Real Estate is Like Fishing

Discover how being successful in real estate shares many of the same characteristics as being a successful fisherman. Plus, you'll get to see me catch some beautiful trout!

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  1. Maria

    This is my favorite video of you! Personality is everything.

  2. thanks for the video.
    Where were you, what river?
    I love fishing./it my greatest passion peace spot for me. I love those hazing mornings in those spots.

    The devil is in the details.
    I completely agree with 90% of the fish are in 10% of the water.
    Most of the efforts in anything is keeping it simple and focusing on the essential items at hand to close.
    I am super ready to go!

  3. Mohamed Omar says

    Not easy to catch fish when you don’t have a boat.
    No money no house.

  4. James Roberts says

    I applied for your mentorship program on a number of occasions and nobody has ever contacted me now I know I am in New Zealand but I it does not say no program that you only do mentoring in the United States.

    I am running a full time creative Real Estate company And I am looking for a mentor To help me fine tune My operation throughout New Zealand

  5. I’ve been doing construction most of my life. I am hungry and can learn quickly. I currently work 60+ hours a week. ZERO FREEDOM AND THE PAY SUCKS. I am ready to crush it.

  6. Mitchell Abbott says

    Was watching this video this morning and it gave me a light bulb moment. I need to just change my fly and/or technique. Found 3 different deals last night on the mls and no money/ investor to help me on them yet, figured id ask you first. I guess this is me changing my technique. Dont have a problem finding deals just have a problem finding money for them.

    • Freedom Mentor says

      Finding a mentor to learn this business is a great next step. Learn how to find the deals and structure them in a way that it is a win-win for the seller and investor.

  7. Thanks for videos

  8. Enjoyed your video. I am not a fly fisherman myself but I get the concept. Larry

  9. Very nice story.
    RE like fishing…so I have to pay attention to details? Is that’s what you’re saying
    and being shown the right way to present the SALE…


  10. Phil, I fish alot and I throw alot of chum in the water to attract the fish while at the same time i bait the hook. With the short sales I throw out the fact that I am a cash buyer to all these RAs and see what bites. So far very little luck!

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Short sale departments of banks don’t care about you being an all cash buyer. Your “chum” isn’t the type that attracts that type of fish.

  11. great wisdom Phil. I caught I when I was 7 and that was it. I eaten it after. I really did. it’s good joy catching fish. Work is up and down. this one lady after everything gone to solicitor, she not responding!

    Thanks for all your video

  12. i fina house and git it undeer contract and it dosent sell in a month or longer what happens

  13. DAWN ALFONSO says



  14. Great artiicle

  15. How would you struture a deal on a single fam that has good bones and needs some costmetic work. 10,000 in back taxes is owed No morthage?

  16. Hey Phil P. I just dont know how.

  17. Phil:

    I liked the RE is like fishing

    It is the smail things that get you, I need a mentor.


    I am watching the Australian Open I am waiting for girls to finish I thought Andy M really played alot like AA in his Open win last year, he was the grinder, moving Jokavich side to side. I love it.

    gary b

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      You’re so right. It’s the little things that can make a big difference.
      Federer is still my favorite, even though his star is weakening 🙂

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