3 Ways to Earn Steady Income in Real Estate

Discover the 3 ways to earn STEADY income in real estate. As you may know, real estate is a business of big paydays...and long pay delays. Many investors and agents struggle to create consistent cashflow in their real estate operations and therefore, are more stressed than they should be. You're about to learn how to generate steady income in real estate so that you can have more freedom, more relaxation and more fun in real estate!


3 Ways to Earn Steady Income in Real Estate


1. Increasing Seller Lead Flow and Generating Seller Leads

Increasing Seller Lead Flow:

Whether you're an investor or a real estate agent, controlling sellers is where you make all your money. It’s not generating buyer leads or building buyers lists, which is a waste of time for the most part. Instead, as a real estate investor, the real money comes when you control the deal and have a contract with the seller. Or, if you're an agent, you have a listing agreement. From there, you then can generate buyers.

When you put a property up for sale, you get a lot of buyer interest, which builds your buyers list if you're a house flipper or wholesaler. If you're a real estate agent, you might pick up some clients as well as a result of your listings. Either way, seller leads is where it's at.

Increasing the seller lead flow means:

  • If one deal falls apart it will not greatly impact your finances.
  • You're not at the mercy of every single deal you're trying to close, which reduces your stress.
  • Increasing the number of deals you have going creates consistency.
Generating Seller Leads:

This is a lot easier said than done. In fact, generating seller leads consumes much of my time in research and development in our businesses. We spend an enormous amount of time on this, testing and split testing because changes are always occurring.

An example of this is Facebook. They are phasing out a lot of their targets because they were coming from Cambridge Analytica, whom they've had a falling out with. This means a lot of real estate agents and investors who are running Facebook marketing right now are about to take a huge tumble. However, we've been testing out some audiences for the last couple of months. We're going to be in great shape because we're constantly on this subject. Most successful real estate investors focus primarily on lead generation, because if they have leads coming in, the rest falls in place.


2. Buy Rental Property

I want to touch on two challenges a lot of people don't think about as they consider rental property.

It Takes Time for Rental Property to Stabilize:

It will take one to two years for a rental property to stabilize and produce cashflow that can be used to pay a portion of your bills. The mistake a lot of people make is thinking that the moment they buy the rental property they have that steady income flow coming in. It's not true no matter how experienced you are, or which property type or asset class you own. There are a couple reasons for this:

  • You're trying to build up reserves. Especially if we're talking about a single-family home, where if you lose that tenant you lose all its income.
  • There are repairs. When you buy a property there are usually some problems with it. Making repairs and possibly fixing mistakes with those repairs cost money.

In contrast, increasing seller lead flow is almost instantaneous and you're going to have a lot more leads coming in, if you know what you're doing. The average real estate deal from the time you talk to the seller to the time you close, might take thirty to ninety days, but it's in the pipeline. That's a lot shorter than one to two years. So, the first thing you need to be aware of when buying rental property is it usually takes some time for it to stabilize.

It Requires Money:

I know I have videos on how to buy real estate with no cash and no credit and you can do that. We do that all the time. However, that’s usually for no credit short term deals that you can get into quick and easy. Often those are deals we flip. Yes, you could acquire a property subject to and maybe you get the seller to do owner financing in the second position. You could also purchase a rental property long term with creative financing, with very little money down.

However, the reality is that even when you do that, you typically have no cashflow. Usually you give the seller some money, spend some money on repairs when you first buy it, then maybe a few months of holding costs and then you get the tenant in there. Those are the properties that cash flow well. The point is, you need money and that money could be 10 to 30 thousand dollars just to buy one rental property. Buying rental property can create stability, but it not only takes time for that to stabilize, it takes some real money to acquire it.

Return on Investment

It's a lot cheaper to increase seller lead flow and be doing deals, than it is to be buying rental property to create a little bit of cashflow. The cost is about fifty to two hundred dollars a lead. Plus, when we talk about rental property, usually we're talking about what's called a return on investment. If you put ten thousand into it and your return on investment is 20%, that's two grand a year. On a monthly basis, we're talking about less than two hundred dollars.

In summary, if you want to earn a steady income in real estate, it's a lot faster and cheaper to increase seller leads. Obviously, I own a tremendous amount of rental property and I encourage you to as well, but just recognize these two facts. It's going to take money and it's going to take time for it to stabilize.


3. Become an Appraiser or Inspector

This is important because it's applicable in today's market, more so than ever before. Becoming an appraiser or inspector is guaranteed fees, and as a real estate investor or agent, there aren’t many ways to get guaranteed fees. However, if you have time, if you're younger or if you are making a career transition to real estate, you may want to consider either becoming an appraiser or an inspector.


Appraisers are a dying breed. Believe it or not, there are very few appraisers out there right now. The biggest problem with closing a real estate deal quickly if an appraisal is necessary, is finding an appraiser that isn't three weeks, or a month, or two months behind.

This is a significant income opportunity. I was speaking with someone who oversees the Department of Transportation for a large state. He was telling me that one of the keys to their growth is that they must have appraisers on staff. This is because when the Department of Transportation is looking to expand and create a new highway, they need to buy real estate from private landowners. They need appraisers to verify that they're paying market value for that land. He said that for every five hundred engineers he can find to help engineer the new road, he can find one appraiser to help him.

What makes this so fascinating to me is, as a real estate investor or agent, knowing what a property can appraise for is one of the single most important skills you'll ever need to know. Having the skills of an appraiser will help you as a professional in real estate even if you increase lead flow and invest in rental property. It’s guaranteed money and often these fees are four hundred dollars plus. You can do a couple of those in a day. So, if you have the time and you need that steady income, why not become an appraiser?

Relaxed Requirements

To make it even more appealing, for the first time in Florida history, they have changed the state laws on what is required to become an appraiser. You no longer need a college degree. Why did they reduce the requirements? It's because the market is starving for appraisers. This is a tremendous opportunity.


Inspectors are also well paid. There may be a few more inspectors out there, but they are also a dying breed.

When I was a senior in college, I worked at a country club waiting tables in the restaurant. I became familiar with some of the members that would come in on a consistent basis. One of these men was Bob, Bob the builder. He was a very successful developer and would wine and dine other club members to raise money for his big development projects building luxury homes.

When I got into investing after I graduated, I had a property that I was getting inspected. Arriving at the property, I went to meet the inspector, and Bob the builder was there. At first I didn't recognize him, but then looking at him, I realized it was him with these knee pads on. He was ready to get up underneath the crawl space and start looking at the house. I said, "Bob, what are you doing? I thought you were a luxury home builder. Is the business bad for you?"

He responded, "No, no. The luxury home business is booming. I've been a home inspector for 25 years because it's guaranteed quick money. I can come here and get this inspection done in about an hour and a half and get you a report out. My crews are building the houses. I mean, there's periods when I have some time on my hands and I just pick up some inspection deals. It's quick, easy money, and it's guaranteed."


The real estate business is a business of big paydays and long pay delays. The other thing is that you have periods of time, just like Bob, where you don't have a lot going on if your lead flow is not completely ramped up. During those pockets and periods of time, that's where guaranteed fees can be a tremendous benefit.



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  1. Lou Martinez says


    Watching Phil in “Three Ways To Earn Steady Income In Real Estate”, I noticed his body language. He gets SO EXCITED, it’s catchy. You can tell by the animation/movements of his hands, arms, kind of standing on his toes to get his point across, tells you he is SINCERELY INTO HIS PROFESSION.

    It was amusing at first, until it finally hit me. Phil is emphatically excited sharing his knowledge.

    Great video.

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  3. Orlando Thompson says

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  4. Douglas R Long says

    Thank you for the encouragement. I appraised in Ohio for 30 years (SRA) and moved to Florida 10 years ago when at that time in order for me to appraise here I had to go back to college and start at square one as if I never appraised a single day in my life. So I retired from that career. After watching your video and finding out that the requirements are basically nil to be an appraiser now, I am going to restart my career.

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