3 Ways to Earn Steady Income in Real Estate

Discover the 3 ways to earn STEADY income in real estate. As you may know, real estate is a business of big paydays...and long pay delays. Many investors and agents struggle to create consistent cashflow in their real estate operations and therefore, are more stressed than they should be. You're about to learn how to generate steady income in real estate so that you can have more freedom, more relaxation and more fun in real estate!


  1. Roland berkel says

    I have an plc and I am very interested I accumulating seller leads.

  2. Stacey Johnson says


  3. Soeren Maigaard says

    Increase seller leads? Tell me more about that?

  4. Hi Phil, I almost turned this video off when you got to #3, but stayed with it, and am really glad I did. I never thought about being an “Appraiser”, but your argument about the guaranteed fees is really a “no-brainer”, especially because I like the process of developing/establishing value. Thanks for the valuable insight!

  5. Love when you brought up appraisers and inspectors. Just this morning, I received my appraiser trainee license in the mail. My logic in going through the training and obtaining my appraisers license was exactly what you mentioned in your video. Super excited to add value to my real estate business.

  6. Lonniebess says

    Good morning to you I like the video I’m already in the real estate I’m trying to take my business to the next level but I’m having a few problems I have some rentals I rent rooms and that’s a pretty good business it helps me to keep the bills paid and I’m trying to open up a barbershop a seafood store and it’s Whole Food store I’ve tried to borrow money on one of my properties that’s worth that’s worth a hundred and something thousand he told me that my daddy ratio is too high my credit score is a 7-Eleven so I have a good credit score and I have equity in all my properties they all are free and clear I’m just trying to figure out how to get the money to finish the three stores and take my business to another level. God bless you and have a wonderful day and keep on doing what you doing sorry for the long message

  7. You always share so much value. That’s why I keep watching. Especially the rental property consideration-that’s something most of us don’t take into account. Thanks so much.

  8. L. Jorge Hurtado says


    Great contribution – it is a no brainer but someone has to say it!!. I admire your energy, dedication and ability to combine anecdotes into your presentations. Jorge

  9. Thank you Phil call the information in sites you give. I have been listening to you for several years

  10. Thanks Phil.

  11. Bakir Ebrahim says

    Wow Phil,
    Never thought of that, I would consider being an appraiser !!!!! I still have my real estate license in Florida, but it is inactive…
    Phil, Where do I go to get my appraiser license?

    I really want to get into real estate business.


  12. Great advice Phil! Thanks!

  13. EarlArmstrong says

    I want to learn how to be a real state investor and to buy property…need to change my future

  14. Hi Phil,
    I like listening to your videos. Just about 2 days ago I was talking with a friend who needed some guidance and ideas about her future. I suggested she look into becoming a inspector. I personally would like to know where do I find more information on training to become an appraiser. How long does it usually take to aquire the skills and finish a training course in real estate appraisals?

  15. Munira yousif Mohamed says

    I like to see it how to involve and how to earn money in my three months and much for registration.

  16. Douglas R Long says

    Thank you for the encouragement. I appraised in Ohio for 30 years (SRA) and moved to Florida 10 years ago when at that time in order for me to appraise here I had to go back to college and start at square one as if I never appraised a single day in my life. So I retired from that career. After watching your video and finding out that the requirements are basically nil to be an appraiser now, I am going to restart my career.

  17. Orlando Thompson says

    I am very interested in your program. I am in love with real estate investing and want to find a better way.

  18. Thanks! Great advice!

  19. Lou Martinez says


    Watching Phil in “Three Ways To Earn Steady Income In Real Estate”, I noticed his body language. He gets SO EXCITED, it’s catchy. You can tell by the animation/movements of his hands, arms, kind of standing on his toes to get his point across, tells you he is SINCERELY INTO HIS PROFESSION.

    It was amusing at first, until it finally hit me. Phil is emphatically excited sharing his knowledge.

    Great video.

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