Stefanie from Jacksonville, FL

Stefanie started out waiting tables to make ends meet. After having children, she realized she needed more money so she moved into the construction industry. Running a jack hammer as well as other physical labor activities for several years. Once her kids were all grown up, she saw an opportunity to make a change. She asked her friends and family and the phrase "real estate" kept coming up. So Stefanie started dabbling in real estate. She quickly realized that she needed the help of a mentor. Her father had done some research for her and let her know that this program was the best one he could find. After doing some more research, Stefanie took the plunge. She overcame fear and a feeling that she was "in over her head" by clinging to her coaches for support. We were there for her every step of the way.

Just a few short while after being with us, Stefanie achieved a level of success she could only have dreamed about. Here's the proof; a message she wrote to us from Jamaica.

"...Not only am I sitting in Jamaica as we speak, I was here for 3 weeks in December as well. When I came down in December it was my intention to just vacation for a few weeks and get back to the states to work. Well, that didn't work out for me... I fell in love with the country and in December I figured out how to run my business from Jamaica and went house hunting. When I came back this month I was able to purchase a modest one bedroom home on the side of a cliff with a sea view. Yes, I'm suffering down here... HAHA The point I want to make to everyone is this. GO ... ANYTHING is possible with this business. You can have as little or as much as you want. Maybe moving out of the country is not your cup of tea, but what is your dream and what are your goals??? GO FOR IT!!!! Soon I will send pics of my new vacation home!!! Thanks to you and your step by step system, couldn't of done it without you!!!!!..."

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