How to Get Contractors to Finish the Job

Have you ever hired a contractor that didn't finish the job? Here's what you did wrong and what to do next time, to avoid that. This is how to get contractors to finish the job:



Contractor Agreement (Simple One Page Contract)


Contractor Agreement (Complicated, Big Job Contract)

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  1. Thanks Phil for the useful information. It’s just two weeks I had issues with a carpenter to replace three doors. I had paid him one payment out three installments One of the installments was with him as I had provided service to him and was unable to finish.

    He has not finished the work yet coming up with excuses three times and it’s three weeks past the deadline. I’ve asked him to refund the money and then I can find another carpenter.

    Thanks for your videos and the first book to read on real estate was your book in 2017-How to be a real estate investor.
    Greetings from Tanzania!

  2. Max Machnik says

    Always great videos with street smart wisdom.

  3. Ted Spenadel says

    Excellent video, Phil

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