Helping People Through Real Estate

Watch how this investor is able to use real estate investing as a launching pad for helping teens make better choices in his community and help his neighbor out of a difficult situation. I hope this inspires you.

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  1. Anthony Adamo says

    When you help others that are worthy, you help yourself out.

  2. David L Garcia says

    Thanks for taking time to reach out to us I really don’t know where this is going to take me,but I can say I to want to make a difference in other people’s lives to.

  3. Christopher Stacy says

    Phil – Another great video. I am an active duty service member and a big fan of your videos. Been watching for months now.

  4. Victor Batie says

    Dear Phil,
    I am looking for a true mentor, one who can walk me through this process. There are things about this process that seem to escape me.

  5. Hi Phil –

    Great video –
    There’s nothing more rewarding than doing great things for others in need.

  6. i really love the idea that you go way beyong just making money but you help others in need and thats what i dream of and i do the same without a whole lot of money like when my sister and brother in law went to germany i took pay check to pay check up to $900.00 to remodel their home and i brought the neighbors together to help so i cant wait till im apart of your team.

  7. ilaiah Bigilale says

    Thank you for trying to help others find what they are looking for in life..
    so they intern will help those who are seeking help in future.
    thank you.

  8. Mark Rob Hairston says

    Thank you Phil and Thank you Eric. It is so Wonderful that you”re helping kids, annnd that you teaching the word of the Lord. It is soo Important to teach them starting at a young age. It is very easy for their minds to get into the wrong place without constant guidance. I was involved with 4 Ministries at my church for 6 yrs. in Woodland Park Co. including kidz Ministry I loved every minute of it, but had to move to Arkansas, and now I’m looking for a new Great church. There is no better feeling than helping people through the way of the Lord. Keep up the good work Phil and Eric

  9. Now that’s what I’m talking about. MOST AWESOME. I have a plan along the same lines. It just keeps getting better.

  10. Rachelle says

    God Bless you Phil for all that your doing to help people.

  11. This is part of my Y….I want to help myself first and then my family then out to my friends. – They say I’m the Social Butterfly…. I have been a Social Worker all my life, and becoming a Real Estate Investor will allow me to be a Blessing to others…which is something I truly like doing.

    When someone in my family has a need …I would like to be that person who can help them be it financially, or my time because I’m not working in the Rat Race….and I CAN give of my time; without the threat of losing my job. That would be So Nice.

    This was really nice.

  12. Hello Phil,

    This is pretty much off the topic. I came across your book on the internet and I am in the process of ordering your book. I thought about real estate approximately 4-6 years ago and I asked myself if Real Estate is something I really want to do and I just kept asking myself this question for a couple of weeks until I came to the decision that my heart and soul would not be in it at all but on the other hand I thought if getting into Real Estate I would not make no money because of the stories I heard that you only get paid on commission and I also realize that I still had to pay rent, bills and eat. I later found out that selling is not the only part of Real Estate that I can get into, there are other things you can do with Real Estate and now I’m realizing that 4-6 years ago I should have gotten into Real Estate. What got me to thinking about Real Estate again is that I sit in front of my TV just about all day and watch HGTV. My favorite show is the Property Brothers those brothers really know there stuff. By me watching HGTV and the Property Brothers they have inspired me to think about Real Estate and hopefully once I get your book I will learn more about Real Estate.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      What you see on HGTV may have inspired you, but if you take lessons from it, you probably won’t make any money.

      • I got the book…but want to really understand how to get the property with NO money. I have been investigating this for a while..but keep stomped at this point. Help me.

  13. Paul Brennan says

    Nice To See There Is Still People Like You Out There!
    That Make Us Tick Too.

  14. Rose Pachura says

    We need to find affordable homes for people that have lost there jobs and become a better person by owning their own home in the future. This is how we can help people. More jobs seems they are not coming fast enough. I would like to see more people coming into the Real Estate Investing to make good money to support their families. Live good without having to worry that their bills are not paid. We need mentors to guide the ones that are coming into the investing without charging a lot of money for this. Everyone needs help these days!

  15. Phi;

    I liked “How to focus on Money makers” I definitely want to be more on the productive side rather on the active side.

    I want to make the most I can make, but I do not have the discernment yet.

    It was like one counselors told me back in my Army days he said always think good/best most people think
    good but it lot harder to think best thinking/ best action, it take wisdom to do that.



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