Top 5 Books for Real Estate Investors

What are the top 5 books for real estate investors? For the past decade, my entire working life has been committed to real estate investing and coaching, training and mentoring others on how to become successful real estate investors. As you probably could tell from my company name, I am extremely passionate that the secret to success in any endeavor is in having a mentor. It is difficult to learn to ride a bike by reading the manual. That's why a mentor is so critical to your success. However, books do have their place in financial education. Besides my masterpiece of American literature, How to be a Real Estate Investor, and rising above the noise of hundreds of thousands of mediocre books, here are the ones I recommend to prospective real estate entrepreneurs. And as an added bonus, several of them are FREE! Here are the top 5 books for real estate investors:

The Bible
1. The Bible: Surprised? Studies have shown that CEOs and business leaders the world over recognize the Bible as the #1 business book in their library. Specifically, read the book of Proverbs, 1 chapter each day (there are 31 chapters); it will take you a few minutes to complete each day. The author was King Solomon, the richest man in history. He knows a thing or two about success and money. You can get access to the Bible for free from several places. I recommend YouVersion and also, download their Bible app to your iPhone or Droid. YouVersion gives you access to several translations; I recommend the NIV 1984 translation. And further, I highly encourage you to seek the assistance of a mentor to help you fully comprehend this book (if you haven't already done so). It's the best selling book year after year and the best selling of all time for a reason.

How to Win Friends and Influence People
3. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie: Real estate is a people business. Knowing how to deal with people is one of the most important skills you will need to succeed with real estate investing. Too many beginner investors skip over this important foundational step and then find themselves frustrated by not making any money or closing any deals. Dale Carnegie's classic, after 70 years, remains the standard in discovering how to win friends and influence people. It has stood the test of time and even more good news is that you can download the How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Free eBook here. You'll also want to read this book over and over again.

Good to Great
5. Good to Great by Jim Collins: This is my personal favorite business book. It reveals the most productive way to build a business for the long term. If you are going to a be a real estate investor, it means you are going to be a business owner. Rather than read hundreds of business books, if you just read and apply what you learn from this one, you will be light years ahead of hundreds of thousands of businesses out there. Whether you are looking to build a one person operation or a huge company, the lessons you'll discover in this book are eye opening and incredibly powerful. Although this book hasn't been around as long as the others on this list, I believe that many years from now, Good to Great will be as popular and applicable as it is today. This book more than any other (except the Bible, of course), has had the most profound impact on my business life.

Those are 5 extremely powerful books that you should read and re-read. Extraordinary wisdom is contained in them. But as helpful as they are, you can't learn to ride a bike by reading the manual. Instead, I have found that having the right mentor is the best way to learn how to be a successful real estate investor. I certainly provide reading materials for the people I mentor (my manual is over 900 pages and growing!), but its when you are in the trenches, doing the deals, that you realize what challenges pop up in the real world can't always be explained ahead of time in print. If you are serious about becoming a successful investing, apply to become my next apprentice.

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  1. Paul Svisdahl says

    Great Video.
    Are you familiar with the 10,000 hr to professional idea?
    I have been thinking about this lately as I have just passed the 5 yr anniversary of real-estate investing. And I realized that this idea seems to apply to this part of my life. In the beginning I had a hard time with the idea of buying a city block with 12 addresses and commercial use. (no money down). It seemed that I didn’t deserve such a grand opportunity. I am just starting to feel comfortable with this.
    Definitely a Huge fan.

  2. William Adjetey says

    I listen to Phil on real estate and it was good. Thumbs up!

  3. Terry Mathews Sr. says

    Hey Phil, once again a fantastic lesson, not just about Real Estate but also about life. I try to read THE HOLY BIBLE every day. I am so glad you are who you are. I love Dale Carnegie and Tony Robbins. I think he is great, as I do you. I am still hoping you choose me as one of your apprentices!!!
    Thank you as always my friend!!!!

  4. Sarah Elizabeth Bowen says

    Thanks for everything Phil!

  5. David Gallegos says

    You amaz!!!!

  6. Thank you very much Phil. I really need a mentor. I really want to succeed!

  7. grace nnoham says

    Phil i am very grateful for your interest to guide me in real estate investing.

  8. Thanks for all the trainings

  9. Lori McCreight Henry says

    Hi Phil I’ve expressed interest for mentorship will definitely read some the choice picks

  10. Mary Henke says

    Hi Phil!

    I must say that I have learned more about real estate investing by just reading your book and watching your videos than I have in any other avenue. I have read a few of the books on your list, however I have not read the book by Dale Carnegie. It’s funny because I am from a small town in Pennsylvania named after him…lol. Phil…thank you for being
    ‘genuine’. Guess where I am going today?…the LIBRARY!!!!!

  11. Larry Taylor says

    Phil I have also read several of those books and I agree with you now I need to read Good to Great thanks again and keep inspiring us

  12. Joel Srigiri says

    Only wise would pick the books you picked, especially the Bible! God Bless!

  13. Thank you so much . very helpful information

  14. walter block says

    i like what i see & hear thanks

  15. Francis Assifuah says

    Hi Rev. Phil Pustejovsky, I am calling you reverend because its the name of the Catholic priest who baptized me when I
    was a kid but not only that your book really inspired me into knowing some of the intricacies in the business of real estate
    investing and you are giving me more which is the Bible and ‘ How to win friends……,a book I’ve been reading since I was 18. Reverend,I have been cold to you because I am not to practice the business here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.I’ll be in Ghana soon and you’ll hear from me strongly over there! I want you to mentor me so fast because I really need to be free financially after working so hard to enrich them and when they are filled they say you are downsized.

  16. Hi Phil. By any chance do you know of suitable creative RE investing mentors in either New Zealand or Australia?

  17. Marlon V Garcia says

    Great Info, I love it, I agree because you started with a Bless, The amazing book of proverb, it is a real wisdom “The Bible” i wish to be your Former Real Estate apprentice, however I do am growing and learning from several “Gurus” such as Robert G Allen, Rush Whitney, Philp Grow, Armando Montelongo, and Robert T Kiyosaki. But I Like Your Teaching Style, you have done Such a GREAT JOB!

  18. Agnes Loffler says

    Dear Phil, Thank you for all the amazing information you provide! your list of books are really excellent.
    “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz, PhD is another one in the big leagues, as well as books by Coach Vince Lombardi – -> YaY Green Bay Packers lol =)

  19. You missed putting in the link for the third free Book. Good to Great by Jim Collins. Please add link so that we can enjoy the Book. Thank you very much for the links and free resources.

  20. Dominique Louis says

    I am glad to know I have read 3 of your 5 books. I am on the right path. I would also highly recommend
    Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. This book is Hills personal story on how he published Think and grow rich. written in 1938 and published in 2011. family did not want to be alive when book was published

  21. Great presentation.The best part is that I have 2 out of 5 books already, thank you so much

  22. Kathryn Briere says

    Hello Phil, Thank you for the booklist. I just read” The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield and his teachings are Christian based also, anyone starting out may enjoy the read. I just applied to your coaching/mentor program and hope to be talking soon. Based on your entire approach to life and business makes you a top person to follow in business and it would be an honor to be able to work with you! Kathryn Happy Holidays

  23. Liz Caudle-Herrin says

    Gosh, ty Phil! Another book and one I’m working from, which also fits into your curriculum, is: THE WIN-WIN NEGOTIATOR by Reck. Fits in with everything you are teaching.

  24. Thanks Phil,

    After the Bible I have this idea that the book “SEE YOU AT THE TOP” by Zig Ziglar was the Best book ever but I think I was wrong not until now…………it’s not even among your first six(6) books.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      The books and trainings of the late Zig Ziglar were fantastic. Much of what he shared was not unique, although his line, “If you help enough other people get what they want, then you’ll get what you want,” is a foundational principle as to why our Apprentice Program was set up the way it was.

  25. Phil,
    You are the man of the light for our Lord Jesus Christ because you are not ashame of revealing God’s word (the BIBLE) to the world to read as food for the soul. God is very very proud of you for standing up for him. No wonder you are so bless because of your desire in the word of God ( the BIBLE) and you have test the BIBLE and realized that the Bible is the solid foundation for those who wanted to become successful in anything in life. For this, I want to congratulate you and pray that God will continue to use you to build the kingdom of God for the world to realize that ONLY the BIBLE is one of the book where you read over and over where you never get bored or tired. The bible has so much knowldege and wisdom for us. So brothers and sisters around the world let’s get ready for 2015 to truly honor our BIBLE and read it for life. The more you read the sweeter it get. So let’s make it a 100% to read His word and be bless because God is a blesser. He wanted everyone to be bless by Him but we must be obedience to Him before we could recieve His blessing and trust Him. Proverbs a book of wisdoms and knowledges, thanks for telling us all to read daily. I love it because I need those wisdoms every day.

    Also thanks for introduce to those other books! They are amazing. I will read them as well.

    God Bless,

  26. Myrt Feagley says

    Yes, read the Bible. My days are much better when I have my devotiions, daily. I’d like to respond the the fellow who found the OT full of “blood and guts””, (my words). Things haven’t changed much. We just have better technology to destroy. Thanks for your reading suggestions,. Another good one you probably have on your list is Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich “.

  27. Kim Bennett says

    Thank you Phil for that information and the bible is very important to read before anything else. You can’t do nothing else until you read this book. The book of proverb is about wisdom and how to use it, and when to use it. In the right place and at the right time. God gives us the power to get wealth, and investing in the business is a good example.

  28. Phil,
    Thank you very much for your insight.i have just started my business in the UK,please do you extend your apprenticeship to overseas as well?if you do im ready to join.Thank you

  29. Ive read Dale Carnegies book a couple of times, my namesake….Good JOB!

  30. Eric Volkers says

    How about getting things done by David Allen? I believe I am not at your level in the field because my time management is off since I have been putting fires out for the last 5 years. Boy i need a mentor like you in my town its is almost impossible to find?

  31. Juan Morgan says

    As far as I am concerned the Bible is guide for all mankind. Many laws that govern society were patterned from the pages of the Bible. That is my number one book I read daily.

  32. I would consider the Bible in the list but not including the Old Testament portion of it, as the OT is full of massacre, mass murder, adultery, out laddish claims, and racism.

  33. Landy Phillips says

    Hey Mr. Pustejovsky,

    My name is Landy Phillips, I am a 20 year old student at Kennesaw State University but Im not the average I have read your list of personal development books many times. I am in search of my niche because i have no desire to remain in the 97 percent, and i believe that Real Estate is my niche. I have much respect for the industry and the investors that are in it i.e you. I am aware that you offer a lot more free information than most such as Robert Kiyosaki’s seminars. I noticed that you did a seminar with Robert Kiyosaki but did not mention any of his books was there any specific reason for this?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      I have spoken along side him on stages. I have been asked to speak on the subject of real estate investing. Kiyosaki himself is quite controversial for many reasons. His way of communicating the over-arching concept to buy assets, not liabilities and to own businesses and invest, was very unique and really connects with people. But sometimes when his advice gets too specific into one area, it starts to unravel. Such as the chapter in RDPD on “Corporations”. There are many issues with the advice in that chapter. His overall broad message is terrific but he isn’t as strong on specifics.

  34. I’m so glad I found a list such as this. Hopefully, I can find audio books for all of these.while at my day job I can listen to one audio book per day normally, depends on the length, and when I supplement my listening by skimming through the hard copies in the evening I can almost memorize these five books in a couple weeks. I’m really excited for what I’m sure will be a life changing couple weeks. I hope I can get your help applying this information through your mentorship program. Thank you so much.

  35. Hi Phil, the bible is a great book to read. i have read Proverb before but starting today i will read a chapter each day. I will also take a look at the other books you suggest. Thanks so much for your passion. I have learned a lot of things since i been reading your e-mails and the additional info you have shared. I pray that every nugget you share with everybody it will be given back 1,000 folds, Thanks

  36. Hi Phil… I really like your videos and your approach. You are such an informative guy and for the most part you are RIGHT ON with your comments and information.. I like your top 5 list.. I have read 3 of them… My only comment.. and this is because I love this guy so much… is that Anthony Robbins is NOT the inventor of personal development.. Don’t get me wrong I really like him.. but I would go back to HIS mentor.. and that is Jim Rohn! I am guessing that you know who he is but if not… do yourself a favor and listen to his series.. “Challenge to Succeed”.. Keep up the great work. I am a huge fan!

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Tony Robbins invented “Neuro Associative Conditioning”. Jim Rohn was a terrific human being and provided incredibly wise advice. But Tony took it to a whole new level with NAC.

  37. Thanks Phil!

    I’m getting Good to Great and Awaken the Giant Within right now. I have read the other 3, but I’ll re-read them as well. Each time, one picks up a little bit more.


  38. Nay watkins says

    Yes yes yes. the bible should be the first book in every life decision.

  39. Dear Phil,

    Thank you for this wonderful post with great suggestions- and the PDFs. I have heard a _lot_ about both How To Win Friends… and Think and Grow Rich. I hadn’t gotten around to ordering them, so thank you (no more excuses!) I look forward to reading these giants ASAP!

    Thanks again,


  40. Justine Marwa says

    Yeah the Bible, Good to Great are tremendous books. Dale Carnegie’s is equally great, but have not been able to close a real estate deal in a Kenyan business environment. How do i start?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      I am in the United States…I don’t know how to help you being that you are in Kenya

      • Maybe you could do some research on Kenya. On how the financial system works there. And how the real estate market works then compare that to the US. There should be some creative ways. See how others are gaining real estate.
        Hope you find an answer.

  41. Antawn Burston says

    Hey Phil, I enjoy reading ur paperwork. I never been big on reading, but u do give a lot of inspiration. Thank U.

  42. Great article Phil!
    Thanks for the list and advice.

  43. Great article Phil! I totally agree with the first one (the Bible) can’t go wrong with that one. The others I’m gonna have to look into. Thanks for the list and advice.

  44. EARLhALSTEAD says

    Phil, you are the real deal. Thanks a Million!!

  45. Bruce Foote says

    I strongly recommend that you add “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles written in 1910. This little gem is a real treasure for anyone who is looking for inspiration.

  46. Great info. Have read 3 of 5 will read bible verses & good to great. Thanks for sharing. Excellent choices. Love your passion for sharing! Thanks. Single dad with 3yr old working to get free. Step by step. Thanks.

  47. Phil.
    Thanks for sharing exceptional reading materials,1) The Bible..learn from the Greatest mentor/Teacher my daily reading at night and mornings when doing real estate and 2) Think and Grow Rich have read. Will look at other tow and read,I know have knowledge to impart as well. Like to think of myself as a”SpongeBob”…never know or have enough knowledge when it comes to real estate. Hope to be selected for apprentice program. Thank you.
    Valerie Robinson

  48. Hi Phil,

    You are right!
    The Bible is the #1 any day, any time, anywhere.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Excitedly looking forward to having you as my mentor.

  49. Hey Phil, thanks for the the reading materials you have suggested, they are indeed the building block for anybody that want to achieve success in anything. I’ve already builded the foundation to my business, but i can use an experience teacher to guide me towards my ultimate success.

  50. Damien Hale says

    Thanks Phil for the tip on reading a different book to help me in my beginning stages of my investing career, I will be contacting u shortly mentoring me. Thanks Damien

  51. Hi Phil. I’m really impressed with you. I know I could really use a mentor like you to help walk me through this.

  52. Trina Taplin says

    Thanks for sharing Phil.
    I was so excited when you mentioned the Bible as the #1 pick. Second, I recently, (within the last two weeks) decided on a reading goal of at least one book completed per week. When I found out that is what you have been doing for several years now, I was ecstatic. I continue to get confirmation that you are the right mentor!

  53. Thanks for the list Phil, I will be try anything that will bring me a step closer to qualifying for your apprentice program…

  54. Jason Bulsa says

    I would like you to train me, but i disagree w/ your picks. Mine would
    1. Bible CEV “The Message”
    2. Personal Power II
    3. From Rats to Riches
    4. Mobile Home Wealth
    5. MBA 2012

  55. Rajiv Hudek says

    These are amazing reading suggestions. I’ve read three of the five. Now I need to get Awaken the Giant Within (one I’ve heard about many times) and Good to Great. Thanks for sharing your insight Phil. I hope to be a part of your apprentice program soon!

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