Mobile Home Flipping Formula

One of the hottest investing techniques in today's market is flipping mobile homes. With historically low housing inventories and home affordability at crisis level, there is huge demand for manufactured housing right now. But there are several major pitfalls that beginners fall into when dealing with mobiles. In the following video, you'll discover my step by step formula for flipping mobile homes for maximum profits and minimal risks.


4 Key Requirements for Flipping Mobile Homes

  • 1. Title is NOT Retired
  • 2. On its own Land
  • 3. Built on or after 1976
  • 4. Not destroyed by termites or water


3 Step Mobile Home Flipping Formula

  • Step 1: Retire the Title
  • Step 2: Certify the Foundation
  • Step 3: Match the Hatch


Mobile Home Flipping Formula Resources

These were referenced in the video that apply to mostly to Florida but give you an idea so that you can search for similar resources in your state.

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  1. Sean Rawlins says

    I would like to learn more about the program to see how I could insert myself in the game and turn my efforts into profits .

  2. Not sure if this is more common in Florida; where title is not retired, but here in the Carolina’s it is a very rare instance that a manufactured home sits on its own land without the title retired.
    Manufactured home companies do ‘Land/Home’ packages all the time and take care of everything A to Z or they couldn’t close these deals or sell the mortgage to USDA.

  3. Clifford Hemingway says

    My name is Clifford i whould love to learn more about flipping mobile trailer homes if u can provide me with more information i will highly appreciated it

  4. Thomas Roberts says

    Phil’s program is dynamite – you won’t need another mentor, mark my words! I closed a deal in first 60 days

  5. Charles Borrelli says

    We flipped on in Cocoa FL. We had to re strap the tie downs on the home before buyer could get a mortgage. Not a deal killer but we did have to have it done

  6. Always you are my priority and favor person for really estate information. I will listen to you for anything you will bring. Don’t stop. Excellent performance. Thanks

  7. Richard Cascio says

    Phil thank you for all the info you give.
    Do you work in mobile homes?
    Do you buy or have an opinion on storage facilities?
    Thank you

  8. Antoine Grissom says

    I would love to learn more about flipping mobile homes.

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