Housing is BOOMING! Will it BUST?

The US Housing Market is absolutely BOOMING right now! But are we in a Bubble? Is the boom about to BUST? Are we headed for disaster? Discover why the boom is so intense, what that means to you personally, and what is most likely to happen in the near future.



  1. Michael Cichetti says

    I am just a regular homeowner in Atlanta with no real estate opinions, but I just want to say thanks for the great education Phil. I’m gonna share with friends and family that have homes they might look to move since the market is doing so well.

  2. Connie Abbott says

    Phil, I think we might see even a sharp rise in interest rates. We have a new president who has a whole different way than the one before. Besides that, really harsh inflation is predicted because of national debt and those types of factors. We’re hitting a tipping point in the economy in that regard, quite soon.

    I’m looking forward to selling our house north of Seattle and there’s this other factor: The cities where there was the massive rioting are a huge issue, and people are moving away from them in huge numbers–also, for states where the governors have been exercising their power with oppressive covid measures, people are leaving in droves. From Washington state, everyone’s heading off to Idaho or Montana. .

    My problem in selling is not being able to find a place I want to move into! We’ll see what happens. God is faithful!

    Thanks for your presentation!

  3. Karen sands says

    Hi Phil
    Where can I find the lenders that want to lend money for investment real estate that you refer to? I own a successful property I have rented for
    12 years- in Lake County Mt. Dora -and want to expand in Florida.

  4. I live in a gated community have 1740 homes. Over the years and average number of for sale units was around 80. Right now there are 10 homes for sale average square foot price is going up 25% in the last two years.

  5. Nena Bayaua says

    I’m in San Diego, CA. Market here is so fast I can’t find a house to invest in. Low inventory and lots of investors.

  6. Hi Phil, you have helped me so much during the past few years, thanks! I’m in Bullhead City, AZ. So far there is a low supply here. But people are building like crazy. Another thing, this area is manufactured home friendly. I bought my first home owner-carry. Now trying to purchase a MH. I know they are higher in interest, because you told me, but I have the land and want to make it my forever home. I took out the equity in my present home, now only $488 per month,, to make these purchases. Land here is cheap,. So I came out well. That’s all for now. You are great!

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      I’m doing several mobile home deals in my area right now. It’s a gold mine of opportunity thanks to the lack of inventory.

  7. Carmelita J says

    Great video. I was especially interested in your take on the record low interest rate. I will be checking your apprentice information. Thanks!

  8. Brandon Basso says

    I enjoy your videos, I have learned a lot from them.
    I just sold a seasonal cabin on water in southern NH for $330k cash, no contingencies. It was amazing to see the amount of people who showed up for the open house. List price was $299k.

  9. Juan Alvarado says

    Awesome video as always Phil! I love it! But what about the people who may be thinking about relocating or may have lost their jobs? I live in Los Angeles.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      There is a significant migration of people moving from California going on right now and they are heating up markets like Las Vegas far beyond even what would normally be the circumstances. Choose your destination city wisely because its hard to find inventory in many of the common cities Californians are moving to.

  10. Joe Olivares says

    How it going? My name is Joe and I was wondering about something I seen about paying the taxes on a house that is not being paid by the owner and it they don’t pay within a certain time it becomes yours. Is there more to that or is it yhst simple?

  11. Mark Labitad says

    Thanks Phil. So how does someone become a realstate apprentice? I would like some more information on that one. Thanks

  12. Zachary Hutchins says

    Love your real estate education material – been watching your YouTube videos for years.

    Question – My wife and I live in the eastern suburbs of Tampa. We rolled house hacks (live in, fix, and flips) over the past six years and have a nest egg saved. We were between deals during 2019 and got stuck in a rental when COVID hit. The Tampa market is absolutely insane with low inventory and every listing having multiple offers. Any thoughts on finding a deal in this area?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      You have to be way ahead of the competition; if you’re looking for just one deal, go extremely granular by sending hand written letters to specific properties and perhaps even knocking on those doors too.

  13. Doug Coffey says

    Mr. P,
    It is always great to take in your information. As a Florida native and a son of a mother who was a RE Broker for nearly 40 years there is nothing like local knowledge and history permitting experienced foresight in some of the markets. Central West coast area Pinellas to Hernando Counties is my turf with West Pasco being my specific designated market. I am a small time entrepreneur with 10 rentals, holding a mortgage, occasional flip and do some hard money lending which supplements my retired, or as I say it, “my tired income”, at nearly 74 keeps me at least brain active. I am a very open minded type who doesn’t work in a box and at time very unorthodox, as the professionals would say, creative financing. My word is more valuable than money meaning all is ethical and legal.

    A person never stops learning and your Vids are a great contribution to me and my operation. Here is what I find every time I watch your presentations, confirmation. You know when people think way out of the box sometimes they start doubting themselves a little bit, or even think how come others are not seeing this or that… You have confirm many things for me. Like you indicated, paraphrasing, you are not a fortuneteller but you are a smart guesser (lol). That is where I try to be balancing my niche’.

    Okay feedback to you: Yes this market is the same, no inventory, top asking prices, and buyers of all kinds all over the place.
    Also you are right on, government so engaged in every aspect of building, including rehabs. Example, had a property in my LLC’s name, I am inside painting, code enforce comes in telling me I cannot paint my own property because it is the LLC’s property. Didn’t have to pull permit but had to hire a licensed painter. As we know just one of many fingers in the govt. I am always on the search for a deal, having a relationship with a number of realtors sometimes offers me an early notice of a property coming up, or maybe even one of those majestic “Pocket Listings” . Additionally friends, associates and acquaintances occasionally refer me to someone considering selling allowing a private sale.

    Again, I find you and your Vids extraordinary, accurate, clear and with invaluable information brought to the table by someone who does it not just educated in it….Big Difference!!!!
    Thank you and may God Bless you……DougC

  14. clark johnson says

    how do i get a refi with poor credit. These brokers shop your refi with many brokers and that drives you credit score lower. and then discount property. how do i stop that.and get a honest refi. thank s clark

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      That’s not true, if you have your credit pulled by several mortgage brokers within the same 2 week period; it only counts as 1 pull.

  15. I don’t have money to flip a house so I bought a condo 2/2 in Houston TX 60K plus 16K to remodel and put a price tag of 94.900K was remodeled nicely, however, it has been on the market for almost 3 weeks but a lot of visits . 2 made an offer but way below what we are asking .. Is this too soon to drop the price? I just love ALL your videos. Thank you

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Two offers? Did you announce a multiple offer situation? If so, whatever the final was, is probably current market price. It sounds like you found a way to list your property too high, even in a Sellers Market.

  16. David Sampsonis says

    Hi I’m David. From Boston. I want to learn how to flip houses.

  17. they are going up – inflation

  18. Cathey and Bradley says

    As always you are a great teacher, read your book a couple times. We have noticed in the last year, houses sell so fast!
    Always had an interest in real estate. We are in Bangor MI. Working to finish our house within 2 years and sell. It is a large Victorian and needs a ton of work. Money is tight, so slow going.
    Everything your saying makes sense.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge
    the Schusters

  19. Charles Borrelli says

    Phil I’m 56 years old and the population of the world has doubled. In the 2008 crash we quit building for 10 years but kept making babies. For now I’m going to keep flipping down here in Brevard County. it’s been amazing. I think you are dead on with interest rates

  20. Robert Seward says

    I want to build multiple duplexes in hot fort Myers. I only need a strong partner?

    Rob Seward
    34 years Builder/Flipper
    Va., NC, Fl.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      You don’t want/need a partner; you need money. Avoid accumulating partners and go get the money from all the lenders out there that are begging to lend money on good deals.

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