Largest Homeless Outreach Event in US History

largest-homeless-outreach-event-us-historyWhat do you do when you see a homeless person? Do you turn the other way? What if they ask you for money? Do you give them money? Do you want to give them money but are concerned they won't spend it on life necessities? Are you skeptic if they really are homeless to begin with? Do you tell them, "Go get a job"? Although some may be jaded, most people want to help those that are less fortunate. But when it comes to the homeless, many struggle with providing a solution they feel is sustainable so many end up doing nothing. In this video, you're about to discover one approach to helping the homeless and how you can join in.



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Largest Homeless Outreach Event in United States History


He Got Up
Date: Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016
Location: Orlando Citrus Bowl
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If a homeless person came up to you on the street, would you give them money?


I would love to share with you how you can help those less fortunate with confidence that what you are doing is serving and helping the greater good.On Easter Sunday, March 27thh, 2016 at the Orlando Citrus Bowl, there will be an event called, “He Got Up”, which is the largest homeless outreach event in the history of the US.

One of the fastest growing populations is those in extreme poverty. Over 1/3 of all homeless people are veterans. There is a great need to help people and to lift them up in order to transform their lives. There will be upwards of 30,000 Veterans and their families participating in this event.

There will be all type of services available to these people such as dental, medical, housing help, and job placement, to help these people get on the path of self-sustainability.

After the event, these people will be referred to other services that will help show these people that they matter, that we appreciate them, and care about their well-being.

There will be an Easter Service in order to share the Gospel.


What can you do to be a part of this event?


If you donate $10 which is totally tax deductible then I will match your donations up to $10,000.

The goal of this event is to spur a movement within the entire United States to start helping others, especially those, that willingly helped to protect this country.

Pepsi, Universal, and many other companies have already signed up to sponsor this amazing event.

Volunteers are definitely appreciated and can sign up at



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  1. David Preston, Producer and Founder says

    Thanks Phil for sending us this video. We just finished producing a video on Homelessness through our E Alan Productions Division. I personally have a brother who’s currently homeless so it’s an important issue for us. We have decided to promote this video on our E Alan Enterprises social media channels. We are a growing company founded earlier this year and already have over 580 followers on twitter. We gain up to 5 new followers every day. We would very much like to continue promoting this video up to the date in which this event will be taking place. It’s nice to know that you are very much involved with the homeless crisis. And you are right, these homeless people don’t get very much help from our Government, especially the Veterans. Also, very little new housing projects are even dedicated to the lower income class. It’s sad that America even has this huge problem and I don’t think our Government will ever fix it. It will be up to us who are more fortunate to carry this torch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. God bless you and your family for serving and giving of yourself to help those who are underserved in our community. I truly believe bringing the word of God and teaching people about Jesus and his love for us is the foundation for helping people to begin to help themselves and have lasting, sustainable change in their lives.

  3. Sergej Bogatinoski says

    I give them money, when I have. My dad always taught me not to give money to homeless people, but they are just too sad in their looks. I think everyone should give them money. I always wanted the government to make so every person that has a stable payment, to give 1 dollar to charity per month. So that way it would come up into millions of dollars.

  4. sounds very good to be true though…. trust that many will benefit from this… but yes it’s a major problem and govt should quit wars and focus on the homeless

  5. I think that this just shows how governments after governments have failed it’s patriots. This is such a shame and I really love this venture. I urge people to donate as much as they can.

  6. Anthony R Collins says

    Why shouldn’t we help?goverments spend billions sending these people to war. The very least they should do is look after those that are lucky enough to come home. Give then the help they deserve.

  7. Permit me to say that this is quiet a recommendable step. I am thrilled!
    Its quiet unfortunate that the government is not doing enough to cater for the needs of people who have taken the course of defending this nation at one time or the other. Despite our tight conditions it isn’t at all a idea to let out a penny as a token of appreciation.

  8. Often times the homeless in America get passed by, passed over and honestly forgotten about. It truly is a sad day when this country is more focused on helping others across seas, than extending a hand to those here at home. Although I refuse to give money, for fear some may but liquor or other unneeded things, I will but food for those I feel need it. If more people stopped and put themselves in the shoes of others the world would be a better place.

  9. Patricia D. says

    Phil, you gave me something to think about. It´s very important to never forget that there’s people less privileged than us, and we must do something to help them. And I agree with the other comments saying that events like this one, deserve a bigger diffusion.
    Tons of blessings.

  10. The article is not only informative but also dynamic and makes optimum use of both graphics and speeches with the help of the video. It is a burning question in the US today that how can we reach out to the homeless populations, particularly the military veterans. A sustainable solution is what we need most.

  11. Hi Curt,
    i think that you are doing such a wonderful thing to help those that have become homeless through adverse circumstances. Obviously they have not been getting the right kind of attention that could take them out of this vicious circle and change their lives. I think people who have fought in the wars to protect their country deserve to be first in line and then anyone else who hasn’t.

  12. Beena SC Nair says

    Yes you are very right .To have our own home is very important.The deserved attention it not given to this issue.All seeks government intervention in this matter.But initiative from able individuals ,NGO’s , organisations and companies is very necessary and highly appreciable .Goverment and concern agencies should do all efforts to promote such events.



  14. Phil,
    I just donated $10! I am so grateful that there are people like you in this world. Keep up the good work!!

  15. Lady James says

    Awesome! I would like very much to be active in this event next year. I pray this will cause an effect on our lical government and lead to the top.

  16. Phil,

    Love what you are doing. I’m going to help out too.

    God Bless You!

  17. I commend you my brother but what about all the homeless animals of the world? They are nothing but PURE love beings and don’t deserve the way HUMANS treat them..Be well

  18. Phil, I designed, started, and for 10 years ran a residential rehab center for the homeless (& prostitutes) with addictions. We housed between 100-135 continuously, saw MANY lives completely changed by people who were changed – but due to loss of funding/donations, we were forced to close. I’d do the same again, if I could acquire help and support necessary, but we do this as a faith-based (Christian) organization without government help. That means it takes a lot of individuals and companies who donate and volunteer to TRULY help the homeless. Our 2 mottos were, “Off the Street and On Your Feet” -AND- “We Give a Hand Up – Not a Hand Out”. We help them get clean & sober, we teach them how to live successfully in society in every way, from how to fill out a job application, manage a bank account, handle an interview, maintain a home – all the way to how to make and be a friend, grow a spiritual life, and become positive members of society.
    I pray someday God will make a way for this to happen again! This requires PEOPLE to become God’s hands, feet, mouthpieces, and wallets – but…
    How do you eat an elephant?
    One bite at a time.
    How do you change the world?
    One life at a time.
    This begins with YOU!
    God bless & thanks for reading.
    Rev. Lee

    • Bill Turner says


      I think you and I share many of the same values. I appreciate your concern to those less able to help themselves. God bless you.

      Bill Turner

  19. Cole Stockdale says

    You my sir are awesome.

  20. Finally! This is a blessing to many people.
    Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. Revelation 2:10

  21. Just so the trolls don’t weigh in on what could be perceived as self-interest, I can assure you that I do not want/need a single helping hand myself. I have multiple pensions, still working, and do not need help.

    Tens of thousands of veterans DO need your help…young and old…disabled physically/mentally…homeless or without family.

    Do the right thing and demand that YOUR elected officials put our tax dollars where it belongs. (And, no, do not take money from other poor people…that’s not right either.)

  22. As a 36+ year uniformed Navy (enlisted & officer, retired), my very strong opinion is that the US Government should take ALL NECESSARY ACTION to fix this problem, and not rely on everyday middle-class (most of whom are already squeezed) to solve the immoral ignoring of vets in need.

    yes, divert some of the $TRILLION$ we’ve wasted in the middle east, and do WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to take care of those who volunteered to put themselves in harms’ way — so the politicians didn’t have to send their own children to war. Do not raise taxes to accomplish this…move already budgeted military funds to vets. Period.

    No excuses. Elect politicians at every level who will commit to diverting funds away from war and toward our vets. Homes, healthcare, and retirement benefits. It’s a small price to pay compared to the vets sacrifices.

    We easily re-elect those who send us to war, and look the other way when those politicians refuse to fund the VA and other organizations who serve those who’ve served the Nation. Good grief!

    • Curt you are 100% correct….Not only that I would start booting these Lazy Werfare people out of GOVT housing and put veterans in their first…..and before I get lots of hate mail I do not believe everyone on welfare is lazy…but a good portion of then are, and want to stay that way just for the free handouts….but Housing should go to Veterans First…they have earned it

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