Building a Great Real Estate Team

Building_a_Great_Real_Estate_TeamReal estate is a team sport and to reach your full potential as an investor, you must build a team of great people. Working with the right agents, mortgage originators, attorneys, contractors and many others are essential to making a fortune in this business. Sadly, many beginner and experienced investors alike, surround themselves with mediocre, or even worse, lousy team players. A team full of mediocre players is destructive and produces poor results. Do yourself a big favor and surround yourself with great real estate teammates. And here's how you locate, attract and work with great real estate players.



Real Estate is a Team Sport


  • Even if you are a one-man-show, in a real estate transactions many different people are involved.
  • The most successful real estate investors have assembled a team of the best in each field.
  • Building a team of great people is essential to successfully investing in real estate.


90/10 Rule


  • 10% of the people are great
  • 90% are at best mediocre and at worst, awful
  • Most people work with the mediocre 90% because they are the easiest to find.
  • Have the discipline to work with the great 10%

Finding Great Real Estate Team Members


Friends of a Feather Flock Together


  • Not all great people are on the top of industry ranking lists.
  • If you can find at least one great person, they can refer you to other great people.


To Work with Great People, Be Great to Work With


  • Do great deals with tons of profit in them so that you can pay great people well for their services.
  • Be a great person to work with because A Players don't typically associate themselves with poor performers
  • If you are first getting started and don't have a track record of excellence, at the very least, show the character of future greatness, such as being a great communicator, being honest and a high level of integrity as well as being very consistent and always doing what you say you are going to do.

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  1. Sahlewerk Woldeselassie says

    Hey Phil,

    Thank you for sharing such a valuable information. Team building means strong foundation.

    Sahle D.W.

  2. Yassin Ismaeel says

    Hi Phil,
    Thank you very much for your video. I am a great fan of your information and teaching. You are great and I hope that I will work with you.

  3. Irma Sierra says

    Great video, Thanks a lot!

  4. Am hungry to master the skill knowledge

  5. As usual great info Phil.

  6. If it’s that easy to find top listing agents, why doesn’t the seller with everything going for them look up that information themselves and procure their services? Why does Phil have to do that? Is it the same reason that housing developers don’t contact home owners that are near their developments? Are you saying that these people are stupid?

  7. I have thrown a way so much money on courses that never took me any where, and some were made complicated. But your videos are by far the best, and the fact that you do it for free, makes you a great man. If I or when I make it to freedom, I’ll remember you and your videos to everyone.

  8. Thx Mr Phil for the advice cause your sooooooo right!!! Great team better deals

  9. Hi Phil, I agree on about 10 percent of the people working in the real estate market are making all the money. And you don’t take your car to a washing machine mechanic. One thing you didn’t mention, although there are real estate companies and agents willing to work with investors, but a lot won’t. There are two real estate companies that a investor can go to and have a excellent chance of getting a great realtor. They are Re/Max and Keller Williams. Both companies were founded and owned by real estate investors. They understand the needs and requirements of an investor. They also have training programs for their agents to work with investors. So make sure you ask the receptionist for an agent who works investors. This makes finding an agent a lot easier. John Davis

  10. Emmanuel Dumaguing says

    This is very good stuff. I believe in quality over quantity. I also apply this to my everyday life. I am very picky when it comes to friends. I always choose my environment and the people I surround myself with because If I want to have a quality lifestyle I need to be with people who has it all together. Same with Business, need the top players to form a Championship team!

  11. John J Dasare says

    Very interesting and motivating video.


  13. Wallace Paul says

    Very edifying and as usual very motivating.Thanks for so much information delivered in a style that is so uncomplicated.

  14. This is an excellent article.

  15. Gene Riddle says

    Hi Phil – I went to the RealTrends web site and it only seemed to post the top agents in Florida. I live in California, and I couldn’t see where it listed California agents. Does it also cover California, or should I try to find another web site? I briefly looked for another web site for California, but all I found where sites that appear to be being used as referrals for realtors. Does RealTrends list top agents for California also, or do I need to find another site? Thanks for you info!!! Gene

  16. Anthony Davis says

    Hey Phil,
    This video is so well done and well said that I had to take the time out to give you this compliment!
    Anthony Davis
    Charlotte, North Carolina

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