The Future of Real Estate Investing

Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

Discover how blockchain technology, crowdfunding platforms, big data and artificial intelligence will impact the future of real estate investing, in 2019 and beyond. As with all new technology, there will be casualties, but you don't have to be one of them. Don't be left behind as these industry disruptors infiltrate real estate. Instead, you're about to learn how to use them to propel you to greater levels of financial success.


  1. Kandi Bartsch says

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your confidence. Your humor is appreciated also.

  2. Kevin Carmichael says

    Great information, Phil. Always enjoy listening and learning.

  3. Thank you Phil: Very informative content; outstanding delivery. Tom Gates. Pacific Palisades, Ca. 90272.

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    You are the best!

  5. Michael Hippolyte says

    Access to understanding the significance the future hold for real estate investing using other ventures is important .Show me

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    First, happy new year to you Phil!

    Your YouTube videos are great, thank you for all the content and effort you are putting in their making.

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    I enjoy very much your presentations and always looking fwd to hear from you, thanks very much,
    I have a note I want to sell, Can you help me to find a buyer?

  8. John Hawkins says

    Great information and also very eye opening. Just started real estate investing so this is indeed something to watch and implement into the new strategies of the future.

  9. Limhi Calderon says

    I am interested in becoming an apprentice for your creative real estate Investors mastermind course.

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