Epic Home Staging Tip for House Flippers

You're about to discover a simple home staging technique that professional house flippers have recently been applying to sell their rehabbed properties faster and for more money. It's so good that once you hear it, you'll be thinking, "Why haven't I been doing this already?" But home stagers will NOT be happy that I shared this inner secret with you. It saves you thousands over the cost of a traditional home staging service.


Box Brownie Virtual Home Staging

(A representative of Box Brownie just informed me that they actually charge $32 per image, NOT $75 as shown on the video)


  1. dennis arranaga says

    I have a listing and we may need your help. The home is now furnished, but I was wondering if after I have professional pictures taken are you able to crop out the existing furniture and put in your virtual furniture? Pls let me know ASAP

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Box Brownie can do that. I don’t know if other Virtual Staging companies do it though.

      • Vern Miller says

        with the market changing everyday like someone changing their socks, do you see a slow down on buying and selling? A more conservative approach moving forward into mid 2019? Seems to me more of a Buyer’s market based on price instead of actual inventory.
        Thanks in advance..

        • Freedom Mentor says

          The great thing about what we do here works in every market condition. Learn how to this the right way and it works in hot markets and during slow downs too.

  2. Ronald Paul Nordquist says

    Grrrreat IDEA!! Looks like a winner!!

  3. Thanks Phil! You’re great. Provide such awesome (and accurate!) info – all signal.

  4. Thank you Phil for sharing this information. Even for a mid-level rental this could be a game changer.

  5. Amazing tip thank you Phil!!!!
    I have some questions regarding your apprenticeship program.
    I have been following you for a long time. I always enjoy your videos and your knowledge inspires me very much.

  6. Hi Phil,
    You continue to bless us with these priceless information. Is this available in Canada?
    May the Lord continue to bless you.šŸ™

  7. Thanks so much for this virtual staging video. Iā€™m very interested in the staging and design process, but was wondering how I was going to afford all the furniture and storage and staff while still getting clients good offers on their home sales. You are always on top of real estate tips for flippers and sellers.

  8. Thanks Phil for this information on virtual staging. I never thought of virtual staging; what a fantastic game changer!


    Brillant use virtual technology and home flipping. I really enjoyed this special.

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