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Do you wish you could work from home? Or maybe you are sick and tired of working your butt off from 9-5 every week at a job that isn't meeting your financial needs. Well I am here to tell you that YOU CAN work from home and make money! Even better, you can do it without committing to some crazy period scheme or going back to school. There is a perfect small business that anyone can run successfully in their own backyard.


Just imagine the perfect small business that you could start. What would that look like?


1.   You'd be able to work from home.

You wouldn't have to rent expensive commercial office space.

2. You could do it part time.

You wouldn't have to quit your day job.

 3. You could make a lot of money doing it.

We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sure that doesn't make you a billionaire, but wouldn't you like to have an extra couple hundred thousand dollars a year coming in working from home part time? It's a lot of money.

4. No equipment, no special machines.


5. No inventory

No boxes of candles or potions or piles in your garage.

6.  No employees.

You can get started with just you. Now you could add employees if you want to, but you don't need to. Number seven, low up front investment. We're not talking the hundreds of thousands of dollars required to have a McDonald's franchise.

Right now you're probably thinking, what is this? Well you're going to be surprised.


8.  Be successful in your own back yard.

You don't have to travel. You can do it right where you're at.

9. No licences or degrees.

You don't have to be a MBA from Harvard. You don't have to spend a fortune on education.

10. Satisfies a Basic Human Need

This is what kicks out many of the ideas you may have in your head. You might be thinking one of those MLM Amway kind of network marketing companies. No. You might be thinking, maybe it's some internet website company. No. Here's why because the perfect small business needs to satisfy a basic human need, because when you do that, it works in perpetuity. It worked hundreds of years ago. It's going to work a hundred years from now. Three hundred years from now.

What is this?


What satisfies all ten of these to make it the perfect small business that you could start? Creative real estate and flipping houses. That's the perfect small business you can start. It hits every single one of these points. How can you get started with it? Get your free copy of my best selling book, "How to be a Real Estate Investor". This book has hundreds of five star reviews on Amazon, but you don't have to pay a penny for it. You can get it free because you watched this video. Click the video now to get your copy of this best selling book. This is the book that I wish would have been written, I wish I would have read when I first got started, because I stumbled around for years before I got the hang of it.


My Story


In this book I actually share with you my incredible true story about how I ended up going homeless, broke, living out of my truck in Nashville, Tennessee. Then how, through the tutelage of a mentor, I became financially free, living the life of my dreams in a waterfront mansion in Florida. Look, you can do this, too. Real estate is timeless. It will always be here. It has all these wonderful attributes. In fact, even though I don't need to do it anymore, I still do this business part time because it's that good. Get your free copy of this best selling book right now and get on the path to financial freedom. Real stuff, too. This is real estate. It's always going to be there and this is the greatest small business that has ever existed and it's something that you absolutely can do.

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  1. A. L. Diwan says

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    Hi Phil, I enjoy learning from you. I wish I knew you offer this free training service, because I spent $500 the other day to get the education. Anyway, you’re a blessing!

  5. Jorge Llanos says

    Yes I like to request How To Be A Real Estate Investor

    Thank you

  6. MiKE Allen says

    Send me the free book

  7. I’m reading your book as you speak! Thank you so much for investing your time and energy into writing this book! Once I’m done reading this book (I’m currently on page 88) I WILL be applying for your apprentice program! I’m looking forward to a new career in real estate investing and living the life of my dreams!

  8. Im very interested in doing this, im a ambitious person, I would love to learn more about this.

  9. Ginger reyed says

    Hi if this for real I will like to know how to get started.

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    Do I need Realstate liecence to start I’m in college part time I come from a poor home and I’m somewhat homeless I need help please I’m desperate

  11. Thank Phil for sharing. This is very good.

  12. Send me course

  13. Phil you are very informative! i have learned a lot! From your information and gained new perspectives, I am still watching your training videos and when I’m done I hope to be one of the fortunate ones that you will mentor! But if not it is a privilege to gain some of your knowledge and thank you for helping the little guys!

  14. I really want to be a successful Real Estate investor

  15. Nice stuff. Thanks so much sir

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    This is my time to see shine…..want to be apart of this movement. Thanks

  17. Kandis M Pruitt says

    You make it sound so easy Iv been reading your book and taking your mentor course although I’m not finished with them I feel lost I just don’t know where to start I know where at least ten properties are that are definitely profitable can you help me please?

  18. Can’t wait to get started!!!

  19. How can i start a small business with no money and low credit?

  20. Jason Grigar says

    This sounds like something I’ve always wanted to do!

  21. Goodmorning Phil. I want to start my small business. I’m dreaming with all this.

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