Sunrise Mortgage & Investment Company

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Phone: 602.569.0007

Address: 4835 Cactus Rd., Suite 325, Scottsdale, AZ 85254


States They Lend In: Arizona and California


Prod­ucts & Ser­vices

Work­ing with in­vestors in vir­tu­al­ly all size cat­e­gories and prod­uct types, Sun­rise Mort­gage spe­cial­izes in pro­vid­ing fi­nanc­ing and ser­vic­ing for com­mer­cial prop­er­ties rang­ing in size from $500,000 in ex­cess of $100 mil­lion


Com­mer­cial Loan Orig­i­na­tion


Sun­rise Mort­gage & In­vest­ment Com­pa­ny is a con­sis­tent pro­duc­er of qual­i­ty com­mer­cial loans. Over the past ten years we have been rec­og­nized as a top pro­duc­er na­tion­wide by a num­ber of our cor­re­spon­dent lenders. Our ex­pe­ri­ence al­lows us to quick­ly as­sess a prop­er­ty, un­der­stand the fi­nanc­ing ob­jec­tives and pri­or­ites of our cus­tomer, and rec­om­mend specif­i­cal­ly tai­lored fi­nanc­ing sce­nar­ios along with po­ten­tial lend­ing sources.

Sun­rise Mort­gage has fi­nanced a wide spec­trum of com­mer­cial prop­er­ty types, in­clud­ing:


• Apart­ment/Mul­ti-Fam­i­ly
• Hotel/Hos­pi­tal­i­ty
• In­dus­tri­al/Ware­house
• Mixed Use
• Of­fice/Med­i­cal Of­fice
• Own­er-oc­cu­pied
• Re­tail (all types)
• High-Tech/R&D
• as well as other spe­cial pur­pose prop­er­ties.


Sunrise Mortgage is a cor­re­spon­dent for in­sti­tu­tions that have annual com­mer­cial real estate loan in­vest­ment goals in excess of $5 billion. These cor­re­spon­dent lenders include in­sur­ance com­pa­nies, pension funds, and CMBS lenders located through­out the United States that have long-stand­ing his­to­ries as major in­vestors in com­mer­cial real estate. We also have strong working re­la­tion­ships with numerous national, regional and local funding re­sources who do not utilize a correspondent system for orig­i­nat­ing loans.

Through our fi­nanc­ing network, Sunrise Mortgage is able to arrange a variety of loan types with varying terms and amor­ti­za­tion sched­ules in­clud­ing:
•Per­ma­nent and Short-term
•Con­struc­tion and Interim Loans
•Mez­za­nine Fi­nanc­ing
•Private Equity
•Hard Money Loans

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