Creative Financing Comparison (Owner Financing vs Subject To vs Contract for Deed vs Lease Option)

Which creative real estate financing technique is best (Owner Financing vs Subject To vs Contract for Deed vs Lease Option)? When should you use each technique? How do they compare to each other? The following is an in-depth comparison between the four main creative financing techniques and after having done thousands of creative financing deals, you'll also learn from all of our real world experience on the application of each:

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  1. Edward Sosa says

    Thank you for the information, every little nugget of info is much appreciated. Won’t be long now, I’ll be ,God willing , wholesaling to start. Fix-n-Flip soon after🙏

  2. Kevin Richardson says

    I learn more from you than people I’ve paid $$$$ to !

  3. Gloria Nowotarski says

    Hi Phil, great and awe inspiring videos. I have 2 houses available right now to buy /flip/sell which I think are great
    opportunities. I just started your free training to learn more on what’s the best approach to take— creative or traditional financing ? I really need your advise. Thank you.

  4. john fairchild says

    my momma always said one door closes another one opens this here is my new door open thank you and my Saviour Jesus Christ

  5. john fairchild says

    you the man keep in touch with me as I get up on my feet I will handsomely. Gift you handsomely for real i,I, real. Scratch my back i,I, scratch yours. I ve alway,s been loyal to my brother,s who help me

  6. Vicky Boyd says

    I want to buy first home. I’m working on increasing my credit score. Let me know how to buy a home.

  7. Good explanation.

  8. Johnquisha House says

    Hey, is there a way that I could receive the book for a start… Very much so interested in the Realtor Field

  9. Lorraine Dusold says

    I would love to get your free book

  10. Heather Briana Mitts says

    Thanks for helping me through this

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