Vacation Rental Investment Makeover

Vacation rental investing is one of the hottest techniques in today's market. You're about to get an inside look at a complete makeover of one of my vacation rental investments. You'll go in the field with me, before and after the remodel, while I reveal tips along the way. This is a MUST watch anyone looking to own a vacation rental:


  1. Thanks so much, I learn so much in this video.

  2. Matthew Hummel, Diligent Asset Network, LLC says

    Based on the experience converting a 4plex into upscale condos, I have to say that your rehab costs for new flooring, new hvac, new ceiling are about $35k too low. Lately the cost of labor and materials have gone way up so that your cash on cash return is less than you predict in your example. Your ideas on priority of updates are good based on my market in Austin Texas. Well done and thanks. Were you on-site to oversee the rehab work on a daily bases. My stainless steel appliances took Samsung 6 months to get them delivered because of the virus and the back log.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      I have assembled the greatest construction crew on the planet. I can source great materials at the lowest possibly price. I know how to get appliances when almost no one else can. And I don’t have to manage my crew. But I am one of the most successful residential real estate investors in America. Of course I can get my rehabs done $35,000 cheaper than most and with no hand holding or oversight.

  3. Emmanuel Mohammed says

    I’m a Big FAN of you and your mission of changing lives.
    I would like to share something with you on my vacation Experince here in orlando Fl area.
    You have been a big bless to soo many I’m no exceptions.
    Thx God bless

  4. Evgenii Puchkaryov says

    What’s the lock model?

  5. Michael Isu says

    I have learned a lot following your teaching. I am going to take a step forward and make things happen.

  6. Outstanding transformation! Clear and well presented.
    Phil is an all round awesome guy! I will join his mentorship program once I’m liquid!

  7. Daniel Nugeness s.r. says

    Hey Phil I’m little scared but I know your mentorship will help me learn and be a success. I want to learn more also

  8. Robert simeone says

    How about the board, some complexs only allow you to rent for 3 months some want 1 family to rent a minimum for 3 months, hoa fee vary extensively,taxes ,roof repairs or restoration additional cost ,extra cost for adding sand to beach due to erosion,lots of thing to consider,on that property you have if you can make 200 grand id take it!

  9. Laura S. Haymon says

    I’ll be in cloud9 to team up with your organization…God is a mysterious creator “WOW” in Jesus Christ name amen!

  10. Great video Phil, I always learn a lot from your videos. This one is excellent with all the details of the makeover and return on investment.
    Thank you

  11. William Diamond says

    I am interested in your mentor program.

  12. William Priddy says

    Great vid!
    Which part of FL is this Condo located?

  13. Gerald Godsey says

    I’m considering a mentor program and would like more information

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