Is Wholesaling Real Estate Illegal?

Flipping_Real_Estate_IllegalIs wholesaling real estate illegal? Discover the ins and outs of the legality of real estate wholesaling as well as some recent anti-wholesaling laws impacting creative real estate investors in certain states. While this video does not provide legal advice and you are strongly encouraged to seek the counsel of an attorney on such matters, this training is so authoritative that you are encouraged to send to your attorney. If you were to get yourself into some hot water with your state's real estate commission, the wisdom shared below will help your attorney build a solid case for your defense. If you are, or plan to be wholesaling, this is a must watch video for you:


Important Links

Texas Pro-Wholesaling Law (SB 2122)

Illinois Anti-Wholesaling Law (SB 1872)

Oklahoma Anti-Wholesaling Law (HB 1148)

Is Flipping Houses Illegal?

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