How to Turn a Little into a Lot with Real Estate


how_to_turn_a_little_into_a_lotYou're about to discover how to turn a little into a lot with real estate. It's the question on many prospective real estate investors' minds. They want to know how to parlay a small amount of money into a whole lot of money through the power of real estate investing. And specially, they want to know how they could do it, in today's market, step by step. In the following two video series, I will walk you A to Z through how you can start with a small amount of money and safely and efficiently parlay it into a fortune with real estate. In the first video, I'll illustrate the traditional way to accomplish this goal and then in second video, I unveil how to do the creative way. If you have read my book or watched some of my trainings before, these two videos will bring together many missing pieces and you may leave this with an "ah-ha" moment. It may all "click" in your head as to exactly how myself and my apprentices do what we do. This two part video series is perfect for anyone looking to grow the money they have using real estate as their investment vehicle. And if you love it, please share it with your social networks. This is the kind of message that everyone who has any interest in real estate needs to hear so that they get started on the right foot from the very beginning.


How to Turn a Little into a Lot with Real Estate PART 1


How to Turn a Little into a Lot with Real Estate PART 2


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  1. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
    Take the jump and use Phil and his team. Worth every penny.

  2. Alfredo Martinez says

    Thanks for sharing. Very informative. Trying to learn as much as I can since I am a complete novice in RE.

  3. Ron Southall says

    The competition is pretty strong in this market just as if is conventional.

  4. Alicia Webster says

    Very Informative

  5. Alicia Webster says

    Excellent videos!!!

  6. How are you mentoring people. Without you physically being with me. I ‘m desperate, I need to be your greatest success stories. I’ve had over a thousand dead end jobs and I’m losing my hope and trust in everyone. Please make me a believer in humanity again. I need u
    And to be honest, I have nothing but six kids and a dream to leave them a legacy. I won’t be surprise if you can’t or won’t help .



    • Freedom Mentor says

      We coach many of the most successful real estate investors in areas of the Country and Canada that are unfamiliar to us and we do this remotely. Consider making application to our Apprentice program to see is this is a right fit for you!

  7. Hi Phil a friend of my father passed away and left him the home he does not want the home so he would like to sell it a friend of his was going to purchase it and had it appraised and an inspection done his friend was the appraiser an appraised it low at 55,000 so he could get it cheap. The assessment is 104,000 comps in the area sale between 95 and 115,000. The previous buyer over extended his self and could not get the loan so it was offered to me I have the money and was going to buy it out right the question is we have no paperwork between us contract or anything else I trust him he trust me my bank is in the process of doing the title and deed Work and I am only out $350. Do you think I should get some kind of contract between me and the seller just for security reasons. thank you enjoyed your videos this will be my first home purchase and I am looking to flip it. Only needs cosmetic interior work

  8. Nicolas Maldonado Jr says

    I’ve been disabled for 18 years but I will do the best I can to learn more to make money.

  9. velma J Hicks says

    i am enjoying reading your book that you have sent me thoughmail thank you Velma Hicks

  10. Edward Vargas says

    Do you have any successful apprentices in Puerto Rico?

  11. Stuart Perez says

    Good afternoon Phil i had a question, how much would property tax a year be depending on the value of the home and if that could be affect cash flow?

  12. Marjorie says

    Hello Phil, how does a person become an apprentice?

  13. HERMAN HARDY says

    I’ve been reading your material; still absorbing but it sounds good so far!

  14. Stephan Lattimore says

    I am so serious in taking advantage is this opportunity.

  15. Hi Phil,
    I like what your doing! Thanks for the jewels you’ve drop for me.

  16. Phill, here in Southern California that 100k home is more like 1million, 500 homes. Can you still do this here?

    • Freedom Mentor says

      Our strategies absolutely work in California. The higher the values, the higher the profits.

  17. Javon Jones says

    Love your videos wish I had someone like you in my arsenal to brainstorm with you really seem on the ball and get me excited to get out and try some of these techniques

  18. Royal Davis says

    The comments are a blast. I agree there’s always good deals for creative financing because I’ve had a few. Love all the info in your videos. Thanks

  19. Real pough says

    Phil i purchase my first deal the traditional way over 9 years ago as a personal home for me and the family things has changed and now im the only one living their im a truck driver who wants to be in the real estate business as well what I’ve been through as a mortgage payer has shown me alot about the way things should work in real estate in just a few minutes of watching your videos I’ve learned what mistakes i had made In purchasing my property in the fashion that i did i guess im seeing things the slow way but now heres where things has changed my house was flooded and now the flood insurance is doing repair/replacement to the property im willing the use my own personal home to get started in real estate which was my plan from the beginning but didnt have funding but had the property to start with i need a starting point and your mentorship thanks

  20. Michelle Fulcher says

    Is this blog real? Because anytime i ask a question i get no response.

  21. Rodney Alston sr says

    Hi Phil I had dreaming about the real estate for a long time but I am have problem with understanding how to really get it right because I am hard of hearing and lot of video don’t have close caption for me to understand so it pretty hard for me to start can u help me I really want to do this thank u for reading this

  22. Hi phil,
    I’ve saved about $20000 and i want to use this money as a deposite or down payment for the loan i’m borrowing from the bank to start my 4 unit apartment business. A real estate agent has shown me a couple of 4 unit apartment already but his closing cost or fees is expensive. My question is that is it the right approach for a beginner like me and can I skip dealing with real estate agent to avoid paying their closing cost fees.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Search for deals yourself and through an agent and after about 6 months to 1 year, it will be very clear to you which direction will yield the best deals.

  23. Hi phil, I have a friend that owes $208,000 on an investment property that is tenant occupied. The home was appraised for $190,000 and she is paying the monthly mortgage with the rent money but she is not making any money. She is willing to do a subject to. My question is is it worth it for me to do the subject to with her, try another technique, or do nothing with her?

  24. Francisco L Pons says

    Hey,I thank you so much for this video,I had learn a lot, I enjoyed,keep doing what you doing and God will bless you because you are sharing with others the blessing that God had given to you,prosperity is in your way,may God Bess you. Thank you for your talent and inspirational skills.

  25. Franklin Jones says

    I’ve viewed several of your vidios,and
    they are very good and insightful,but,
    these two are “SUPER GOOD”. They really
    hit home for me. Very well done… Thank.


  26. Mystic Toad says

    Hi Phil. When you say “Subject-To”, is that the same as assuming the loan?

  27. Phil, loved your video. I am 59 years old. Just got my real estate license in January of this year. At the present time I am working in the Metro Detroit area selling real estate. Love what I’m doing but would love to learn more about real estate investing but I have no money.

  28. Carol Martling says

    I had my real estate license but didn’t renew it after 2014. If I renew it and pay the costs associated with that and do any continuing ed classes that are needed, what is my best way to be allowed to get to MLS to work exclusively as a real estate inventor? I’m in Massachusetts. I need to join up with a real estate company to be my broker, correct?

    I don’t want to be involved with any of the real estate office functions, as have office time, etc. I would be looking the the least expensive way to under that broker’s company for the ability to earn commissions when they are available.. What is the best firm to join . . the one with the best splits as the one I was with Keller Williams?

  29. Shana Lapastora says

    Hi Phil and Friends,
    The attorneys in my area charge $250 an hour. How much might I expect to pay for them to do all the paperwork? I already started with a real estate agent before I found these videos so just wondering if it is worth it to end our current contract and our friendly terms by wasting her time. Thanks!!

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      That’s a very reasonable hourly rate for an attorney. The real issue is how skilled they are in this topic. If they are, the paperwork can be done in just a few hours.

  30. Lori Dunham says

    Hi Phil – (Part 1) In a Sub-to situation, how does the existing seller deed the house to me? Do we go through a title company, attorney or county appraisal district? How long does it take?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      All that really has to happen is the seller must sign a Deed in front of a notary and then you can physically bring the Deed to the recorder’s office. That’s it.

  31. Work @ a full time job and am a slave to the weather, therefore needing to keep as much $$ as possible for the winter months for any emergency that may arise…..In the onset, will there be teachings that will allow me to make deals w/o very much money in order to build me up to larger deals later ? Thanks for the help..I`m a newly accepted apprentice, and am more than motivated !! Love the videos

  32. thanks for inspiring me. But i want to start

  33. Dan Anderson says

    Thanks Phil for another inspiring video on realistate transactions with a little money. I like how you break everything down to see every step in making the deal from start to finish. An also the pro an cons in the deal.I look forward seeing other videos from you , thanks again Dan

  34. Hi Phil. Your videos are interesting. Are you required to tell everyone that you are a real estate agent even on the Creative side?
    Would you recommend to be a real estate agent to gain more KNOWLEDGE ?

  35. Aqib Jamile says

    hey phil i have a question. I’m in a situation where i am trying to this this property which is a 3 family house and fully paid off. the only dilemma is that an agent is involved in selling this property. this has stumped me a little. my question is can i still get an assignment fee if i already have a buyer who’s willing to buy it cash and if not what can i do to get this property.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      MUCH harder to do creative deals with an agent in the middle. Go find deals that don’t have agents involved.

  36. Reynold Paria says

    Hi phil, i am currently on training on a real estate course, I have invested some money in an education but because of the conversion ,6.5 to 1 usd ,I am in a bit of finance squeeze. My aim currently is to do some wholesaling to gain some income to continue persueing my goal. Phil can you show me the fastest legal way to get a property in a contract and contact possible cash buyers? Your training is fantastic and i wish i can be as skilled as you in the near future.
    Thank you , GOD bless you to continue giving to us for your progress and the world to benefit.

  37. Phil, thanks for all of your great info. You’ve inspired me to pull my Bible off the shelf and read Proverbs. Thank you for that! You’re one of the few of the many out there, possibly the only one that I feel I could trust. All the best to you and yours.

  38. sarah rotich says

    hey Phil how will i get that video please i want to watch so that can be motivated and join you in your business

  39. Angela Gibson says

    Phil, in the fix and flip example. How did you obtain the $50,000 back ($22K down-payment + 25K rehab). I understand how you obtained $30,000 from the sale but not the extra $50,000.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      You started with $50,000 cash. The video was illustrating what you do when you have some money to start with.

  40. In Australia rental is weekly. $250 outside of city…in the city around $400 and more on a weekly basis positive. The chinese are flooding the real estate market right now. Thought someone might keen in investing overseas;)

  41. Hello Phil.In asking for non-refundable funds from a prospected buyer,how long is the inspection period?

  42. Phil how is everything this is James up here in VA I just wanted you to know I love your videos and could you please send me more of them I’m really trying hard to get started in the real estate business I need all the help I can get.

  43. phil thank you good information. I do have a questions what happened when a seller is losing their home and there is no equity on the house you just walk away or there is any other way to help this home owner I used to do some subject to but it was equity in the house around 7 years ago ok

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Equity is dependent on the exit strategy. Sometimes you can sell a house on a rent to own for much more than straight retail on the MLS. So maybe go subject to and sell to a rent to own tenant buyer OR if it is really underwater, do a short sale

  44. Jeffrey Garcia says

    You have a really change my life tonight I’m 20 years old working a 9-5 and iv reach the ”crucible” which is the time in your life when you can either be your own business man or follow the crowd and ”earn money” for whatever service you just to do for the rest of your life ,I’m going to make it my business from this day on to be a creative seller I will truly pray tonight that there’s and opening .. I’m so excited is midnight and I probably won’t sleep

  45. Catherine T Murray says

    hi Phil this is the 20th video that I have watched of yours and I am very motivated to be your apprentice and I will join you if you accept have helped me in this past year and a half of watching you be so encouraged to be a millionaire that I’m beginning to get edgy. I will talk to you soon . thank you very much.

  46. Al Williams says

    Part 2 question- What do you look for if u only have $20000 for creative investing?

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