Automating House Flipping

Discover how to automate your house flipping business so you can make more money with less of your own time and effort. Too many real estate investors are chained to their business of flipping houses and never experience true freedom. Meanwhile, most of the tasks required to flip houses can be automated and this video is going to show you how.


  1. Craig Rogers says

    Thanks Phil!! love your dedication!

  2. Chris Hummel says

    Automation is key, advisors on your team are huge.

  3. Yva Toussaint says

    We own a house we grow out of the house we need ideas and we are locked in the house so it feels we need to go but we ‘re stuck please help we are not rich we are working and living paycheck by paycheck can you help people like us in my community thanks

  4. William Perna says

    I would work 10 hours a day flipping houses if I knew how . I always wanted to get into the realestate business . But I need someone to actually show me how. I need hands on training to actually go threw the complete process of buying , rehabing , marketing , and flipping the property at a profit . I know nothing about real estate . And I know it seems more people lose money than make money in the flipping business .

  5. gskanwal says

    I need to get in house flipping. I have some ira money. I do not need books etc;

    Teach me hand on FLIPING if you have a system and then I will work with you.

    g s kanwplease reply

  6. Roni Vardi says

    Thanks again,
    Wondering if there is a way to know more about the apprentice program/s (?).

  7. Paul mirjahangir says

    Phil this was/is a great teaching tool for automating the house flipping biz.ihave watched your videos always all the you Are a great teacher/ mentor to learn from.

  8. Taneshia Scott says

    Can you used this for wholesaling .

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Absolutely. Many of the most successful investors in America are doing far more wholesales than rehabs in today’s market.

  9. Shad Kamau says

    Thanks Phil. I found the video on the Automation House Fliping very resourceful. I find most videos online providing incomplete lessons. Yours is a complete lesson that will help me apply the same even in other businesses other than real estate.

    I am in Kenya and I really appreciate the video. Its mind opening. I look forward to learn more. God bless

  10. Phil can do know if wholesaling can really be done legally in Canada? It’s unheard here, most people are saying I can go to jail if I try. True? False? Do I ignore the naysayers?

  11. Derrick Gadsden says

    You gave me a lot of insight to REI. thumbs up to you and your team

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