Greatest Real Estate Tool Ever (PropStream)

Introducing the greatest real estate tool ever invented for investors and agents, PropStream. It’s the most comprehensive data aggregator combining every bit of commercial available residential, United States, real estate information into one, easy to use online software system. It also has a SkipTracing feature so you can literally email and voicemail blast any lists you want. It’s rehab calculator is the best in the industry. And it does so much more. Plus, you can get a free 7 day trial to test it and see for yourself if its as good as we say it is:




  1. George Napier says:

    Looking forward to try

  2. Thanks!

  3. $130/m ? Lool

  4. Phil,
    Great video and PropStream is epic. Just to clarify for subscribers, the monthly fee is not $97/month. According to their ToS, the monthly subscription is $129.95 per month. Maybe the amount you mention is an affiliate discount or something, but not what the typical user will pay. I appreciate your videos and love the content. Keep up the good work.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says:

      Not through my link! It’s $97 per month coming from me: PropStream FREE 7 Day Trial

      • That’s great, but I don’t see it. I click your link, then when it goes to the sign in page, I click on the Terms of Use. There is states “CLIENT understands that CLIENT will be billed $129.95 monthly until CLIENT cancels CLIENT’s subscription. ” I just don’t see the $97 anywhere.

        • Phil Pustejovsky says:

          It’s $97 per month if you signed up through the free 7 day trial. Feel free to call them to verify. That other price is for those that just find them randomly and don’t go through a link like mine.

          • Dan Chaco says:

            Hi Phil,
            Finished your book in 2 days. Good read.
            I’m back in the game. Did some Subject To deal several years ago.
            PropStream is good stuff. I signed up.
            It’s fierce competition here in Orange County, CA.

            Sometimes it not what we know but what we need to be reminded of.

  5. Kim Brophy says:

    Phil, this looks great!! Thanks

  6. Andy Zentura says:

    Good info. Thanks

  7. Deandre D Jones says:

    I applied for your mentor program. I look forward to your call. Im ready to rock this.

  8. Carol Hays says:


  9. veronica calvillo says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m barely learning about investing so this tool should come in handy. Love your videos 😎

  10. Philip If This does what it is supposed to DO as you planned and and have testified about.Thank you for sharing your.

  11. Tammay Morton says:

    This is awesome! Can not wait to try it out

  12. Thank you for this one and all the informational videos Phil. I’m new to wholesaling and cant wait to utitilize this pice of gold.

  13. Is there full data in the software on SoCal counties?

  14. This tool is amazing for the price!! Thanks for sharing Phil. I’ve seen similar platforms but they want $2500 to start and $299 per month and they still don’t have all the info that PropStream has to offer.

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