Hard Money Lenders of Kansas City

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hardmoneylenderskansasPhone: (816) 293-2999

Address: 6221 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110

Website: http://www.kcinvestorfunding.com/

Email: info@kcinvestorfunding.com

States They Lend In: All 50


Hard Money Lenders of Kansas City is by far the best source for investment and commercial hard money loans. Like many hard money lenders, we are an asset based lender. As a full service lending company, we're able to offer funding and structuring of loans for investors in and around the Kansas City Missouri Area and nationwide for non-owner occupied residential, multi-family, and commercial properties. Our firm is growing by leaps and bounds, getting us recognized as one of the best hard money lender brokers in the United States, and while it is great that we are expanding rapidly, we are committed to continue providing superior Kansas City investor funding.

Hard Money Lenders of Kansas City not only offers our own financing programs, but we are loan brokers for other private money lenders and hard money lenders, which means we are able to shop different programs to find the best rates and terms to fit your needs. We are able to provide a solution for any real estate investment funding need. Our borrowers will have a credit score of 500 or higher and can be new or experienced investors.


Here are a few of the different real estate investment needs we typically fund:

1. Buy, Fix, & Flip
2. Buy, Fix, & Rent
3. Buy & Hold (Rentals)
4. Refinance
5. Cash Out Refinance
6. New Construction
7. Commercial Building & Multi-Family


Our rates, fees, and terms vary from program to program, but here is general information about our loan options:

1. We have programs for financing up to 75% LTV
2. Rehab/Construction Loans are 9 month interest only w/option 3 month extension
3. Buy & Hold Loans are set up like a traditional mortgage (30 year amortization, PITI, 5 or 10 year balloon, or a 30 year fixed)
4. Loans available for a single property or a portfolio of properties
5. Rehab Loan rates from 10.99% with 2-4 points
6. Buy & Hold Loans from 6.99% with 2-4 points

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  1. Derrick Toombs says

    I have two great deals on the table right now I need a hard money lender lend me money on a commercial deal and a three-part house deal could you help me in any situation

  2. Eric Henderson says

    Looking for quick option to buy 3 house from failed LLC, I’m a 50% member, deadlocked manger.

    Court said I could buy assets for $120,000 includes 3 houses that when paid in will be free and clear. I’d love to use these as collateral on business line so I can make improvements, $10,000 or less, and resell or lease out. Total 3 houses value $180,000-$200,000+ repaired value.

    Rents 650, $700 and 800. Rents going up after make ready or resell to exit and pay down line.

    Also looking for primary residence new build I’m leasing with option. $215000 purchase price. Disabled veteran, would like VA 30 year best rate possible. Minor judgements will be paid. BK chapter 13 in 2010 dismissed 2014 Feb. 600 avg up down FICO. Working on credit following loss of job and financial hardships due to health, service connected disability. I see deals all the time. Was broker for 10 years. Kansas. Ideas?

    William Henderson

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