5 Myths of Millionaires

Many people have a misguided view of millionaires. In this video, you'll discover the 5 most common myths of millionaires AND why it's so important to your personal financial life to not have a false perception of millionaires.


  1. Sam Prindle says

    Thanks Phil!

  2. I love that! Thank you Phil.

  3. I just watched your video pertaining to millionaires .
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  4. Great video Phil !

  5. Stephen R Schafer says

    Loved this video, Phil. I have a triplex and duplex. I’m in my 70s now. I started investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts [REITs] about 8 months ago. Do you invest at all in such things? I found the dividends and growth comparable to the sale of my first house after 22 years of ownership and with less expense and labor. What do you think?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      No. I own all of my real estate holdings; I don’t buy into other people’s deals such as REITs. BI maintain complete control over any investments I do. Furthermore, I can create 30%+ returns on my deals and no REITs on earth can compete with what I can do myself.

      • Chuck Borrelli says

        I have to agree with Phil on this one. We have done about 50 flips. (Nowhere near what Phil has done) We do 30% all day and sometimes more here in Brevard county FL. This week we closed a flip in Mims. Purchase 90k. Rehab 55k We borrowed the entire purchase cc and rehab from a private lender we use. Sold it for 256k. A hundred grand is always a good payday. My wife became a RE broker along the way so we only pay one side of the commission on most deals. We also get a lot of retail listings through our lead generation site which are money in the bank in this market. But here’s the main thing you won’t get in a REIT. YOU WONT BUILD RESOURCES…. Personal connections built over time are critical to growth as RE investor.

  6. George Telleria says

    Splendid presentation, learned much. Thx u

  7. Derrick Anderson says

    Please send me your free book on how to become a Real Estate Investor.

  8. They play off others weakness’s. Guaranteed

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