Lisa from Golden, CO

GOLDEN, CO - Former freshwater biologist turned stay-at-home mom, Lisa was looking for a business opportunity that allowed her to be her own boss, set her own hours and paid very well so that she could contribute financially to her family. After much research, she decided real estate was that business for her. But although she had pinpointed the type of business she wanted, she now needed to quickly get up to speed on how to be successful without having to learn all the lessons the hard way. So she sought out a real estate mentoring and coaching program that understood Colorado real estate and had the tools, resources and know-how to walk her step by step to success. Thankfully, she found us and now, look where she is today. Here is Lisa in her own words:

She subsequently closed a second deal, earning nearly $12,000, shortly after completing her first deal. Lisa is now living her dream of being her own boss, setting her own hours, making good money and contributing to her family. To learn more about how you can join the same training as Lisa, click the link below:

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