How to Talk to Motivated Sellers and Sound Like a Pro

How to most effectively communicate with motivated sellers so that you sound like a pro, even if you are first getting started in real estate.

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  1. Fantastic info. Thank you Phil for all you do. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. I’ve been pre approved for a loan but want to bid on auction properties that require a cashier’s check. What do I need to do?

    • Freedom Mentor says

      If you are buying at the “courthouse steps” or a municipality you will need to have cash. If you are buying from online auction sites, confirm their requirements ahead of the auction.

  3. Van Hai Nguyen says

    Thank you very much, Phil. You are a great trainer / coach!

    Some people seem “motivated sellers” but their asking price is similar or higher market value, how should we talk to them so that they can lower their selling price to our MAO price?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

  4. Im looking for my first subject to property. Would it be a good idea to look thru a list of pre forclouseres and driving up to the property and asking them a few questions in person? Or is there a better method to find a suject to deal. Im willing to catch up on someone elses payments to get me the home personaly.

  5. Mary Stead says

    Thank you again for reminding me the best and only way to speak to a seller.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to do all this video.

  7. Jean D Louis says

    Phil, you are amazingly smart for knowing and sharing the five key books that can change anyone life even though they make no deal by just those books. You cannot be wrong. Congrats

  8. good info… are they motivated…
    you make it sound so simple?

  9. Thank you for your share.

  10. Barbara Fowler says

    I’m a property locator, doing overages also. Can you tell me a little about your program? I’m new to investing.

  11. Cynthia F. says

    Hi Phil, great info. I live in the Sunshine State of Florida and looking to invest.

  12. Va-Dual Wade says

    So besides the question why are they selling, even though you said it 98% of what you need to know. Are there a set of CORE questions you eed to ask the seller

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      How much do you owe? If you do have a loan, what are the monthly payments?
      What is the absolute least you would be willing to sell the property for?

  13. HapsaiGeorge says

    Thanks a lot
    clearly and perfect….

  14. Kerby StPaul says

    Do you one for multi Fams?

  15. Kerby StPaul says

    Are these deal structures mainly for single families or can they be applied to multi-famiies?

  16. Hi Phil.

    Have you written any books on foreclosures? If not, can you recommend one?


  17. Just absolutely awesome!!!

  18. NicholeHagen says

    Hi Phil! Quick question… & I apologize if this is the wrong forum to ask, but there’s no area for comment on the ‘Live Seller Calls Audio Training’.
    On the very first caller, her name was Camie, whose mortgage company wouldn’t accept her past due payments & was putting her house into foreclosure, had $100k in equity, a loan for $80k & Retail Value of $180k… Following the call, you said this call was considered a ‘Home Run’.
    My question is this: If the bank won’t accept her late payments & was already putting the house into foreclosure, how can they accept any payments from you? Is the only option at this point to pay the full amount due & would this be done through a double-close if you don’t have the funds readily available? If so, will they accept a full pay-off even if they won’t accept late payments? Is this pretty much the case for all ‘pre’ foreclosures?
    Thanks for any feedback you’d be willing to provide 🙂
    I REALLY appreciate all of the info & training you’ve provided & hope to part of your program one day soon!

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      I ended up flipping that deal to a new buyer for $150,000 and she walked away with $5,000 and after closing costs, I walked away with $40,000. Didn’t use any of my own cash or credit or nothing. Just got it under contract for $105,000 and then flipped it for $150,000. Seller was happy to get $5,000 and avoid foreclosure. I was happy to get $40,000. Home run!

  19. Srikanth Durbhakula says

    Hello Phil,
    I am Srikanth. I would like to join your program.

    I am quite impressed by your story right from Vandy days.. (am in Nashville right now 🙂 )

    Would it be possible for me to speak with you PLEASE? If so, can you please email me where I can reach you?

    -Thank you,

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Assuming you are accepted into the program, we can talk quite a bit 🙂 But I am bombarded with requests to speak with me and unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to do that these days unless you part of my program.

  20. AndyTomlinson says

    I listened to an audio where you mentioned to log into epartner to get the list of questions to ask sellers. Does this list exist? I can’t seem to locate the epartner section of the site. I also wanted to mention that you are an exceptional teacher. This program is exactly what I needed. Thanks.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      ePartner is a software system my apprentices use. It’s only accessible if the event your were to become a member of that program.
      Sorry for any confusion that may have caused.

  21. Kyle Meadows says

    Say the person wants to keep living in the home. What would you do in that case?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Nope. Leaving in the home is a BIG trap. I have seen investors go to jail over it. Bad news. Always, always, always, the seller has to leave if you buy it. If they aren’t interested in leaving, then don’t do the deal.

  22. you are a great teacher.

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