Real Estate Investing in Action

Eavesdrop on this closed door real estate investing meeting with two of my students in Las Vegas, NV.

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  1. Irish Lomosbog says

    I think it’s good..I’m interested

  2. does it require money to start investing in real estate? its covid19 now and i just lost my job. however i am interested in real estate rental property. how is this gonna work in times of covid19?

  3. Phillip Campos says

    Please send me about your next seminary and where.
    Thanks. Phil

  4. Hello, I lived in N. Las Vegas two years ago and finished my real estate course through Coldwell Banker in Summerlin but because everything was at a stand still within the real estate market I did not persue obtaining my real estate license (which now I wish I would have) however, my family and I will be returning to Vegas very soon and I would really like to get involved with your training sessions. Currently I’m a Notary Loan signing agent/P&C Insurance Agent with a major in Criminal Justice and minor in Business Admin. I believe taking your course would really be an enhancenment towards my future goal.

    • im sure programwork,doo an outstanding jos, iv watched some of hour training,s i have got to watch more and when i see student,s actually with you at the title company it,s like wow.i want to be that person do outstanding job of support and help i need that in my life right now!!keep training me..thank you…got to get started,to change my situation,NOW

  5. Tiffany McElroy says

    Hello Phil,
    I’m in California, and Real estate has been my passion for years ive been watching all your videos and ive ive done my research, read both of you books How to be a Real Estate invested and Real estate gone bad. by the way great books. I would like to know a little about your mentor program

  6. Hello Phil,

    I have been following your link since the last quarter of last year and I am very much impressed and motivated by your teachings but I am in Botswana -Africa. So I am wondering if its possible for you to mentor me though I am so far away.

  7. nice video.

    I need personal attention.
    I want to close deals.
    I appreciate you…

  8. Im very interested, Can this be done in NYC?

  9. DAWN ALFONSO says

    las vegas is a busy strip, lots of action and fun, do you have investment there?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Vegas is a huge city with over 4 Million people. There is a whole lot more to it than just the Strip. Yes, my students and myself personally have done a bunch of deals in Las Vegas.

  10. Hey Phil.
    My story is I use to flip houses and did pretty good, managed to be debt free in a very short while. My biggest paycheck on a deal was $136k profit. I was using my own money though. I never lost money on a real estate deal. The rest of the story is personal and I don’t blame anyone but myself I take full responsibility but sometimes things happen that can drag you down if you let it and I let it. I just want to be put on a certain technique that fits me best, make some money. I think learning what you know is something I’d be able to do forever. I do put adds on craiglist and backpage and send mailers but haven’t gotten any deals. I need some advice if your willing. Thanks Rudy.

  11. Monica Leon says

    On one of your videos you stated that you started without no money did you do that. I dont know where to go to find the cash to start flipping or wholesaling homes am ine of those singal moms that lives check by check

  12. Hello Phil,

    I wanted to start off by saying. I have been truly inspired by watching some if not most of your videos on youtube. I wanted to reach out, and say thank you, But also wanted to know more on how I can become part of the LV team? I have filled out the apprentice app. Please update me as I am extremely interested in take a career change for the best, and I am aware that Real Estate Investment is not only the way but also the right time. But with a passionate Mentor.

    I look forward in hearing from you,

    Thank you.

  13. I hear a lot of Guru’s talking about investing in distressed properties, what about Free and Clear? How to profit in Inheritance Lists that have no mortgage?

    Ron Luv

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      My team and I don’t view the concepts of distressed vs inheritance as different investing strategies with different profit plans. To us, we are looking for motivated sellers and then we structure creative win-win deals with sellers based on each specific situation. For example, we may market for motivated sellers by direct mailing the inheritance list AND targeting pre foreclosures as well. We’re not looking for free and clears or distressed properties necessarily. In fact, we’re not looking for properties at all. We’re looking for people. We’re seeking motivated sellers and then we create great deals with these people. But that is the essence of Creative Real Estate vs Traditional Investing.

      • H.DINO.S.SAID says

        Dear Mr. PHIL PUSTEJOVSKY,

        I am DINO from Jakarta – Indonesia, I need How I can Get the Investor for Real Estate,
        I have Land dan I Permits, Buat I Have No Money ( Cpaital ) for Build this Project.
        And About Buying ( People ) who nedd a houses soo plenty, in my country, thank you

    • Ted Paradis says

      Great idea, where can I get a list of properties.

  14. what is the cost of the mentoring program.

    • I am not a realtor. I have a strong passion about real estate and do believe that people can make money doing it? I see opportunities and would love to take advantages of it. I’m doing ok financially but I think better days are still to come. I could do this full time now that I have just retired.(I was forced to do so).
      However, I do not have liquid money to invest right now. So I would like to have an idea of the cost of the such a wonderful program which I happen to beileve in. Again because Phil looks real and his personality and principles match my own.
      Being a single parent (I am a widow now) I have my last son to help with his college. I’m an immigrant who came to this country as an adult with my husband and three sons age four, five and six. We managed to give them college education. Six years later, we bought a three decker in Boston. I started from learning English to complete associate degree, then bachelor degree and MEd later on. Taught at Boston public schools for 13 years.
      I need to have any idea of how it cost for me to take advantage of this program. My husband worked as a realtor when he passed and one of my son does it now part time. I love real estate. Go over lists everyday.

  15. that is what I want to close deals


    gary britton

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