Jared from New Orleans, LA

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Deep in the heart of the Bayou is not the place most people think of when they picture where big money is being made in real estate. Jared likes it that way. Because over the past several months, with the guidance of our coaching team, he has quietly amassed a tremendous amount of money from real estate investing. He still can't believe just how much cash his investing endeavors have generated for him and his family. A very humble gentleman, Jared remains a bit in awe of his good fortune. So how did he get to where he is today?

As a real estate agent, Jared was in the real estate business on a daily basis. But, like most agents, he wasn't bringing in the big money. His hometown was still recovering from the devastation caused by Katrina and even though it had been many years since that natural disaster, the agent business was not generating the kind of cash he wanted. So he began searching for help and guidance. He found us and immediately saw the value of having someone there for him every step of the way who had already walked the path that he wanted to go. Jared didn't want to reinvent the wheel and opted to piggy back off someone else's efforts. Shortly after joining our program, he had closed 3 deals, each averaging over $20,000 in profits. He was elated with the result, but the best was yet to come...

Jared's $245,675 Deal

Nestled away on wooded street in a nice area of New Orleans, sat a single family home much ike many deals that Jared had done before. And, much like many of the deals he ran into, this one would require him to negotiate a short sale in order to make anything happen with it. Using tools and strategies we shared with him, he managed to get the bank to agree to an amount that he thought was reasonable, but not necessarily a good deal. After getting the approval, he then proceeded to market the property for sale. He really didn't want to draw too much attention to the property on the first few days on the market because he was still tidying up some of the details so it was listed for a price far higher than he ever thought anyone would pay.

Much to Jared's surprise, this home was much more desirable than he originally thought and showings began to flood in. In a market where the general consensus is that buyers are rare, Jared was all the more shocked by all the interest in the property. What's more, the property needed considerable work and was not really "move in ready." Despite the poor condition and supposed lack of buyers in the marketplace, Jared received numerous offers. He picked the best one and within a month or so, it was closed, and Jared received a closing check in the amount of $245,675.

Here's a video Jared shot of him and his wife in Vegas celebrating this momentus deal:

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