Succeeding Honestly in a Business of Liars

In a business like real estate, that is seemingly chock full of liars, how can you succeed, honestly and ethically? How do you navigate the dangerous waters of sharks and shady people? In this video, you'll discover a tried and true method for succeeding honestly in a business of liars:


  1. Suzanne says

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information! This video is easy to understand.

  2. Ricky Christmas says

    Love this

  3. Arlene Chatman says

    I was owner I had my information in writing it was stolen it was from third party lender of a retired Vet. My question is can a supposed buyer present a Deed without a purchase receipt from the seller?

  4. Alvin Daughtrey says

    Quite an informative video. Very much appreciated.

  5. “PURE GOLD” is free for the taking here you guys!!! Honesty and ethics are our strongest guiding lights, there is no higher knowledge needed to truly succeed in this business. Inevitably, It will only take time…

    Thank you, Phil

  6. Thressa Kelley says

    Thanks for the info.

  7. Joe Farley says

    Very well said Phil!

  8. Karen A Walsh says

    Hello Phil,
    I Love Real Estate! Have forever it seems, and have now started watching your videos. You are a great speaker Phil, and very engaging.
    In Reality I believe all of us know there are negative and positive in every situation, yes an no , Truth or lie! Very interesting when you are ttt try young to follow the Rules! Please advise what this is all about Phil. Have a Great Weekend and Enjoy the Weather! Please, Be Safe! Sincere:KšŸ˜Ž

  9. Carl L Johnson says

    Thanks for this video. I have been buying homes since I was 21, 35 years ago, and I found out all of this the hard way. Sellers are more liars than buyers, but contractors and Inspectors have a habit of lying as well since its YOUR money they are dealing with. Actually real Estate agents lie just as much too, and I’ve had to sue them on two occasions. They tend to think that just because they have a piece of paper that they got from passing some States minimum qualifications for a license, that makes them ethical and a good business person, and I’m a “Nobody” Investor, so how dare I tell them what the time of day is, when in fact they use that to take advantage of people. There are good and bad ones, just as with any other trade.

  10. Al Mehanna says

    Very interesting

  11. Sonny Miyashiro says

    I like your thinking. This applies to ALL things. A beautiful created world full of sin wickedness evil and darkness. Know the truth and the truth will make you free! Amen

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