10 Myths of Real Estate Investing

These are the 10 most common myths of real estate investing and unfortunately, you may still believe some of them!


Myth # 1 - Good Ol Days


Myth # 2 - What You See is What You Get


Myth # 3 - Who You Know

The Skinny on Real Estate Investor Clubs [VIDEO]


Myth # 4 - My Area is Bad


Myth # 5 - Bad Timing


Myth # 6 - Not Enough Time

Can Real Estate Investing Be Done Successfully Part Time?[VIDEO]


Myth # 7 - License

Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License?


Myth # 8 - Good Credit

5 Ways to Buy a House with Bad Credit


Myth # 9 - Money

Creative Real Estate Investing and Flipping Houses Course (FREE)


Myth # 10 - Simple

Real Estate Investing Gone Bad



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    You know of the real estate people that I deal with work with communicate with watch shows I find you to be more able personality wise and I like how you teach kind of remind me of myself. I’ll be it different fields different professionals levels but touching off on some of the same things. $⁶⁵

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