The Biggest Mistake Investors Make

Discover the biggest mistake real estate investors and agents make.


  1. Can I start with little to no capital? Been in construction industry for over 40 years. Bankrupted twice. Lost our house, Now I am an estimator for a small GC.

  2. Charmelle Slaughter says

    This was a real amazing video. You have truly shared some major nuggets. You have added so much value to my life with this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would Love to work with you. I can see you are a man of great integrity and heart. Bless you! I am looking forward to getting myself in a position to work with you.

  3. Hi Phil, I am one of those guys whom has followed & even subscribed to a few of the REO gurus out there. My issue is not the passion, but actually stepping out on the very first deal. I’m pretty sure that fear is a leading factor, along side lack of knowledge in the area of financing has a lot to do with it. However, I would like to get with you so to make sense of things for me. Thx…

  4. Hi Phil,
    Love your work. Do you have any advice
    or video on how to get rid of a tenant
    that wonโ€™t leave. I live in Massachusetts.


  5. Michael Lewis Lee says

    How should I work from home because I’m bedridden? I’m pretty sharp and know real estate and construction well and can do math pretty well.

    • Freedom Mentor says

      You could most certainly do most of what is entailed in getting deals under contract and marketed from home. Have you considered making application to our apprentice program?

  6. Kathiuska I Ramirez says

    Hello Phi,

    I am starting to wholesale in VA, MD and DC. I just attended a 3 day course, and, quite frankly, did not get much out of it. I am so eager and motivated….its all i think about. I would love to work with you and your team. Im ready. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  7. Michael Lewis Lee says

    Thank you for all of those videos you made. I would love to work with you someday. Right now, I am bedridden and cannot work. I do have about 30 years of construction and a real estate brokerage license I got back in 1980 after graduating from college. My wife is very frugal and I am still working on her reluctance.

  8. Jordyn Miotke says

    Greetings Phil,
    I cannot tell you how excited I am to close on a home within a year.
    I have it on my heart to be your student and change my life.
    I came across your company online and something in my gut told me to dive in.
    I’ve been watching the videos and reading your book! I feel blessed to know of the opportunity out there and you showed me that. I plan to meet you one day ๐Ÿ™‚
    Let’s begin!
    Also I hope you and your family are happy and healthy!! Keep Shining!
    Jordyn Miotke

  9. Hello:

    I only have $10000 cash in invest in real estate. Is there any way for me to make my money bigger?

  10. Shola Coker says

    I would like the opportunity to speak with you. Thanks!

  11. Venise Maybank says

    I would love to speak to you to see how you could help me progress in my real estate journey.

  12. Tyrone Coleman says

    Trying to get into real estate don’t know nothing about it been wanna so bad to support my wife and son do you have any training or Apprenticeship classes really want to learn

  13. AlJamel A Stephens says

    Have yet to do my first deal. I am the senior pastor of The Jesus Saves Ministry, Inc church located in Statesville NC. This I must do my wife n children, n grandchildren , my paritioners, my community, county state, n country r depending on me

  14. I want to say thank you. I am back in and although I kept dodging all of the series I caught this one. Yayy! Quite profound! My first closing I found out the players are not on their game. I am attempting to find out if it was the title company or my associates who supplied with the lead. There lies the conundrum! (Even big words are coming back to me conundrum Wow) True words about deals were never spoken. I was the glue that kept closings together.
    Even though I had people in place I still would back check. I guess delegation and then spot checking helped me get thru! It is Tuesday have a planned closing for Saturday or Monday and going to see a house today I plan to close before the one on Monday does!
    I am the master of my Fate I am the Captain of My Soul
    Silver Linings Make Great Foundations
    W. A. Boykin II out drops the mic

  15. Raymond Ford says

    How do you find capitak to start Real Estate business



  17. Michael Vinson says

    Hi Phil,

    Michael Vinson here, and I want to say that your videos are awesome, full of content and straight
    to the point.

  18. Christopher Berggren says

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your awesome video presentations – very helpful and concise information delivered in no-nonsense manner. The one on ‘the biggest mistake investors make’ is great and reminds me of the predicament I’m in now: sensing a great deal with a potential of six-figure profit slipping away! Happy to partner with a mentor that would grease the wheels of the deal, my first, in order to wrap it up and move on to the next. Have a fantastic day and looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks again,

  19. Winston F. Togba says

    April 28, 2016
    Thank you very much because I have gone through all of your videos and extra one. I have over and over made sure that I got it. I have money coming in at the end of month, but I gone back to teaching so that I can have what my mentor wants me to have – thank you. Thanks very much for the truthful and honesty – may God bless you.

    Thank you,
    W. Togba

  20. John Knox says

    I have a home I want to sell. We owe about 180K on the house. We had it on the market last year for six months with a real estate agent that we found #1 listening to your videos. At 229K it was priced too high. Second was he had no buyers. He was a listing agent as I will call him that listed as many homes as he could and hoped something came through. The other thing about that agent was he sold primarily as we found out later since he was the #1 selling agent in his real estate firm sold 99% condos on the beach. We have a single family 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in a really nice division of Myrtle Beach. The house was built in 2008 and is fairly new. The thing we see is with all these new shows on television the big deal is open concept, stainless steel appliances, wood floors, granite countertops, etc. There are about 15 homes in this neighborhood of 1100 homes for sale. Most are listed from 265K down to 235K for the same type of house, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2001 sq ft, according to the offers I get from real estate agents trying to get our listing. Two houses have sold recently and I think one was a short sale went for 200K, the other for 208K. I have been in this home since new in 2008. I am looking for a buyer that with the closing cost will let me walk away with the 20K I put down on this house. You can look me up, 2754 Morning Frost Place, Myrtle Beach SC. Maybe you have an investor or a person in your program that has a buyer interested in my home. Let me know. I will check back on the web site or they can email me. We are interested in maybe doing the flip thing in Florida when we get down there. Tampa has a lot of houses that need to be flipped according to what I am getting from agents down that way. Thanks for your time, hope you answer this email.

  21. Hello Phil, Tim certified home inspector in Florida. Enjoyed the presentation. Can you contact me a good time to talk real estate investing. I learned so much reading your book online and the YouTube video. You have been a blessing from God. Look forward to talking to you. Thanks

  22. As always Phil I learned a lot from the video. I just a closing last Friday and everything went well. At the present time I am working a lot with buyers and trying to get more listings. This year I am buying a house for my wife and myself. Have not tried to buy one to flip yet but that is in my plans before the end of the year. I will keep in touch.

  23. I really liked the video and definitely I think most of us we need a mentor a really good one.

  24. Azhar Mahmood says

    Really learned alot from your free trainings. I would love to speak to you about education for someone who already has some real estate experience.


  25. Hey Phil! I am a dentist and if you’re thinking of changing your own professional, you can come to me any time:)

  26. Hello Phil,
    How can i get the connect with a great closing company and god assistance in Las Vegas?

  27. Hello

    I have completed the Video Series..and it was great
    A lot of good information.
    I did not see the link to call you…
    and I would love to chat with you.
    YES, I see and hear the passion that YOU have for RE..
    and I hope to hear from you soon…via email…or phone…

  28. Dago Amador says

    I have been blown away with the content of all your videos and I can’t wait to have you as my mentor! ! ! !

  29. pamela black says

    I want a career as a Real Estate Investor, but I don’t have any money to put down. How can I get educated and make money at the same time?

  30. Joseph Olivier says

    I really liked the video and definitely I think most of us we need a mentor a really good one. And you are a great one. Thanks for your videos

  31. WilliamNancolas says

    Phil i loved these video’s, you are miles ahead of any of the so called guru’s, at times i wonder if some of them have ever even invested in real estate lol, i hope to have a long term working relationship with your company and perhaps meet you some time, thanks for telling it like it is.

  32. Hello Phil,
    Do you offer separate training//apprentice programs for licensed Realtor’s? I’ve had my RE license for about 10-years, but have always done it as a side business. I’ve represented quite a few deals with clients (land/new con/rehab/rental & conventional). I know my market and the process very well, I have the love/hate for the industry (mostly love), “BUT” it’s time for me to step up to the plate and head up a ton more deals, ideally for myself. I love your creative real estate method mentality and want to learn more.
    Thank you

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      I am a licensed real estate agent, as are many of my top students and coaches. My apprentice program is all about transforming someone into a first class, market leading creative real estate investor. If you that’s what you want to be, then my apprentice program is for you. Having a license helps you in many ways as a creative real estate investor.

  33. Phil, Im working on my second deal.The first was a hold but it was so cheap I can afford to hold. This next one is going to be a flip. All in!

  34. Eric Volkers says

    I have a property or a real serious issue with a piece of real estate I don’t know what to do.

  35. Fatimah A. says

    Hello Phil, I’ve always wanted to explore the real estate world. Although never was educated enough on it to get my foot in the door. I read your book, and watched all of your free training videos. Needless to say you’ve given me an abundance of information that I’m positive I wouldn’t receive anywhere else. I don’t have much money, but I am dedicated to the cause. I know that I need a mentor, one like you, I was already driven, and motivated with your words of wisdom I am ready to take off. I don’t have much money, but I will put 110% in. I’ve applied for your apprentice program twice, someone called me last week, but before we got a chance to speak he received another call. He said he’d call me back I guess he got tied up. I called back several times, and left a few messages, but I don’t want to be bothersome. So can you contact me if possible tomorrow between 9am -7pm. FYI posting this message for everyone to see is waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone! (smile)

  36. Rose Pachura says

    Correction on my comment: See:
    It is a good policy to see how things are DONE and not gone first hand by a mentor in their area.

  37. Rick Ralston says

    I have been listening to you videos, and I have been comparing them to other REI. You seem to have more in depth information but also more simplified. I have read a lot of information from all the other REI, listened to their videos. They all have a lot of good information, they all tell you what to do as far as RE investing. But that is where you and your real estate trainings differ. The other REI tell you everything of what to do to be successful in RE investing, but you training classes seem to tell us more on how to be successful in investing. I believe I know a lot of what to do, what I want to learn is HOW to invest, and do it the right way. SO, I keep coming back to your lessons. Phil, I need a Mentor, there is no 2 ways about it. I need your help. I have a burning desire to invest in Real Estate, I want a good life where I can buy the things I need and want, and to be able to provide for my family. I have very little money, when I say very little, I mean very little. But I will be willing to give you all I have, for you to help me get started.

  38. I am near my first closing and my agent chose escrow company and title co etc. Would I tell her I have my own
    people and how would I know if my choice would be better than the people she already works with? How do I find
    my own team? The buyer is trying for a VA loan and I’m not convinced it’ll be smooth. Only two weeks left and no appraisal yet.Over a month in escrow and I’m told to wait patiently.If they have any demands there will hardly be time to address them.Am I over thinking it?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Controlling the closing company is critical to a smooth closing. My book explains how to find a solid closing company.

  39. Andrew Zimmerman says

    Thanks Phil.

  40. i.phile i have question for closing in incontaxes for renter,

  41. I Missed A Few Classes, Can You Email me All Of Your Recent Classes !!

    Thanks In Advance.

  42. Tammy Roanw says

    Hi Phil,

    I have enjoyed your training and I have ordered all suggested books. I would like to meet someone from your team. You would be great but I am sure you are very busy. I am recovering right now from a stroke, but I spent twenty-two years in law enforcement.

    Tammy Roane

  43. Judy Sheppad says

    The videos were great and looked forward to seeing them in my in basket. Thanks for sharing.

  44. jay thackerson says


    I really enjoyed listening to you thru the classes here and would like to meet you someday. You are
    an asset to us all who are learning this great business.


  45. I would like to talk to you or text ,definitely.i could use evening hours eastern time 9pm .i am so new and so motivated but so lost at this start point .,if you could bear with my upcoming questions as I go along I would very much appreciate it I need financial help fast…..all the videos are awesome and helpful…

  46. Hello Phil. My name is Zackary. I am 23 years old and live in Las Vegas Nevada. I’m very passionate about learning how to invest intelligently with all the different types of financing out there. I just wanted to let you know that I love your videos. I’ve read a lot of books and watched many videos but yours were by far the most educational and simplest to understand. I will continue to watch your videos…well re watch them and I need to get your real estate definitions book ordered to brush up on the verbiage ect… Anyways I like the way you think. You’ll be hearing from me in the hopefully very near future. Thank you again for the knowledge and opportunity. A mentor is something I’ve never had and would be grateful for! ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. dharmik mehta (mike) says

    Hi Phil,
    i went through all the lesson, i used to own commercial property ( gas station), paid high price and then market crash, i end up giving it to the bank in 2012. I lost everything what i had. now i am starting fresh. i have a passion to be a real estate investor and to achieve financial freedom. i am a learner, i need a great coach and funding sources to close deals. I leave in a same county as you are. Look forward to speak to you.
    Mike Mehta

  48. Kendell Hyatt says

    Hello Phil, I recently started a Nevada LLC named Tiger Eye Investments, LLC. I live near Baton Rouge Louisiana and I am currently recovering from back surgery. I am trying to get all of my ducks in a row so that I can hit the ground running as soon as my doctor approves. A house across the street from mine has just gone into foreclosure. I have talked with the guys that are cleaning up the place and I am very interested in trying to obtain this property. I have been a remodeling contractor for many years and have a passion for taking the old and making it new again. I would love the opportunity to work with you. I would love to hear from you.

  49. jack barnett says

    hey brother, thank you for what you do please tell me where i can purchase the book you sell for flipping houses .just tell me what type of store sells them in dade county . naranja florida 33032 . i,m a homeless vet. trying to change my life . were do you get the assignment contracts ?

  50. Tania Ankersmit says

    Oh my —! I have spent days and nights going thro’ all your training videos, I think I’m addicted! So exciting -thank you so much!!!. I have your book and just ordered your dvd. and applied to yr. programme . I did actually do one R.E project (conversion) and made ยฃ80k. I was so sad to hear at the end that we actually do need an assistant to guide us thro. the closing the deal. The closing part scares the living daylights out of me… I guess I will just have to try and find a mentor here in the U.K …. Can we clone you and send you over?… I need a miniature little Phil to tell me what to do…

  51. Roberta Albrecht says

    Hi Phil, I’ve watched most of your video’s and have learned a lot. I’ve also been to Flipping Vegas, Flipping Boston, Flipping San Diego, and Rich Dad Poor Dad. I spent the money on Flipping Vegas and was lied to and they are still wanting more of the money I don’t have. I really would like to get involved in realestate but I’m on a fixed income and just don’t have the funds to do all that needs to be done. Please advise me as to what I should do. I have several properties I’m ready to put bids on, but don’t have funds or the credit available to me. I’m retired with plenty of time on my hands and this could really be the way to get myself to really enjoy my retirement. I also spend a lot of time investigating and visiting property locally. Any suggestions would be helpful…. Thank you, Anything I can do for you?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      All of those groups do not teach people how to invest in real estate the creative way. Auctions, REOs, Foreclosures, that’s all traditional investing. Which is all fine and good if you are already rich. If you already have a ton of money, traditional investing works. But if you are on a shoestring, creative investing is the way to go. Watch my videos, take my free course Creative Real Estate Investing (coupon code is “freedommentor” to get it for free). You’ll learn more in that course than you probably did in all those seminars you went to. They teach traditional. It is only helpful for the already rich.

  52. Hello, how are you phill I have been watching your videos over and over and I can’t seem to get this hole thing rolling pleas help me

  53. CURRY JACKSON says


  54. Laura Rivera says

    I would like to set up an appointment to be able to speak with you personally just to talk and see how you can help me. I am glad I got to see this video before I get to close on my first deal.

  55. Thank you

  56. Hi Phil. Do you work with real estate investors without a license?

  57. Toulee Khang says

    Phil you are a great mentor. I am looking forward to become your apprentice.

  58. Samba. Janko says

    hi Phil, thank u. I really appreciate u, n would like to talk to u. I’m new in REI n need ur mentoring to get started. I love real estate investment but need someone like u as a mentor.
    Thank u,

  59. HerbBriscoe says

    Hey Phil, I am anxious to get started with your course. submitted contact info via apprentice program.
    looking forward to working with you. sound, common sense advise !!

  60. Georges Montgomery says

    WOW! I have watched all the videos and I want to thank you for posting them. Every video and example had an eye opening message for me. I have not read the book in its entirety yet but I will. I am REALLY looking forward to working with your team in the very near future. Georges

  61. Ezra Short says

    Thank you for your videos.


    Hi Phil, I really believe you are like a magician, it is really amazing how valuable materials like these free videos get out for free, it is really worth tons of money.

  63. Tony Mainolfa says

    Thanks so much for the free videos, Phil! You demystify the whole realm of real estate investing. I’m sure that by being mentored by you and your coaches, I have no where to go but up. Thank you guys so much.

  64. DON BITANGA says

    Thank You for your free training videos- Have ordered your DVD via mail.. Not exactly new to real property but learning new concepts which you present. Is it best to buy each property with a Land Trust.- Can’t locate forms and don’t know why. Found everything else per State requirements.
    Thanks again, Don

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Land Trusts, or Trusts that hold any types of assets, is not very well known. Each state is different and the only reason to hold real estate in a Trust is to conceal who the real owner is…which has its benefits and disadvantages. It’s a very detailed subject and for my students, we have, what we consider, the greatest Trust for holding real estate, ever assembled as well as all the trainings on when and where to use it. I hope this helps.

  65. Hi Phil, I really just want to get in touch with your company. I have so many ideas that i want your thoughts on. Please get in contact with me. I would really want to be a part of your mentoring company.
    Thank you!!!

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Send a message to us on our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you

      • hi Phil my name is David would like to speak withyou for just exactly 7 minutes am part of your club and just finished reading your book and finished your free training thank you

        • Phil Pustejovsky says

          Use the Contact page to share with me what you wanted to speak to me about. Usually, a phone call will take far longer than 7 minutes so its best for me to have an idea what you would like to cover with me before hand. Look forward to connecting with you.

  66. JusticeOnah says

    I emailed your twice earlier in the morning when I got your book. But after spending all day watching your video after video to the end, I had to write you again. Not to be a nuisance, but your passion in your subject matters and topics are so over-whelmingly engaging that not only did I miss my lunch, but I ate my dinner at about 10:30pm because I could not tear myself away from your illustrious and highly educational thoughts and presentations. Forget being an Engineer, I think you make an excellent teacher/instructor/professor. How can I become one of your students?

  67. danette derose says

    hi phil it is my destiny to become a successful REI . i’m thirsty for knowledge and eager to take action just need a little mentoring . i deserve a lifestyle that only real estate can provide (with my action of course) . would really love to talk with you. thanks for your time. danilynn

  68. russelllambert says

    i love what you are doing phil and i ultimate goal is to partner with you guys and make alot of money together. I will be calling you this weekend or early next week

  69. what a wonderful series! I am intrigued and would like to have more information about how to get involved. I have been reading information about some other programs. I really appreciate you’re approaches so far. Please contact me so that I can tell you about us. Richard and Mary.

  70. Mitchell J Schultz says

    Hi Phil, I have enjoyed your series and would like very much to speak with you. I do need mentoring and I also have a serious Real Estate issue I need some advise on how to resolve. Thank you.

  71. i enjoyed watching your series! however it pointed out many things the investor that i am dealing with did not do the right way and i wish that i was an investor so i that i can do things the right way not giving sellers headaches and making great deals. Furthermore doing so that my family can benefit! please contact me !

  72. Elizabeth Avery says

    Hi Phil,
    You’re the best. You’re the man to sharpen my skills in real estate investing. Your passion is contagious! I love, love, it. I’m so green at all this so I’m soaking it all up like a sponge wow! When can I start with you?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Thank you for the kind observations. I love real estate investing and I love sharing what my team and I have learned from our experience. To get started working with my team and I, you will have to apply to be my next apprentice. We’re a small, close knit group, so we turn away the majority of applicants. But if you are serious about becoming an enduring, successful real estate investor, give it a shot and submit your application. A person who is 100% committed to becoming successful in real estate has the best chance of getting accepted.

  73. Yves Luyengi says

    My name is Yves. I’ve been trying to get involved in investing in real-estate since i was 14. I’ve read books, I’ve attended seminars but I’ve never done even one deal because I’ve never felt like i’ve had complete understanding of what I’m doing. I REALLY COULD USE YOUR HELP! I really hope to hear from you.

  74. Lee Stewart says

    Really learned alot from your free trainings. I would love to speak to you about education for someone who already has some real estate eperience.

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