Government Shutdown Effects on Real Estate Investors

  What effects are real estate investors experiencing from the the government shutdown? Those real estate investors who are selling properties to retail buyers, which is typically the case for those investors that buy, fix up and resell, or flip, properties, are the most affected by the shutdown. The government's closed doors is playing havoc with the loan origination process. And when buyers can't get loans, real estate transactions don't close and then real estate investors who are … [Read more...]

What They Don’t Tell You About Wholesaling Houses

Wholesaling houses is the real estate investing strategy of choice for many beginners. For those brand new to the business, it appears to be the best place to get started because it typically requires little or no money and it also appears to contain very little risk. However, all that glitters is not gold. There is a dirty little secret that most beginners are unaware of when it comes to wholesaling. Here is what they don't tell you about wholesaling houses... Definition of Terms Digression: … [Read more...]

5 Home Selling Tips Your Agent Doesn’t Know

You're about to discover 5 home selling tips that your real estate agent doesn't know. If you own a house now or plan to own a home in your life, the wisdom in this brief article could be worth thousands of dollars to you because you're going to learn how to sell a house faster and for more money by simply making sure the listing description of your property is optimized for success. Sadly, most real estate agents are unaware of what you're about to read. Most houses are sold by listing the … [Read more...]

2013: A Perfect Storm for Real Estate Investors

2013 has become the perfect storm for real estate investors. Interest rates are at all time lows. Real estate prices are at 10 year lows. Inventory has decreased. Home prices are on the rise. It's a perfect storm! But you may want to move now, because nobody knows how long these conditions will last. Let’s take a look at some of the conditions that have created this perfect storm. State of the National Real Estate Market   Home affordability is a valid indicator as to whether … [Read more...]

Are You Paying Too Much in Property Taxes?

  You may be paying too much in property taxes. Property taxes are based on an appraisal the tax assessor provides on every piece of real property in its jurisdiction. The higher your tax appraisal is, the more your property taxes will be. Too often, in political circles, the focus is on tax rates. When it comes to property taxes, there are two parts to the equation; tax rate AND tax appraisal. The quieter, less politically disruptive approach to raising property taxes is to raise tax … [Read more...]

WORST Way to Invest in Real Estate

  You're about to discover the WORST Way to invest in real estate. Rather than focus on what to do, you'll going to learn what NOT to do. Oftentimes, bad real estate deals turn into fabulous learning lessons. For example, if you bought properties the traditional way in the mid 2000s, you may have discovered that real property doesn't always go up in value. But even better is when you don't have to go through the heartache and trouble yourself. Instead, by observing the mistakes of … [Read more...]

Goal Setting for Real Estate Investors

  Goal setting for real estate investors is critical for achieving what you hope to accomplish in real estate. Several studies have proven the effectiveness of goal setting. When you have your destination in mind, you're just, flat out, far more likely to actually get there. But are you setting goals correctly? And if you are setting goals, is there anything you're missing that could take you to the next level? What you're about to discover is how real estate investors should set … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Save on Real Estate Investment Taxes

  There are many different ways to save on real estate investment taxes. Rather than bog you down with the minutiae of tax savings tips such as keeping track of gas mileage for every trip to see a property, you're going get the most powerful, most effective 5 ways for real estate investors to reduce their tax liabilities. And sorry, you're not going to be given any creative deductions like writing off cruises to the Caribbean or setting up offshore accounts in tax sheltering countries. … [Read more...]

IRA Real Estate Investing

IRA real estate investing is a great way for people to invest in real estate in their retirement account. Have you ever heard of buying real estate in your IRA or 401K? If not, you're going to be pleasantly surprised to discover that you have more retirement investment choices besides mutual funds and real estate can be a great place to grow your nest egg. If you already have some knowledge of investing in real estate in your IRA, hopefully you're opened minded because you're about to discover … [Read more...]

Chinn Ho – Chinese Rockefeller of Hawaii

  Chinn Ho, dubbed the Chinese Rockefeller of Hawaii by Time magazine, was a self made multi millionaire who became the first Chinese American in Hawaii to break through the all-white Hawaiian business establishment and become a leader in the business and investment leadership of Hawaii. Many believe this Chinese Horatio Alger was the inspiration behind the character Hong Kong Kee in James Michener's epic novel Hawaii.     Chinn Ho was born on February 26, 1904, one of nine … [Read more...]

Hidden Way to Reduce Closing Costs

  Would you like to know a hidden way to reduce closing costs? More specifically, how about a quick tip to save hundreds on one of the largest closing costs on a closing statement? I am referring to title insurance. Nearly every buyer of real estate requires a title insurance policy. As a real estate investor, in some cases, you are buying the property and pay for title insurance as the buyer. In other deals, you are selling the property and the buyer may require you to pay for their title … [Read more...]

Should Real Estate Investors Join the Better Business Bureau?

  Should real estate investors join the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? It depends. Are you a creative or traditional investor? Traditional investors don't need to join the BBB because either they use real estate agents or auctions to source their deals and are usually paying all cash for properties with no creative terms. However, creative real estate investors work directly with sellers to structure unique terms such as subject to financing, owner financing or lease purchase optioning. … [Read more...]

Determining Property Value the Right Way

  Determining property value the right way is a skill that is helpful for any owner of real estate, but it is particularly crucial for real estate investors because if you determine a property's value incorrectly, you can make a huge investing mistake! For anyone who is, or is thinking about becoming, a real estate investor, having the ability to correctly determine property values is as vital to your success as any other skill you can acquire. And too often, real estate investors value … [Read more...]

Real Estate Truth vs Fiction

  Real estate truth can be difficult to find amidst all the fiction. In his fantastic book, "The Signal and the Noise", author Nate Silver so accurately points out that in this information age, the large and growing amount of inaccurate advice (noise) can drowned out the truth (signal). At local REIA club meetings and in online forums, real estate truth is being smothered by the loud noise of bad advice. And perhaps the most dangerous part about it, is that the fiction is coming from very … [Read more...]

Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License?

  "Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License?" is a question that comes up quite a bit. You're about to discover where it makes sense as well as where it doesn't make sense to get your real estate license if you are also investing in real estate. The most important fact to start with is that me, as well as most successful real estate investors in this country, are licensed real estate agents. There must be a reason why that is the case. And there is, which we will get into. … [Read more...]

The Biggest House Flipping Mistake

The biggest house flipping mistake most real estate investors make is so simple to avoid, yet so devastating when it happens. Experts and beginners alike fall victim to it and sadly, they rarely recognize it as a mistake at all. Instead, house flipping investors tend to blame the economy, the real estate market or just plain, bad luck when it occurs. The reality is that this mistake can effect any property owner looking to sell his/her property and it has nothing to do with outside factors like … [Read more...]

Secret to Flipping Houses

There is a hidden secret to flipping houses that only the most experienced real estate investors know anything about. You're about to discover what most people will never know about flipping houses. I never read about this in a book. I never saw it on a house flipping tv show. This game changing lesson was revealed to me through the real world of real estate. It started out as a hunch after flipping houses myself and then it became more clear to me after coaching and mentoring investors from all … [Read more...]

Magic Real Estate Investing Formula

Would you like a magic real estate investing formula that will guarantee your success? For the past decade, I have been pondering why some real estate investors become wildly successful and while others fail miserably. Does it have to do with age, ethnicity, background or financial position? Is it due to location or market conditions? Or is it about personality and previous experience in business or investing? Since I share in the profits of my student's deals, a portion of my overall personal … [Read more...]

Is Flipping Real Estate Illegal?

Is flipping real estate illegal? This is an extremely misunderstood topic among beginners and experts alike. The legality of flipping real estate is swirling with myths and half truths and although I am not an attorney, I will lay out the facts that my experiences have taught me on the subject. (Disclaimer: I am not providing legal advice in this article and for such advice on any legal related issues, always consult a qualified attorney.). If you are (or are considering becoming) a creative … [Read more...]

Is Wholesaling Real Estate Ethical?

Since wholesaling real estate involves getting a property under contract at a very low price and then, without ever making any improvements whatsoever, re-selling the property (or assigning your equitable interest) to another buyer for a higher price, then an ethical issue may exist that is rarely talked about or mentioned. It's the elephant in the room when the topic of wholesaling real estate is discussed but no one is talking about it! Usually, the more common question investors ask is, Is … [Read more...]

Creative Real Estate vs Traditional Investing

Is creative real estate right for you or should you go the traditional route? You'll discover the differences, the pros and the cons of both approaches and which one is right for you. First let's take a look at what each one looks like: With traditional real estate, an investor... Buys investment properties on the MLS. Finds deals by calling up a real estate agent. Buys foreclosures that are listed on the MLS. Buys foreclosures at the foreclosure auction sale. Buys properties … [Read more...]

Willow Tufano | 14 Year Old Real Estate Investor

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL - Willow Tufano became a real estate investor this year, at the tender age of 14. She partnered up with her Realtor mother Shannon and the two purchased a short sale in January 2012 for $12,000. They split the cost to purchase the property and the renovations. Once completed, they leased it out. In October 2012, they purchased a second property together for $17,500 with the same funding arrangement. Although they don't live in Port Charlotte, FL, they invest there because, … [Read more...]

Best Real Estate Blog Contest

The results are in on the best real estate blog on the internet contest. This blog was voted in the top 2 of all blogs online! It was a week long vote and real estate blog readers from around the globe cast their ballots. The race was very, very close. The incumbent took # 1. Now I know how Romney feels. Seriously though, with the thousands of real estate blogs out there, it is an honor to have the general real estate public vote this blog as among the top 2 on the internet. I love the subject … [Read more...]

How to Buy Real Estate Without Cash or Credit

The University of Central Florida's Real Estate School asked me to give a lecture on how to buy real estate without cash or credit. Say what you will about academia providing real world applicable up-to-date education, as for UCF and their real estate department, they are as real world focused and up-to-date as you'll find in higher education. Did you know that UCF is also one of the largest universities in the United States? UCF is a huge institution. So, of course, it was an honor and a … [Read more...]

Real Estate Productivity Booster

Is your real estate productivity lacking? Would you like to be more productive? After all, the most successful real estate investors in the world have the same amount of time in a day as you do. It's true. You're about to discover a very simple yet extremely powerful way to greatly increase your real estate productivity. Plus, this technique can relieve stress, reduce headaches and help you achieve your goals faster and easier. What is this real estate productivity booster? Write … [Read more...]

Mortgage Loan Forgiveness is Here!

Mortgage loan forgiveness is for real and it is here. How? Back in the spring of 2012, federal banking regulators settled with 14 major mortgage servicers over alleged foreclosure abuses to the tune of $25 Billion. Among the 14, included industry leaders such as Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank and Wells Fargo. Now, homeowners are opening letters from these companies and nearly fainting when they read the substance of the letter which describes complete mortgage loan forgiveness. Here's … [Read more...]

How to Make Money in Real Estate

Discovering how to make money in real estate can be a daunting experience. Real estate is a vast subject matter and millions of people earn a living (and some actually become fabulously wealthy) from real estate. After being a part of more than 1,000 real estate transactions over the past decade personally, along with coaching and training thousands of investors from all walks of life throughout the United States and Canada, I've heard, seen and done enough in real estate to simplify for you how … [Read more...]

Is Buying a Foreclosure a Good Idea?

Is buying a foreclosure a good idea? Maybe. Are you looking to buy a home to live in or are you an investor? If you're goal is to occupy the property as your primary residence, buying a foreclosure may be right for you. You can get more bang for your buck by purchasing a home that needs a little TLC. But if you are a real estate investor, buying a foreclosure may not be a good idea at all. Here are four important steps to follow when buying a foreclosure to live in as your home: Hire a … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Negotiating Real Estate

Have you been negotiating real estate all wrong? Studies have shown that only 40% of signed real estate agreements end with a successful closing. Why so few? Many buyers and sellers are conducting their real estate negotiations all wrong. Many assume that in a real estate negotiation, if you get the best of the other party and the deal is heavily one sided to your direction, that you have won. That may work with other businesses, but in real estate, the opposite is true. If a deal is too … [Read more...]

Best Real Estate Investing Book Ever Written

Perhaps I am a bit bias when I claim that my new book, "How to be a Real Estate Investor," is the best real estate investing book ever written. This is the book I wish I would have read (I wish it would have been written) when I first got started investing in real estate. It provides a complete picture of how to become a successful real estate investor in today's market and covers all aspects of investing, from the more traditional techniques all the way to the most advanced creative strategies. … [Read more...]

The ABCs of Real Estate

Here are the ABCs of Real Estate as told by my 2 year old daughter Alexa. As you'll see, each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a real estate term. For example, A is for Agent, B is for Bank, C is for Credit, etc. My wife makes a cameo appearance at the end since it was tough to get the whole thing in one attempt. 2 year olds don't have a very long attention span. For anyone in real estate, they will really get a kick out of this. Here is Alexa reciting her real estate ABCs: Here's … [Read more...]

Will ObamaCare Destroy Real Estate Investors?

 Will ObamaCare destroy real estate investors?Beginning January 1, 2013, a 3.8% Medicare tax will be levied on unearned income on ObamaCare's definition of the wealthy ($200,000+ single filers & $250,000 for joint filers). This tax could apply to the proceeds from the sale of single family homes, townhouses, co-ops, condominiums, and even rental income. For many successful real estate investors, ObamaCare may have a significant effect on their bottom line. The National Association … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Victims Not Claiming Their Money?

 In the wake of the greatest foreclosure avalanche in American history, federal banking regulators settled with 14 major mortgage servicers over alleged foreclosure abuses. Part of the settlement included the opportunity for foreclosure victims to have their foreclosures reviewed for errors. If any errors were discovered, restitution could run from several hundred dollars to more than $100,000. To alert foreclosure victims, official letters were mailed to 4.1 million former homeowners. … [Read more...]

The Real Estate Market Reports are False!

Have you read headlines recently that read something along the lines of, "housing market is showing improvement."? Ha! The truth is, the real estate markets in most parts of the country are far worse than are being reported. The fact remains that shadow inventory is fact, it's bigger than analysts are able to calculate due to their limited access to the whole picture. While some estimate the shadow inventory size at 1.6M, others estimate 10M-20M. That's a big range! The … [Read more...]

MLS for Real Estate Investors

Looking for the MLS for real estate investors?The Multiple Listing Service, known by the acronym MLS, is a database controlled and owned by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Technically, only licensed real estate agents who are also active Realtor members have access to the MLS.  For several reasons, the NAR does not want to allow non-Realtors to get complete access.So how does a real estate investor like you get access if you are not a Realtor? Here are 5 ways: - … [Read more...]

The Perfect Wholesaling Email to Send to Investor Buyers

Wholesaling has always been a go-to strategy for creating quick cash in real estate. Wholesaling has two main components; (1) a great deal and (2) an investor buyer. Most trainings on this subject focus on finding great deals and building an investor buyers list. Both are important skills to develop. However, many wholesalers make a huge mistake once they have an excellent deal to flip and a big list of hungry investor buyers ... they market the deal wrong! In this training tip, you're … [Read more...]

The 3 Best Real Estate Investing Strategies for 2012

What are the 3 best real estate investing strategies for 2012? After carefully analyzing market reports, studying recent trends and looking at where we are making the most money in the business right now, three real estate investing strategies emerged as the most accessible and the most profitable for the new year. By focusing your efforts on these three strategies, you can make 2012 your best year in real estate ever! That's right, even in this down market, there is tremendous opportunity … [Read more...]

Is New Gov’t Foreclosure Plan a Good Deal?

Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, cited a plan to pilot a program early this year which would convert government-owned foreclosure properties into rentals. Foreclosures now owned by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD would be sold to investors in bulk. Is this new government foreclosure plan a good deal?After recently acquiring $450 million in vacant foreclosed homes with a plan to rent them out, John Brady, Oaktree Capital Management's head of global real estate, said, "We believe that this … [Read more...]

What Do You Want for Christmas?

Do you know what Lucy from "A Charlie Brown's Christmas" really wanted for Christmas? Check it out: What do you want for Christmas? … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Day to List a Property?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, "What's the best day to list a property?" The fact is, more than 90% of residential real estate is sold through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Sometimes, it seems that real estate investors shun mainstream channels of marketing such as the MLS for more creative techniques. This can be a very big mistake because the vast majority of retail buyers (people that want to buy to live in the property) locate properties by working with a buyer's agent … [Read more...]

Are Short Sales on the Rise?

The latest statistics suggest that short sales are on the rise and foreclosures are on the decline. According to research from Moody's Investors Service, in August 2009, short sales accounted for 8% of bank distressed property sales. As of mid 2011, short sales have jumped to more than 25%. Meanwhile, the time it took for a borrower to go to foreclosure grew from an average 14 months in early 2009 to 24 months in mid 2011. Why are short sales on the rise and foreclosures on the … [Read more...]

Is HAFA a Failure?

Is the Treasury Department's Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) program a complete failure? It was introduced to help borrowers who couldn't qualify for the Home Affordable Modification Program (HEMP) complete a short sale (as well as expedite the process...which is an oxymoron in and of itself; the government helping private enterprise be more efficient, ha!). Now, after 15 months, the $4.1 Billion program has disbursed $9.5 million and accounted for only 8,541 short sales. To … [Read more...]

The 10 Commandments of Real Estate Productivity

The following are the 10 commandments of real estate productivity, used by the nation's most successful real estate professionals to be more efficient with their time. Most are very simple, yet all are extremely powerful when applied to daily life.   May these hallmarks of productivity help you close more deals, make you more money and allow you more freedom and free time:1. Value Your Time It's cliche, but true, you can make more money, but you can't make more time. Value your time. That means, … [Read more...]

What’s Going to Happen to Real Estate?

What's going to happen to real estate? Friends, family, acquaintances, it seems everyone wants me to tell them what's next. And considering the position I am in, watching transactions occur on a daily basis all across the country, closing more deals than any other real estate education organization in America, it would seem that I have a terrific vantage point in which to understand what to expect from real estate better than most. If you asked me today, "what's going to happen to real … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investors Must Master This Skill

Real Estate Investors must master a number of skills in order to be successful.  While riding my bike on the beach with my daughter yesterday, I thought of a simple, easy and powerful way for all real estate investors to sharpen one particular skill that must be mastered if they ever want to have lasting success.   Once mastered, this skill could be the key real estate investors have been longing for to unlock vast amounts of wealth from real estate.  And that skill is...(drum roll) "How to … [Read more...]

The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve

If you currently invest in, or have any interest in investing in, short sales, foreclosures or loan modifications, there is something you should know... You see, people are always asking me why banks behave the way they do when dealing with short sales, foreclosures and loan modifications. Often, investors and agents alike consider banks' actions bizarre and at times, some even go as far as call their behavior, "dumb." Are banks really as 'stupid' as some lament? Quite the contrary. The … [Read more...]

One Investor’s Nightmare

From Farm and Land Realtor Magazine... One Investor's Nightmare I hesitate to make a list Of all the countless deals I've missed. Bonanzas that were in my grip- I watched through my fingertips slip; The windfalls which I should have bought Were lost because I over-thought; I thought of this, I thought of that, I could have sworn I smelled a rat. And while I thought things over twice Another grabbed them at the price. It seems I always hesitate, Then make up my mind much too … [Read more...]

Top 20 Cities in Foreclosure

I've heard the whinning and crying from budding real estate investors who tell me, "I know there is a fortune to be made helping people and making money with real estate BUT...but, I can't seem to find the deals."  Despite the fact that the number of properties in default, in pre-foreclosure and foreclosed upon continues to grow (as recently revealed in RealtyTrac's latest foreclosure report) nationwide, I still hear the moans and groans from some who feel as if they just can't find any deals … [Read more...]

Have We Hit Bottom?

Have we hit the bottom of the market? This month has been the single most profitable month for deal closings in quite sometime. The people in our program have seen a substantial spike in closings this month. But does that tell the whole story? Is this month simply an anomaly and is the market still headed further down? Before we dive into this discussion, below is a video of Joe from Chicago coming to you from Cabo, Mexico, where he went on vacation after closing his first deal last week. … [Read more...]

Letting Go

Anyone who skis knows that if you hug the mountain, you'll fall down. The only way to fully enjoy the skiing experience (and not fall) is to let go and throw yourself down the mountain. It flies in the face of logic, but that's how skiing works. The analogy holds true for real estate as well. Many well intentioned and hard working real estate investors struggle because they "hug the mountain" with fear based actions that keep them from moving forward. Here are a few examples of what a … [Read more...]