Sameena from Chicago, IL

CHICAGO IL - Working a demanding full time job didn’t allow Sameena much time to supplement her income. But she was determined to eventually remove herself from the rat race while still maintaining her current job and not becoming overwhelmed and overworked with a side business. She decided real estate was the way to go but did not have any experience and did not have a real estate license. She found that real estate investing could be done without a license and she could make really good money working from home in her spare time, even without prior experience.
Under our mentorship, her learning curve was greatly reduced and soon, she had closed her first deal without borrowing any money to purchase the property, without taking on a money partner to finance the deal, without adding the risk of renovating the property and without using any cash to close the transaction. It produced a whooping $41,539 in profits and was her very first real estate deal. Even the homeowner was thrilled by the outcome because Sameena saved her from foreclosure. Sameena found that with the right coach, anyone, from any background, with any experience level, with any time commitment, could create huge profits with real estate.

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  1. Finally. Someone I can relate to. This was very encouraging.

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