Freedom Mentor Reviews

Freedom Mentor Reviews and reviews of the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program. Here's a video of people who joined the program and what they have to say about their experience: Here are some written Freedom Mentor Reviews from people who have been in the program: … [Read more...]

Perfect Small Business You Can Start

Do you wish you could work from home? Or maybe you are sick and tired of working your butt off from 9-5 every week at a job that isn't meeting your financial needs. Well I am here to tell you that YOU CAN work from home and make money! Even better, you can do it without committing to some crazy period scheme or going back to school. There is a perfect small business that anyone can run successfully in their own backyard.   Just imagine the perfect small business that you could start. … [Read more...]

Welcome Real Estate Investing Gone Bad Readers!

  Get your FREE copy of my other best selling book "How to be a Real Estate Investor" ($9.97 on Amazon) and investor training video series below: Privacy Guarantee: Your info is 100% secure and will never be shared. Opt out anytime.     Real Estate Investing Gone Bad Questions/Comments If you have any of your own investing-deals-gone-bad stories, or if you have a questions about any of the stories in the book Real Estate Investing … [Read more...]

ePartner Software

ePartner Software was developed for real estate investors by real estate investors. It is a very powerful tool for creative real estate investors. Watch the video below to learn more about many of the powerful features and benefits of the ePartner® Real Estate software: ePartner® Real Estate Software - Personal Edition ePartner® Personal Edition is the most powerful real estate deal making automation software available. ePartner® helps you locate your deals, market your properties, … [Read more...]