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ePartner_Real_Estate_Investing_SoftwareePartner Software was developed for real estate investors by real estate investors. It is a very powerful tool for creative real estate investors. Watch the video below to learn more about many of the powerful features and benefits of the ePartner® Real Estate software:

ePartner® Real Estate Software - Personal Edition

ePartner® Personal Edition is the most powerful real estate deal making automation software available. ePartner® helps you locate your deals, market your properties, analyze your profits, and close your transactions. All details regarding your deals, including complete information on every property, seller, buyer, tenant, lender, agent, vendor, etc, as well as every contract and crucial document is available to you from any computer anywhere in the world at all times (including directly from your smart phone). This unprecedented accessibility provides you with the ultimate in efficiency and success while also allowing you to literally run your real estate investing business from anywhere at any time.

ePartner® Real Estate Software - Enterprise Edition

With the ePartner® Enterprise Edition, you'll get all of the amazing features included in the Personal Edition PLUS you'll get the proprietary live coaching interface features as well. This propels your success by giving you live, real-time "direct interaction" between you and your highly skilled coaches and mentors. For the first time ever in real estate investing education history you can now be coached as if your mentor were sitting right at your desk with you, even if he/she is half way across the globe! All details regarding your deals as well as every contract and critical document is available to you and your coaching team at all times. Here are just a few of many incredible features contained in the ePartner® Enterprise Edition: Messaging Module - The ability to send messages to any individual coaches or the first available coach and all messages appear in the Notes tab of each deal so that every piece of advice is easy to find and is never lost. All of your correspondence is automatically organized so you don't have to organize it yourself.
Interactive Notes Module: Allows you and your coach to work together in real time on all your deals.
Deal Document Review Module: Every key document you upload is reviewed by a coach to ensure you have completed it correctly. This "second set of eyes" prevents important details from falling through the cracks.
Activity Accountability Interface: Know where you stand in your progress as well as where you need to improve and shows the coach where you need to be held accountable so you don't make excuses and so that you reach the goals you have set for yourself!
Most Influential Coach Designation Module: When a deal closes, you get to choose who was most influential in helping you get the deal under contract as well as closed. This creates even more incentives as well as some cooperative competition amongst the coaching staff to make sure you are successful.
This system allows real estate coaches to train and mentor students on a level never before seen in the real estate investing education industry. Using the power of technology, this system allows you to have the sharpest minds in real estate investing reviewing your business as if they were sitting next to you in your home office.
Freedom Mentor has a bulk licensing arrangement with ePartner® to allow its apprentices to use it so if you would like to use ePartner® Real Estate Software, consider applying to be my next apprentice.

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  1. Hello Phil,
    I read your book: watched some Youtube videos. Personally, your presentation is vivid. When conducive, I will like to join the program. Thank you

    • Freedom Mentor says

      Well it sounds like you might be interested in making application to become one of my apprentices!

  2. HARVEY j GATES says

    I very much appreciated this explanatory video. I’ve read both of your books 2-3x’s. Please have a coach and/or Mentor call me. Thank you.

    • Freedom Mentor says

      It sounds like you might be interested in learning about working with us. To learn more make application to my mentoring program.

  3. Devonte Davis says

    I would really love to become one of your apprentices

  4. Your videos are truly out of this world. Thank you.

  5. Phil, I have read your book time and again, no doubt your program is the real deal, talk to you soon!

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