Dallas Real Estate Investment Club

Association of Independent Real Estate Owners (AIREO)

Area: Dallas, TX

Website:  www.aireo.ORG

Contact Person:   John Zarrella

Phone:  214-761-1996

Fax:  214-761-0761

Email:   zarrellateaches@aol.com

Meeting Time:    Second Thursday, 7:30 p.m.

Meeting Location:  Doubletree Hotel at Campbell Center, 8250 North Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas  75207

Additional Details: For-profit organization, Not a Member of National REIA

Dallas Fort Worth Investor Network (DFWREIN)

Area: Dallas, TX

Website:  www.dfwrein.com

Contact Person:   Cathy Crowe-League

Phone:  972-671-7346

Fax:  972-692-7304

Email:   cathy@dfwrein.com

Meeting Time:    First Thursday, 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Location:  DoubleTree Hotel, Midway & LBJ (635), Dallas, Texas  75244

Additional Details: For-profit organization, Not a Member of National REIA

North Texas Association of Real Estate Investors (NTAREI)

Area: Dallas, TX

Website: www.ntarei.com

Contact Person: Roger Hodkin

Phone: 214-769-1473

Fax: 214-447-9307

Email: roger@ntarei.com

Meeting Time: 3rd Thursday of each month, 6:30pm

Meeting Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, LBJ (635) at Coit Rd., Dallas

Additional Details:  Not a Member of National REIA

Description:  NTAREI (formerly known as “Housing Providers”) is an association of and for the independent real estate investors and landlords in North Texas (aka, an “investor club”). Our mission is to promote and support the success of our members, and maintain the high professional standards of our industry, through leadership, networking, education, and professionalism. Our membership includes both experienced and new investors, who invest in residential and commercial properties, as rehabbers, resellers, and landlords. While we are a membership-based organization, non-members are always welcome. In addition to our main monthly General Meeting, we also offer a number of specializd educational training seminar

Texas Real Estate Investors Circle (TREIC)

Area: Dallas, TX

Website:  www.texasrealestateinvestorscircle.com

Contact Person:   Iain Day

Phone:  469 233 1722

Fax:  214 276 1338

Email:   gowerprops@sbcglobal.net

Meeting Time:    6 pm, Tuesday

Meeting Location:  Crowne Plaza Suites, 7800 Alpha Road, Dallas, Texas  75240

Additional Details: For-profit organization, Not a Member of National REIA


  1. Rose Pachura says:

    Were do I find a Real Estate Investors Circle in the East Valley, Chandler, AZ. If there isn’t one, I would like to start one.
    I am also a Real Estate Property Investor in this area.

    Need Your Help!

    • Wesley Matthews says:

      I am starting as a Real Estate Investor flipping houses and I am looking for another investor to partner up with to learn to close some deals. I have been talking to realtors and they have been sending me list of homes. I just need help with funding and proof of funds letter.

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