Choosing a Real Estate Investing Mentor

real_estate_investing_mentorA real estate investing mentor is the secret to investing success. Every great achiever in history has had mentors. No one is "self made". Behind every extraordinary person are extraordinary mentors. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. But how do you decide on which real estate investing mentor is right for you? Ask yourself these 3 questions when choosing a real estate investing mentor:

# 1 - Do You Want to be a Creative or Traditional Real Estate Investor?


If you don't know the difference, please review the following article: "Creative Real Estate or Traditional Investing". Deciding on which type of investor you want to be is critical because it will determine which type of real estate investing mentor is right for you.


Traditional = Local


If you plan on being a traditional investor, a local real estate investing mentor is probably your best bet. The best traditional investors are those that are very good at continually finding very inexpensive, very reliable contractors. They have the ability to move on good deals at the drop of a hat (because most traditional deals require instant action or else you lose out to someone else.) They know the local area like the back of their hand, which areas are good, which areas are bad, the direction the city is growing in, etc. Successful traditional investors spot local trends and adjust accordingly. Traditional investing is very localized so the best type of real estate investing mentor will probably be a local one.

Oftentimes, a really good "investor-friendly" real estate agent can be a great traditional real estate investing mentor. He/she can introduce you to mortgage brokers, title companies, contractors and so many other team members that will be crucial to your traditional investing success.


Creative = Nationwide


If your goal is to be a creative real estate investor, you may be surprised to hear that a nationwide real estate investing mentor may be your best bet. Creative investing techniques and formulas tend to work in every area because it is based on the concept of motivated sellers and motivated sellers are not location specific; they are everywhere. People who need to get rid of their house quickly are compelled to do so for reasons that typically have nothing to do with the local area, such as divorce, financial problems, death, mortgage problems, etc. So a very successful creative investor could actually relocate to a totally different area and be just as successful. Certainly there are local laws and characteristics that favor one creative technique over another, but for the most part, successful creative investing is not based on your local knowledge. Since creative investing requires significant creativity, getting outside the local box of thinking and seeing the entire nation and what different investors are doing all across the country, fosters more ideas and more ways to creatively invest. Plus, sometimes creative investing requires very specialized team members and if you are only drawing off of your local area for those people, you are limiting yourself. Some of the best mortgage brokers for no title seasoning loans and title companies for back to back closings we use provide nationwide or regional services. Whereas if I could only draw from local title companies or mortgage brokers, I couldn't get the deal done.


Limited Opportunities


Most importantly though, the number of motivated sellers willing to sell their property creatively is limited based on the size of the market. The cliche that, "there are enough deals to go around for everybody," is hogwash when it comes to creative investing. The more legitimate creative investing competition there is in a given area, the harder it can be to find motivated sellers. Usually, the best creative investors in a local area avoid sharing their top secrets to avoid competition. Personally, although I mentor investors all across the US, Canada and the Caribbean, I don't mentor anyone in my hometown because I don't want to create a direct competitor.


Local Mentor


What some local "mentors" will do is act like they are going to teach a newbie the ropes, but what they really do is simply teach them just enough to be able to find deals for themselves. Here's why. Every creative investor is always looking for more motivated seller leads as inexpensively as possible. Certain lead generation techniques require time and energy, such as driving neighborhoods looking for vacant houses or FSBO signs. Since the mentor doesn't have the time to do it himself, and rather than hire an employee, they get a local newbie to do all that running around for them in exchange for "showing them the ropes." I did that when I first got started. It was a huge waste of time because that guy ended up not paying me on some of the deals I brought him, stole money from me on a deal we did "together" and stole $150,000 from a friend of mine, The guy turned out to be a total crook. He had no intention of teaching me anything with substance except how to run around and do work for him for free. Well, he did teach me something valuable, what to look for when someone is about to take advantage of me! But although my experience was a bit extreme, local "mentors" are notorious for training people to their birddogs, not successful, independent investors. The fact is motivated sellers are a limited resource and competition is not helpful to existing, successful creative investors.

Therefore, you're best bet if you are looking to be a creative investor is a nationwide real estate investing mentor. They will open up their vault on all their hidden secrets because they don't have to be concerned about competition and they can draw on more ideas, techniques and team members due to their much larger geographical perspective.


# 2 - Is the Real Estate Investing Mentor Passionate About Teaching AND Successful at Investing?


Being a successful investor and being a good real estate investing mentor are two very different things. Some people are fantastic performers but lack the drive and patience to teach others. I have a friend who is a very successful investor and agent who refuses to mentor people anymore because she got so frustrated by students not following her instructions. She didn't have the patience to deal with the fact that no matter what you say, sometimes students have to learn their lessons the hard way. Plus, she wasn't passionate about teaching. She saw it as a good sideline business to make some extra money in between deal closings.

If you want to be a creative investor, you need to also make sure the mentor is successful nationwide, not just locally but wanting to become a national mentor. You want someone with a track record for mentoring students to success on a nationwide basis. A tall tell sign that they are a good local mentor but a wanna bee nationwide mentor is that the deal examples, case studies and success stories they give are all from the same geographic area.


Not Everyone Can Teach


On the other hand, you have people who are extremely passionate about teaching but they are not successful investors. That's where the old saying, "Those who can't do, teach," comes from. They are very zealous real estate investing teachers who aren't successful investors themselves. They are perhaps more dangerous because they teach well, but what they teach is wrong. Unfortunately, the less competent mentors are also usually the least expensive and since many budding real estate entrepreneurs are on a tight budget, sometimes they go with the lowest priced option. This is one thing you don't want to go cheap on because you can't learn to be rich from a broke person. If you picked the right person, the cost of the mentor will be a drop in the bucket anyway. So avoid going with the least expensive option and make sure that the real estate investing mentor you choose is far more successful at investing than you are.


Local Mentor


For those traditional investors looking for a local real estate investing mentor, be aware that you will have a much more limited pool of prospects than the creative investors going for a nationwide mentor. Try to avoid lowering your standards just to get a local one. Be patient and persistent. You may have to go outside your specific area but perhaps you can find someone that is regionally close to you. Or maybe you can reach out to a nationwide mentor and they may have some mentors they know that are closer to you geographically. But keep in mind that you need someone who is passionate about teaching AND is successful at investing.


# 3 - What's the Real Estate Investing Mentor's Motivation to Help You?


This is a HUGE mistake many, many people make when choosing a real estate investing mentor, They do not think through the REAL motivation of why the mentor would help you. The consequences can be significant. You need to have a clear and realistic understanding as to why the mentor wants to help you. Some beginners unrealistically assume they are going to find an extremely successful mentor who, out of the goodness of his/her heart, is going to lead them to the promise land. But mentoring someone to real estate investing success is a long term, ongoing, patient and persistent process. The mentor must have substantial motivation to work with you; and the thought that they want to help you because they like you is downright naive. It doesn't work that way in the real world.


Here are some examples of the REAL motivation of some real estate investing mentors:

  • If you are traditional investing and you have an investor friendly real estate agent mentoring you, that agent's REAL motivation is for you to buy real estate. That's how they get their commission, when you buy. But sometimes the best decision of all is to not buy the property. If you don't buy the property though, your agent doesn't get paid. When in doubt, that agent is going to tell you to buy because that is how they feed themselves.
  • If you are traditional investing and you find a local real estate investing mentor that says he/she will teach you by doing a deal together and all you have to do is bring the money, beware! That's what got me and my friend in trouble when I first got started. Well, my friend brought money, but I was broke so I was bringing my good credit credit, which is basically the same thing. If a local mentor is truly successful, he/she doesn't need your money or your credit to sign on a loan.
  • Whether creative or traditional, sometimes a real estate investing mentor may charge you an upfront fee to be your mentor. this arrangement can work very well so long as you pay a fair and reasonable amount upfront and the rest of the mentor's compensation is tied to your future success. Unfortunately, some mentors charge their entire fee upfront and the problem with that arrangement is that the motivation they have to help you was provided in full at the beginning of the relationship. What motivation do they have down the road to help you when you get stuck? They have already been paid all of their money and given all of their motivation. It would be like paying a painter their entire bill before they took one stroke of the paint brush. Most people would never agree to those terms with a paint contractor. Instead, pay the painter some money upfront for materials and to get the work started and then pay progress checks as work is completed. As that relates to a real estate mentor, pay the mentor some money upfront and then money as deals close. That's exactly how our Apprentice Program works.


Equal Profits


The best way to ensure your mentor's motivation is aligned with yours, is to align your incentives with the mentor. Such as doing a profit sharing arrangement whereby when you make money, the mentor makes money. That way, when the mentor wins, you win and perhaps just as important, if a deal is falling apart, the mentor stands to miss out on those profits just like you.

In addition, if you have already paid for real estate coaching services or are trying to make a decision right now on a mentor, consider how you found that person or company. For example, did you find them by researching online, reading articles or a book they wrote or by a referral from a trusted adviser? Or did they find you, as in coming to a local hotel in your area? In most cases, the best people to work with are the ones that you found, as opposed to the people that found you.

Hopefully now, you can make much more informed decision when choosing a real estate investing mentor.

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      It will GREATLY effect your real estate endeavors. Perhaps consider starting an online business instead. You gain momentum and foundations for future success by staying planted in one place with real estate.

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    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      (1) An underwriter approves or disapproves a loan.
      (2) In other trainings, I certainly recommend staying away from foreclosures, but not for the reason you cited. Every deal is different as to how long it takes to close.

  38. I have a “subject to” deal in the works where I plan to rent the house. The Owner is asking me what would happen if I eventually find a buyer for the house? I’m not sure how this would make a profit for myself when the owner wants the profits from the sale?

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    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      So long as you don’t waste a bunch of their time on tons of lousy deals, it’s usually goes OK.

  47. You are 100% correct Phil. I recently met a local investor who I asked to show me the ropes in real estate. He was inviting at first but has stepped back. He will respond to questions I text him but is vague with answers. Its been a blessing in disguise because I began searching for answers on my own. I found your videos on youtube and I went to your website and downloaded your book. I am so thankful for all that you have done and hope others can be blessed with this knowledge. I look forward to doing business with you in your apprentice program!


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    $ 10,000 —— 6 mos. to I yr.. one on one basis.
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    $ 0 dollar — access to unlimited free on-line use of videos and sites to start with until u have the $$$$$.
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      You can certainly apply to become a part of my Apprentice Program. Congratulations on being introduced to this wonderful business. Take it one day at a time. You’ll eventually learn the lingo of real estate. But be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂

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    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      I wish you the best of luck in that venture. Little tip…the BIGGEST issue 98% of real estate agents struggle with is marketing. They never figure out how to systematically bring in more business than they can service. Instead, they deal with the scraps and whatever comes their way. The problem with referrals is that you can’t control the type of customer you work with. If you dial in marketing, the rest will work itself out.

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    Marvin Breton

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      You can Apply to be my Apprentice. I can’t make any promises because we demand has really increased lately since the real estate market has turned around and we have to very selective on who we let in but give it a shot. Thanks for sharing Marvin.

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      You are welcome to apply to become my next apprentice by clicking on the “Apprentice Program” tab at the top of this page.

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      Apply to my apprentice program and perhaps there may be a fit? And welcome to the wonderful world of real estate investing!

      • No tab at top to join

        • Phil Pustejovsky says

          The tab is called “Apprentice Program”

          • Phil,
            My name is Chong. I like what you say about paying a mentor to help guide me. I have been to couple of those events and they got a whole lot money our out of me. I am still in the same pot hole because when they came to mentor/coach me with those couple days. I feel like nothing can stop me but after they left. I am back into my same pot hole feeling lost and confuse. I like what you just say about having a mentor to be with you not just for couple days but for a long time relationship and making money together. I live in Modesto, California and in need of a good mentor just like you said. I am going for a 100% on my real estate investing but I need help. I have been watching a lot of your you tube videos and it has help me a lot and an eye opening to a bigger picture and better understanding. Please consider me to be a part of your team and help guide me by the hand and make money together here.

            Waiting for an answer,

  62. Shiv Kotagal says

    Wow, ‘Aligning of interests’ is such a powerful concept, it’s probably the ONLY way to extract the best out of a student-mentor relationship, this is brilliant, Phil!

    • Alder chavez says

      Thank you so much phil, i am very happy to find you. I am sure than I’m going to be very successful with all the stuff you are teaching me. I will let you know when I close my first deal.

    • Phil Hargrave says

      Phil,I want to thank you for all of the time and effort you put into your free course, it was amazingly informative and chronologically consistent. I am a Carpenter Remodeler who is very excited about real estate and the prospect of flipping properties and saving by contracting myself out and getting paid twice. I spent the whole of this weekend studying your videos and you are very easy to learn from thanks!

      • Alphonso Blackett says

        There is only one Phil. I am getting ready to pay all this money to Phil’s organization
        and have met no one in the flesh. A little scary.

    • carmen lacy says

      you sure are a good teacher. i am going to check out the other videos to see how i can start wholesaling.

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