Greatest Real Estate Tool Ever (PropStream)

Introducing the greatest real estate tool ever invented for investors and agents, PropStream. It's the most comprehensive data aggregator combining every bit of commercial available residential, United States, real estate information into one, easy to use online software system. It also has a SkipTracing feature so you can literally email and voicemail blast any lists you want. It's rehab calculator is the best in the industry. And it does so much more. Plus, you can get a free 7 day trial to test it and see for yourself if its as good as we say it is:







I'm going to share with you why I think PropStream is the greatest real estate tool I've ever seen for agents and investors. That's a bold statement coming from me, as I don't typically do endorsements. It's literally going to become an indispensable tool for you and make a huge impact in your real estate investing or agency work going forward.

When Rob, the owner of PropStream contacted me suggesting that his software might be useful to me and my apprentices, I was a bit sceptical. After doing some digging, I realized he was doing things that no other system has ever done before. His software is aggregating data from every major data compiler that's available. So, I agreed to a free trial to test it out for a month. After three days of using it, I had to call him to tell him how epic it was. For the first time in my investing career, I have a full picture of every property I'm looking up and it's instantaneous.

3 Reasons Why PropStream is the Greatest Real Estate Tool Ever


1. PropStream is a Data Aggregator

A data aggregator brings together all kinds of information from different places. This is not a new concept, there are other data aggregators out there. The difference is PropStream brings together all the different data aggregators, gathering the records together in a way that I've never seen before.

When you type in an address, up pops all the information that you need. It includes who the owner is, tax records, mortgage information, and any liens against the property. It also includes information about HOA, and divorce and bankruptcy court, which I've never seen pulled together before. That makes a huge difference for investors and agents who need to know if that seller's in bankruptcy or just filed for divorce. It even pulls together the MLS data.

Being able to find out so much more about a property enables you can make better investing decisions. For myself and my apprentices, I want the advantage of knowing more about the property than the seller or any other investor. The more data you have, the better you can negotiate, which makes you more money.

2. PropStream Has the Best Rehab Calculator

I have a video about what not to say to contractors. In it I make the point that it's difficult to set a baseline on what something should cost to get fixed or renovated. PropStream’s rehab calculator is not their own calculator, but it’s integrated into the software. It’s the same as what insurance companies use after natural disasters like hurricanes to ensure that contractors aren't trying to take advantage of them when doing repairs. I love this.

Obviously, if you have a rehab calculator it’s going to make your life easier. It's very granular all the way down to adjusting labor costs depending on the area and whether you're using high-or-low-end quality materials. This is what I consider to be the best calculator for rehab costs.

3. PropStream is the Greatest Tool in Real Estate for Search Functions and Skip Tracing

Because PropStream aggregates all that data, you can search what U.S. residential properties are going into pre-foreclosure within a certain radius of your house. This is great, however that knowledge alone doesn't really help us all that much. Zillow can do that for free.

This software also compiles all the email records and phone numbers for the homeowners. It takes the owner's name and address and  syncs that with any available emails and phone numbers that exist. It has a Skip Tracing Feature as well, which allows you to generate a pre-foreclosure list. Rather than having to go knock on doors or sending direct mail, which has about a 2% response rate, you can email and call blast them. To get around robocalling, what it does is go straight to voicemail. This gives you a leg up on reaching those kinds of list.

The Impact on Wholesaling

I'm going to give you an example of where this can play a key role. This could completely change the way wholesaling is done. The PropStream system allows you to search by cash buyers or non-owner occupants.

You can search all the cash buyers within a 10-mile radius around a property that you want to wholesale. Then you can blast an email and voicemail to all those buyers for the deal you're trying to flip. That's never been able to be done in the history of this industry. Now you may not even have to rely on the MLS, or on bandit signs, or that awful dreaded experience of building a buyers list.

How Effective is it?

Our tests are showing that the accuracy varies depending on the list. Not all email addresses are going to be correct and some of those emails might go to spam. Also, some of the voicemails may not get there. Let’s speculate that you get 10% effectiveness. That is literally five times better than direct mail.

Watch my video above where I demonstrate how the software works. I will highlight:

  • Property Details
  • HOA Details
  • Mortgage Information
  • Pre-foreclosure Details
  • Liens
  • MLS Data
  • Estimated Value
  • Tax Information
  • Transaction History
  • Market Status
  • Rent Calculator
  • Mortgage Balance
  • Features of the Rehab Calculator
  • Creating Specific Searches

I'm making sure that all my apprentices have access to PropStream because it makes all the difference in the world in making the best decisions. Can you believe the kind of power we have as real estate investors to make great decisions? Unfortunately, this is just for residential property in the United States. Now you know what the big boys are playing with. These are the kind of tools that we're using to be able to get a leg up when doing deals.

Click the link at the top of the page for a seven-day free trial/$97 per month. That's how I dipped my toe in the water, and I can't live without it anymore.

The owner is giving me an affiliate commission when you join. So yes, I do make money, but I hope you're not upset about it because I do think it will make a significant impact in your real estate investing or agency work!

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  1. Hi… Is there an additional charge to use the email blast and voicemail?

  2. Lela D Music says

    Hi Phil, I just ran across this AWESOME info today. I’m wondering is the 7 day free trial still available this late in the game? Also I have a couple more questions, Can I still get it, if so how much? I’m wondering if this would work in a small rural town in Kentucky? I feel like I have walked into a GOLD mine. If this will work in my small town, then I have walked into a gold mine. Thanks a MILLION!

  3. Strange, even when i go through your link it still says i have to pay $129.00 a month. Why doesn’t it revise the cost?

  4. I am curious if there’s been a comparison done between REIAutomator and PropStream? I am interested to know if y’all have an opinion. They seem pretty similar. Thanks!

  5. How much extra is for the email and voice mail connect to potential sellers ?

  6. Hello Phil!! I’ve been following you on YT for almost two years and really appreciate all the tips and tricks you share with your followers. I also just signed up for propstream and put you down as the referring party.

  7. Phil what are your thoughts on the Baltimore Maryland market???

  8. Edward Vargas says

    Will this program work in Puerto Rico?

  9. Jose A Rivera says

    Does propstream offer discounts for mass skip tracing? Other companies do.

    Jose Rivera

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      I don’t think so. Feel free to export out of PropStream and import into another service that gives you bulk discounts

  10. How many property exports are allowed every month ?

  11. Wondering if this is just USA? or is Canada info available as well?
    Looks like a very good tool — could do without agents for sure!!!

    • Freedom Mentor says

      We do coach students in Canada! Consider making application to my Apprentice program if you are still interested.

  12. George Gandjoulov says

    That’s great!

  13. Shakia Denise says

    How much is the skiptrace feature?

    • Freedom Mentor says

      There is no charge for the skiptrace feature itself. When a contact(s) is added and the skiptrace is initiated there is a charge of .30 per contact searched.


    THANKS .

  15. Jack Griffin says


    What would you say concerning comparing Realty Trac against Prop Stream? Is Prop Stream worth the $70 extra per month? Realty Trac has an awful lot of information available for their customers.

  16. This tool is amazing for the price!! Thanks for sharing Phil. I’ve seen similar platforms but they want $2500 to start and $299 per month and they still don’t have all the info that PropStream has to offer.

  17. Christopher Munoz says

    Phil.. How often is the information Updated? Also when i click on PreForeclosures all of the properties are already in Foreclosure? Any help i will appreciate. Thanks!!!

  18. Is there full data in the software on SoCal counties?

  19. Thank you for this one and all the informational videos Phil. I’m new to wholesaling and cant wait to utitilize this pice of gold.

  20. Tammay Morton says

    This is awesome! Can not wait to try it out

  21. Philip If This does what it is supposed to DO as you planned and and have testified about.Thank you for sharing your.

  22. veronica calvillo says

    Thanks for sharing. I’m barely learning about investing so this tool should come in handy. Love your videos 😎

  23. Carol Hays says


  24. Deandre D Jones says

    I applied for your mentor program. I look forward to your call. Im ready to rock this.

  25. Andy Zentura says

    Good info. Thanks

  26. Kim Brophy says

    Phil, this looks great!! Thanks

  27. Phil,
    Great video and PropStream is epic. Just to clarify for subscribers, the monthly fee is not $97/month. According to their ToS, the monthly subscription is $129.95 per month. Maybe the amount you mention is an affiliate discount or something, but not what the typical user will pay. I appreciate your videos and love the content. Keep up the good work.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Not through my link! It’s $97 per month coming from me: PropStream FREE 7 Day Trial

      • That’s great, but I don’t see it. I click your link, then when it goes to the sign in page, I click on the Terms of Use. There is states “CLIENT understands that CLIENT will be billed $129.95 monthly until CLIENT cancels CLIENT’s subscription. ” I just don’t see the $97 anywhere.

        • Phil Pustejovsky says

          It’s $97 per month if you signed up through the free 7 day trial. Feel free to call them to verify. That other price is for those that just find them randomly and don’t go through a link like mine.

          • Hi Phil,
            Finished your book in 2 days. Good read.
            I’m back in the game. Did some Subject To deal several years ago.
            PropStream is good stuff. I signed up.
            It’s fierce competition here in Orange County, CA.

            Sometimes it not what we know but what we need to be reminded of.

  28. $130/m ? Lool

  29. Thanks!

  30. George Napier says

    Looking forward to try

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