Hard Money Go

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Phone: (888) 832-7576

Address: 10100 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite #300, Century City, Ca 90067

Website: http://www.hardmoneygo.com/


States They Lend In: California



Residential Purchase Hard Money

Hard Money Go is more than willing to assist you with financing your next Residential Purchase. Being in the hard money business for over 12 years we at Hard Money Go understand the importance of closing your purchase transaction on time.

We understand the complexity and challenges that may occur during a purchase and penalties and fees you may incur if you don’t close as scheduled.
Therefore we have created a process to help prevent any delays or problems that may arise. We are able to assist you finance your property in an LLC, Corporation, Individual, Etc.


Multi-family Hard Money Lending
Hard Money Go is Southern California’s leading multi family hard money lenders. If you need money fast or cannot qualify with traditional lenders, contact us today. Our system was created to anticipate the needs of real estate investors by reducing the time it takes to apply and the requirements for approval.
Hard Money Go has been working with investors all around the state, assisting thousands of people every year in their their multi family real estate investing.
We are proud to be the most trusted multi family hard money lender in all of Southern California.
If you need a hard money loan for a multi family purchase, or are looking for a multi family refinance, Hard Money Go will get you the money you need when you need it. Never lose on an investment opportunity because of the lack of capital.
Whether you want to inquire about reducing your interest rate or getting cash out from a property that has equity, our programs are created to assist you to grow. Apply now and get your multi family hard money loan funded in no more than 10 days.


Commercial Property Lending

  •  Commercial office buildings
  • Retail space
  • Mixed Use commercial/residential
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Industrial
  • Housing facilities
  • Factories
  • Land
  • Oil/Mineral Land
  • Nursing Homes

Fix and Flip Loans

Hard Money Go specializes in fix and flip financing for investors who need capital to develop their properties. As the single largest hard money lender in Southern California, we understand the complexity of each real estate transactions and are prepared to meet the specific demands of your property.

Unlike other firms that may pass their loans to other investors, our in house investing team has a combined 70 plus year financing, developing buying and selling properties and knows what it takes to satisfy the demands of investors who are on strict time constraints. We have funded over a thousand fix and flip loans just last year.

Our fix and flip mortgage programs are created with the real estate investor in mind. To assist real estate investors our team of mortgage experts will look at the purchase price of the property, the equity level and how much potential the property has.

Qualification is determined on the properties potential and the amount of equity on the property. Prior to qualification, the prospective borrower must supply us with a copy of costs to improve or repair the property and the time frame in which the property would be developed.


Hard Money Lending Policy

Hard money go was created to satisfy the financial needs of real estate investors which include having access to capital when they need it the most. In a quest to meet the evolving needs of investors, our company provides property owners and investors with bad credit the required capital to grow their investments.
We base our qualification decision based on the equity of the property or its future potential. Rather than ask applicant’s to supply our firm with endless paperwork, only to be denied, we only require basic documents to get qualified for a loan.
We understand the unique challenges of the current real estate market. As values have been rising, investors look to our hard money loan programs to assist them in cashing out to buy new investments or refinance their existing ones.
As a hard money lender, we do not operate under the same rules and conditions of traditional banks. We do not deny borrowers simply because of a missed payment or bad credit.
The main qualification for a hard money loan is the ability of the borrower to pay back the loan and the level of equity of the property the borrower is using as collateral for the loan. Unlike traditional banks which are saddled with punitive standards that make it nearly impossible to qualify for loans in today’s market, our hard money programs were created to deliver capital to investors to fast.

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