Philip from San Jose, CA

SAN JOSE, CA - Silicon Valley is well known for its entrepreneurial spirit and for Philip, his dreams were to make his own schedule, be his own boss and become a full time real estate investor. Analytical by nature, Philip reviewed several different programs before choosing to work with us. Self motivated, self disciplined and very determined, Philip hit the ground running and never looked back. In the first year alone, the deals he closed profited more than $100,000 and he has been flourishing as a full time real estate entrepreneur ever since. We were honored to have had the opportunity to work with him. As our coaching team likes to say, "it's easier to steer a moving vehicle." Philip was a moving vehicle that simply needed detailed real estate direction so that he didn't have to learn all the important lessons the hard way. That's what we provided for him. In the end, his decision to join our program was extremely profitable and helped catapult him into the career and lifestyle he always wanted.

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