Will iBuyers End House Flipping?

Will iBuyers end house flipping for small real estate investors? They have many traditional real estate investors terrified! Companies such as OpenDoor, OfferPad, Zillow Offers, RedfinNow and Knock are being referred to as "iBuyers" and even large brokerages such as Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker now have an iBuyer branch. These iBuyers are buying houses for quick cash, renovating and then reselling; just like traditional house flippers have been doing for decades. However, they are doing it on a massive scale like never before seen in our industry's history. Funded by billions in Wall Street money, they are buying thousands of houses in many major markets across the US and expanding rapidly. Here's how iBuyers will impact small real estate investors:


  1. Little Flip says

    My man Phil always sharp and ahead of the Curve, Thanks Phil …..

  2. Daryl Crabtree says

    You truly are amazing. iBuyers and I Buyers I guess.. corporations. Overpaying…Here I sit. I been instructed. Get creative.My question is how can I make it a win win win situation cause the seller might be set up to lose? Can’t I bring good news instead of bad to them??. I’ll get your book. Thanks

  3. Great video Phil!
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    Good stuff Phil. Thanks for the upload.

  5. Mark Klinkner says

    Please send copy of book 14092 Dearborn path Rosemount Minnesota

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    Excellent Thank You

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    I would to into flipping

  8. Terry Mathews Sr. says

    Another great video Phil. Thank you for clearing up some of the concerns. I saw one of the “OPEN DOOR” signs today when I was looking at neighborhoods. I do not see them very often, however, and I am a Broker. I love the way you see through and figure out different situations! In this case, you took your time and gained personal experience before you shared it with us followers. Very wise of you. I will gravitate towards wisdom any day over hastiness and panic! Thank you again, as always!!!

  9. Yassin Ismaeel says

    Thank you very much.
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  10. Good job did not know this was going on but yed keep the small flippers going mom and pop stores are no more.

  11. Piper Parker says

    Phil, You are the “flagship” instructor in this real estate investor business. You have the “heart” of a teacher and the creative mindset of an entrepreneur with no financial success limits.

  12. Phil, I have a lot of respect for you. And this latest video is great.

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