Is a Real Estate Mentor Right for You?

  Is a real estate mentor right for you? You're about to discover when it makes sense to have a real estate investing mentor and when it doesn't. In this training, you'll learn that there are 3 types of investors, as there are typically 3 types of fisherman. Set on a boat in the tropics, fishing with a guide I paid $700 for, will make for a terrific analogy to explain real estate investing in general as well as which of the 3 investor types should get a real estate mentor. Enjoy the … [Read more...]

Choosing a Real Estate Investing Mentor

A real estate investing mentor is the secret to investing success. Every great achiever in history has had mentors. No one is "self made". Behind every extraordinary person are extraordinary mentors. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. But how do you decide on which real estate investing mentor is right for you? Ask yourself these 3 questions when choosing a real estate investing mentor: # 1 - Do You Want to be a Creative or Traditional Real Estate Investor?   If you … [Read more...]