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Real_Estate_Investment_Club_LocatorFind the real estate investment club closest to you through this simple to use locator tool. Most parts of the United States have at least one club for real estate investors (although some major cities have more than one). They are primarily non-profit organizations and are affiliated with the National REIA organization (although some are independent for-profit groups). Before you attend your first meeting at one of these real estate investing clubs, or before you attend your next one, make sure you watch/read, The Skinny on Real Estate Investment Clubs. Understanding how they work, who attends the meetings, how to get the most out of those meetings and how to avoid getting bamboozled is critical. Once you have learned that, then it's time to find the club nearest you.


Real Estate Investment Club Locator


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  1. David Gregory says

    I am a carpenter builder with 32 years experience. Just looking for someone to partner with in flipping property. I have the experience in getting the work done just need someone on the financial end .

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      You are a dime a dozen. There are millions of people with your skills. Knowing what properties to buy, negotiating the purchase wisely, having the financial resources and knowing how to sell for maximum price; THOSE are the skills that are so rare and so valuable. You learn those skills here at

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