Mike from Long Island, NY

LONG ISLAND, NY – For a military man, Mike was accustomed to hard work. He assumed this would automatically translate to financial prosperity in the real estate arena. Unfortunately, he learned that working hard did not equal making money in real estate. Before joining our program, Mike had purchased other programs and had managed to get a few deals going. But his frustration mounted when deal after deal fell apart and he came up empty financially.

So Mike joined our program in hopes of turning his hard work into real, cold, hard cash. It was an intelligent decision. His first deal netted him over $42,000. He learned a valuable lesson he’ll take with him the rest of his life. Working hard and working smart are two totally different things. Our coaching staff held his hand from start to finish and helped guide him to financial victory. Without our hand holding approach, as Mike will tell you below, he would have never closed this deal. You can learn from Mike as well. Just because you know how to work hard, doesn’t mean you can be successful in real estate. The most important ingredient in real estate is having a mentor to guide and support you from start to finish. It’s not how hard you work, but how smart you work. Listen to Mike in his own words:

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  1. This is exciting, as I also live on Long Island.. However there are soooo many investors and flippers around.

  2. Darby Carmichael says

    We now have a mortgage loan on a residence in Georgia purchased Dec.
    2006, which use to be our primary residence. But we had to move for work, and we now
    rent it out. We purchased a brand new (less expensive) primary residence in
    yet another town which we paid money for. Our rental’s 1st home loan is with Financial institution of America and
    the 2nd is with CitiMortgage. We have now lost at least 35k in value but require to refinance.
    The current tax value is about what we still owe about the two mortgages combined.
    I am not sure about the appraisal value. I have contacted a few local lenders and they say they cannot help because it is not our primary
    residence and our LTV is more than 80% which is their cut-off for rental refinance.
    Can you recommend how to find a lender willing to
    work with us?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Refinancing non owner occupied homes is next-to-impossible unless you have a ton of equity. What will it appraise for? How much do you owe?

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