Investing in Real Estate vs Cryptocurrency, Stocks, Start-Ups, Gold, etc

I am often asked WHY I only invest in real estate, and not other investment opportunities like cryptocurrency, stocks, start-ups, gold, etc. In this video I provide a detailed investment vehicle comparison along 8 criteria; Downside Risk, Appreciation, Leverage, Liquidity, Control, Cash Flow, Tax Benefits and Inflation Hedge; and ultimately you can make your own conclusion on which investment is the best:


  1. Margaret says

    How do I get started in investing in Real Estate?

  2. Very much enjoyed this comparison and agree for the most part. However, I believe you do stocks a disservice on the tax benefits grade. Pre-tax advantages of 401ks and tax free gains of ROTHs deserve a moment of discussion.

  3. Frank Roca says

    Excellent video! I agree..
    I think the finance charges in today mortgages are huge (73%) price to pay in a amortizing loan for 30 years… I guess it’s better to buy a home in a Tax Deed Sell, so you avoid finance charges..

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      That is not true. The cost to borrow money is 5% or less per year, even for most investor loans. You shouldn’t accumulate the interest to calculate the cost of money. It’s a yearly interest cost and it’s super cheap.

  4. Emmanuel Chukwueke says

    How can I borrow or start a new escrow on a rental owned free and clear?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Borrowing money against a free and clear rental can be done following the lessons from this training: Rental Loans for Investors.
      Escrow has different meanings for different circumstances. In California, you “open escrow” when you either start a refinance or you contract to buy or sell a house and therefore connect with an escrow company to start the closing process. OR, you can “escrow” your taxes and insurance in your monthly mortgage payment.

  5. Do you know which real estate companies are the best? I was looking at real estate stock
    Berkshire etc. which would be a good company to invest in?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Own the real estate yourself; don’t buy stocks of publicly traded companies that are primarily real estate driven(like McDonalds) or shares in a REIT. You lose control, tax benefits, forced appreciation, etc, when you do that. Instead, be a real estate investor.

  6. Jackie Jake says

    Enjoyed your perspective on crypto currency, I don’t understand it at all even when it’s so called explained

  7. Benjamin Cukok says

    Thank you for your presentation!

  8. David Gallegos says

    Greatest videos in investment

  9. Abdul siddiqui says

    I need the book

  10. Marco Gonzalez says

    Fantastic information. Concise, direct, and clear to understand. I work in real state remodeling. Great “Surgeon” model you have created. very informative video! I’am interested!

  11. Good stuff as always Phil. I am in a bit of a spot: single dad, looking to provide the best I can for my daughter. On the plus side, I do have finance and real estate experience, but shut it all down during the great recession. I love real estate [always have] & have time to work/learn. Can you help?

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