanks for the free book! 😀

  8. Hi Phil.

    You have awesome youtube videos and I want to be a real estate investor. I’m planning start some businesses as the business owner but maybe I can do real estate on the side in my freetime.

    This apprentice program, what do I get from it ?. Is it “just” some more videos which is not available on youtube ?, is it exclusive newsletter ? what is it exactly.

  9. Robert h vega says

    Look forward learn about business want get your books learn more info please…

  10. Damy Adesanya says

    Greetings Phil,

    Thanks for sharing your nuggets of wisdom on investments. Also, I enjoyed your YouTube vidoes and book recommendations, I look forward to applying in my business and trying out new strategies. Thank you for your dedication and passion for empowering others..

  11. Hey Phil,

    Just applied to your apprentice program. I am in the middle of my own first flip and am looking forward into the next project. I still have full time job in another state. I have some cash stacked away and am going to make some money on this rehab but do I quit and take this on full time or is this something I can do out of state? Ready and willing to work but I have 4 mouths at home to feed and want to make sure this is something I can get traction on before making any drastic changes. Any insight is appreciated. You da man!!

  12. omar huster says

    Hi buddy, quick question. I live in one of the the most expensive counties in the U.S. Bergen county N.J. Can I apply your system heres too?

  13. Yvan choupa says

    Hello me phil, you are a wonderful person first and foremost. I am married with two kids and I live in Aguada Puerto Rico and they sell houses here for really cheap compared to the United States. I have never purchased a home before but I am ready to get into real estate to make a living. I have about 748$ saved up for start and I am sure that it is not enough. I have been watching your vids one by one in YouTube and you also sent me the pdf version of your book which I haven’t started reading yet, because I am still watching your vids to get basic knowledge. I would love to be able to speak to you for consoling and help. Thank you for the opportunity and keep up the fantastic work. You are truly an angel.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Puerto Rico is a wonderful long term investment opportunity; when (not “if”) it turns around, the values will skyrocket.

  14. Phil Johnson says

    I’m re-locating to Canada (from the UK) in 2 years time, can I apply to your apprenticeship program this far in advance or is it worth waiting until I’m on Canadian soil. I also want to take this time to say a huge thanks for the wisdom you’re sharing!
    Many thanks,

  15. David J Gamez says

    Hey Millionaire Phil,

    How much available cash would I need be “considered worthy” to join your apprenticeship. I am getting my Texas Real Estate License and it seems like understanding Real Estate Contracts and Real Estate Finance is all that’s needed but I want to sky rocket my wealth. I am 25 and barely getting into the Real Estate Investing game.

  16. Hi Phil,
    I just recently stumbled across your name while searching the internet for an accountant in the Denver area. Ever since, I have been VERY interested in your utube videos and have watched several already. The most recent was “Real Estate Investing for Beginners”. In your video you mentioned a link that included some real estate investment courses – and free! Is this course still available?
    Thank you!

  17. Is your mentoring program something that I can do part-time?

    Shawn Perry

  18. Eder Calva says

    Hi Phil

    I been watching you videos and I really inspire in getting involve is Real Estate Investments but I have a question what are the requirements and do you need a license first please help me out am ready to start making money not losing am from NC thanks.

  19. Adam Andersen says

    Hello Mr. Pustejovsky

    I’ve I’ve watched your introduction series on the motivated seller strategy. I am determined to break into this industry one way or another, to gain my financial independence. Currently, I took your advice on keeping a job and doing this on the side. But I have a big vision for myself and I have little startup money, but I’m more than determined to get something going here. Even though I’m struggling.
    I will eventually buy your book, but right now I’m busy picking your brain on your videos.
    I have one major question. Do I need to get a real estate license before I go into this adventure?

  20. ini williams says

    Is the mentoring program you offer only for the US enviroment?

  21. Good afternoon Phil! I have read your book and watched several of your videos (lots of fantastic information!). My husband and I currently buy fix and flip houses (on a small scale). I am currently working on my real estate license to have greater access to information and to avoid paying so much in commissions (Yikes!). Would like to move to the next level of investing. Do you recommend a web site? And if so should I incorporate? Thank you, Julie

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      I have yet to find a single successful business that deals with the general public that does not have a website. None. Zero.

  22. Orlando Martinez says

    Phil God Bless you for your video, control the buyer. I loved it, Phil all my life my dream is to flip houses My friend I try to put oh first deal together, I need a hard cash loan, looking for a good Real Estate agent in Denver area, any advice from I will be welcome I was born in Santiago de los Caballeros Dominican Republic and a NYC now in Denver

  23. Maliky Cole says

    hi my name is maliky im 18 i am interested in real estate investing and was wondering if you could help me out where i can start my career in real estate i have seen all your videos on youtube for tips but how do i start the career

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Start with one deal at a time. If you have watched my videos, then you have the steps on what to do. Start taking action.

  24. Mohamed kamara says

    I’ve applied for the apprenticeship program on the website it’s been over
    A week and still haven’t gotten a phone call from your team
    Can you explain to me what’s happening ?

  25. Greetings Phil,

    After reviewing the basics of your system it seems like something which could be profitable. There is however one major concern I have, and I would appreciate it if you could address it for me!

    How large is the pool of people who are already currently working the motivated seller market, using your methods? Or other methods?

    I can imagine there being hundreds of people scouting around any given metro city, and instantly swooping up every seller with an ‘FSBO’ sign on their front yard…leaving nothing for amateurs like me.

    Can you give me some idea of how competitive creative/normative real estate investing is? is this something I should worry about?

    Thank you for reading,


    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Competition is a part of any profitable business. Beating competition is usually not as scary as one may assume though. I don’t know the competition map for your specific area, but for the techniques my Apprentices employ for sourcing good deals, there are usually very little, if any, competition. The majority of the competition for good real estate investment deals are usually those scouring the MLS for listed deals as well as those who are at auctions such as the foreclosure auction, tax sale auctions or just regular absolute auctions. I call that the traditional side of the business. Those who are marketing for motivated sellers is usually quite tiny. It’s a field that very few people have ever figured out how to do and most are scared to throw a lot of money at testing ideas (something we are constantly doing). In addition to the marketing though, is the execution. And that is where you can also dominate your competition. Sometimes I talk to sellers who have also spoken with other investors but they end up going with me every time because I shoot them straight and explain their options. How you operate is critical. My students and I rarely have any issues with competition but the majority of traditional real estate investors absolutely do.
      Oh, and I almost forgot, as to your “FSBO” example, that’s actually not usually the case. Sure, a real estate agent may be calling a FSBO sign to try to convert it into a listing but the number of people driving around looking for deals is next to none. Nobody spends time driving around these days. You’ll discover that in business, there is always room for you if you apply some thought and drive to it.

  26. DerrickTaylor says

    Hey Phil….
    Do you have any scheduled conference dates for 2014? Just wondering so I can go ahead and start making the necessary preparations to attend! Thx Mentor!


    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      I will be conducting a 3 day creative real estate investing mastery event in late Feb/early Mar 2014 for just those in my Apprentice Program.
      Once I have all the details ironed out, I will post the details.

  27. samuel nerville says

    hey phil i want to get started in real estate and get a mentor to help me start how can i do this

  28. Her mr phill great series. I had a guy call me from your team but and I ordered the blueprint but I want more stuff and coaching how can I get more?

  29. Chris Clark says

    Video is awesome.
    Phil I’m truly impressed with what I’m reading and I know how it feel to hit the bottom and with Gods blessing and with good people like you I bounced back. My wife is planning to take the real-estate exam soon she loves the business I have no clue but 1/2 way through your book Excited. Man!!! Looking forward to the future.

  30. Corey Surratt says

    Hey man. Thanks for the inspiring video! Thanks so much for everything… You’ve taught me so much. You’re the best mentor!!!

  31. Dionisio Montes says

    Good afternoon Phil,

    We have had the opportunity to watch all your great content on your YOUTUBE postings. Thank you for putting out such powerful stuff. We are looking to lock up properties in your county as well as the surrounding areas. What would it take for us to partner some of our deals with you? Do you cover your surrounding counties as well as the entire state of Florida? Thanks again, looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Dio and Daniel

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Apply to be my Apprentice to find out more. Also, I don’t let anyone in the program who has any intention of investing in my home county of Volusia County Florida.

  32. Thessy Onyenedum says


    Gazillion thanks for the awesome book!


  33. Felipe Abreu says

    Hey There,

    I Just finished watching your youtube video “WORST Way to Invest in Real Estate”

    I am from Brazil. 32, owner of 3 companies there. I’ve been visiting the US almost monthly since 2005, i am very interested in buying an coop unit in Ridgefield Park NJ.

    I am a big time investor… but never put a penny in Real state in my entire life, including all my own homes and offices. But now I decided to come and stay in the USA for something like 4 years for a Masters Classes in my field (New York Film Academy, Master Of Fine Arts – Cinematography). I know it’s a simple real state purchase, but after watching the video I believe that I really should be careful. The main reason I wanna buy this place, is so i can have a “Safe Place” make some permanent improvements without a worry, but the key thing is that am not american so would be hard to get a loan, so i am buying cash. I know i will have to be approved by the coop board, but I have many ways of proofing my financial capacity.

    I really would like to know i you do consulting, and if we could discuss an way so you could guide me through this process.

    thanks very much, and congrats for sharing your valuable experience that allowed me to make the decision to write you this before I move on.

    best regards,


    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Hire a local real estate agent to help you. My program educates people on becoming truly successful real estate investors. In your case, you are looking to buy one property so my vote would be that you hire a very talented real estate agent to help you. good luck!

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Hire a really, really good, local real estate agent.

  34. kesha parham says

    Hello my name is kesha parham I really like what i seen on your video I would like you to email so I can get more understanding on how to get it started the right way

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      If you would like to learn more about my Apprentice program, apply to be my next apprentice on the tab at the top labeled “Apprentice Program”

  35. Dear Phil,

    Are you any relation to James Pustejovsky, the famous linguist and originator of the Generative Lexicon theory?



    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      My understanding is that there is a relation. My brother spent some time with James up in Boston and he would know more about the exact connection. But the short answer to your question is, YES!

  36. Key Golden says

    Your videos were very helpful to me but like you said I need assistance and would love to have conversation with you on how to get started. you have my e-mail. Thank you so very much for your time.

  37. shiful saif says


  38. Karmen Edwards says

    Thank you so much!! Your a great person to be helping people out like this!

  39. David Ha says

    Phil Pustejovsky is one of the best REI Coach I’ve ever known and this website is full of REI info that anyone can easily learn.

  40. Scott Markowitz says

    You rock Phil, love your content!

  41. Darrell Stewart says

    Phil is the best, he knows the business in and out.

  42. John Carneiro says

    Thank you Phil Pustejovsky for sharing valuable information on how to invest. Your a great mentor and a great coach.

  43. Keith Dawson says

    Thanks Phil! thanks for the free book and the great advice. Your advice has been efficient to my knowledge of real estate. I have really learned new things that I wouldn’t have it wasn’t for you. At first, I was kind of doubting myself because of my age and lack of knowledge and skill. Now since I have read your book, I am completely motivated. My belief is motivation plus passion equals success. Like you said in your book, you have to have the right mindset and you need to have the attitude as an investor. I just wanted to tell you thank you and I appreciate the advice!

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