Judy from Denver, CO

DENVER, CO – Judy's dream was to be a missionary to the missionaries. In addition to working part time for a church, she also tried several different things to make enough money to achieve her dream. She spent over $80,000 on her real estate education alone, including working with the Trump Institute, and all of which never quite got her over the hump. Deeply in debt, she vowed to give it one more shot.

After joining this program, she immediately saw the difference of having a coaching team behind her that had a vested interest in her success. For the first time, one of her side businesses began to really pay off. In time, she began making more money than she ever dreamed possible. And she was finally able to reach her lifelong dream of being a missionary to the missionaries. Here is a picture of her on a recent trip to India to see the missions she was supporting in person:

Judy In India Living Her Dream

Judy is now a full time real estate investor living her dream of being a missionary to the missionaries. This program was the game changer in her life.

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