Opportunity Zone Investing Simplified

Opportunity Zone Investing has enormous tax advantages but unfortunately, too few real estate investors are capitalizing on this incredible incentive! Why? It's been around for more than 2 years. What's the hold up? One major reason is so few actually understand how it works or how they can apply it to their personal investment plans. The following will simplify Opportunity Zone Investing for you so that you can begin getting this gigantic tax break for yourself. And I am purposely NOT going to go into every little nuance. If you want complication, just read the IRS Opportunity Zone Publication on the matter. And by the way, I own real estate in Qualified Opportunity Zones, so I practice exactly what I preach. But I do have to give the following lame disclosure before I start... that I am not giving you tax or legal advice in this training because I am not an attorney or a CPA. Before attempting the following, consult your tax advisor.

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  1. Wayne lewer says

    Phil, do I need a partner i found $120,000 property in Wisconsin that supposedly is collecting $1,300 a month rent I have a potential buyer who would want to live there but with the tenant paying $1,300 a month rent it why not keep it? I guess because I have no credit. can you help or direct me

  2. In order to avoid the capital gains, do you need to reinvest the entire proceeds from the sale of the asset or just the profit/appreciation portion?

  3. Mike Altidor says

    I want to be your prentice send me the follow up please.

  4. Freda savahl says

    Thanks Phil, informative as always. I bought a 3 bed 1 bath house for cash of $72,000. Repairs & improvements cost $30,000. My renters want rent to buy. How do I do this. Their rent is $600. Ipsy taxes, home warranty & home insurance.

  5. Tracy Roberts says

    Hey Phil, Your book was the first one I bought, now I’ve got 3 rental under my belt! Thanks for the help and advice in your book and also in your vids…

    my question: i took a look at the map and I see that the legend shows not only “opportunity zones” but also “NMTC qualified tracts”. Does that type of designation also qualify for some tax benefits as well? I couldn’t tell from the link i was sent to.

    The last house I have done a BRRR appears to be in one of these NMTC qualified tract areas! Thanks so much for all your great content, your sense of humor, and your energy!

  6. Hello Phil, while I am not new to real estate investment, I learned a valuable lesson during the 08 market crash. I crashed along with it and had to go bankrupt. My question is that I have some funds to invest now and what would be your guidance to obtaining my first property. If there is anything you can recommend what would it be? Like your videos very informative. By the way, my market right now is in Fort Pierce Fl, this is where I want to start


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