Predicting Final Sales Price

Determining what a house is going to sell for when you put it on the market for sale is one of the most important skills an investor must master in order to succeed with flipping houses. Unfortunately, most house flippers rely simply on appraisals or feedback from listing agents and ignore several other very important factors that must be considered. You're about to discover a formula for predicting final sales prices developed over nearly 20 years and 1,000s of deals. When you apply this formula correctly, you will predict final sales prices better than ever before, which will make you more money and help you avoid making mistakes.

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  1. Note: used flat fee listing agents twice last year for two duplexes, saved at least $15,000 on each property. Got multiple offers on both properties. I wouldn’t have gone that route without learning about it from Phil.

  2. Thank you Phil for helping us navigate a pretty involved subject.It has helped me tremendously.

  3. I feel this was on my wavelength and just in time! I was just asking someone today for tips on selling! Thanks Phil!

  4. Great info Phil.

    It is true that appraisers are definitely NOT the end-all-be-all that many hold them out to be.

    During a sellers market my accepted offer was $300,000 and the appraisal came in at…wait for it…$300,001. Go figure. Admittedly, the market was HOT and many properties didn’t make it through their first listing weekend without being sold so appraisers were simply doing drive-by assessments and collecting big $$$ for limited time paper shuffling.

    Within two weeks of the acceptance the property (townhouse) was estimated to be worth about $12,000 more due to several sales within a stones throw away.

    Wild times!

  5. Thanks Phil, What a great info for Predicting sales price.
    Happy Investing.

    God Bless

  6. Robert Seward says

    Appraisals, control everything? Correct

  7. Denise Sadler says

    You did it again! solid gold baby boy!

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